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  1. Yep, here I am whining again. At any rate... Got a new boyfriend. Boyfriend dumped me after hm..about a month I think or less? Uncle has cancer. My mom has been acting bipolar, going from one emotion to another, being extremely oversensitive, much more than is normal, making my life hell. Best friend had to go to hospital, all kinds of weird crap going on with her ex. I've been sick feeling lately, lots of migraines, ISP is refusing to work properly and keeps booting me off...feeling crushed and miserable and alone. Again. Not even sure why I'm posting as I'm positive I'll get heckled again as I did last time. PS to those of you who would like to heckle; people post here about their lives a lot, so quit laughing and go suck your thumb in the corner.
  2. Not the same Squinky. He doesn't even have THAT to his credit.
  3. Squinky is, in my opinion, not very good-looking. Then it might be mildly forgivable. Actually, no, it wouldn't be.
  4. Wow. Amazing the lengths someone will go to, to be obnoxious. To introduce all of you to Squinky is a big disservice to you, but I have no other choice. Squinky is the resident troll of #monkey-island. For whatever reason he has a nasty agenda against me and feels the need to come here and bug you people because you're my friends. He makes fun of me at every interval possible, brings up things about my personal life(But after all, he's ONLY KIDDING!! Heh.), nitpicks every single thing I do, and obviously is obsessed with me in some facet or another considering he came to a forum he has no real interest in just to jab at me. At any rate, I love all of you, and thank you for the messages and kind words. There are too few of those in this world.
  5. I hate the whole thing. Not kidding. hate. hate. GJ angry..GJ HULK SMASH! Ahem.
  6. I'm so happy about the data! GAH! It was tricky waiting to see if they could retrieve it! And congratulations, Marek!! *pops out the champagne and gives Marek a big wet smooch*
  7. Someone mod me, to counter-act the evilness of Remi. Thanks everybody for the temp forum!
  8. Augh! I thought it would be 4:30 or 3:30, not 2:30. *falls over*
  9. Ye olde english burns mine portals of vision. Translation: Your post is making my eyes hurt. Thank you and goodnight. *crawls back under her rock*
  10. .....a Guybrush nude scene. And that is all. Actually, no, that's not all I'd like but I really don't know how to sum up my demands for an MI5. It's very difficult to summarize your hopes for the next game in a series which you love to death. I would prefer some kind of point and click interface though. It would be possible.
  11. Oh. My. God. This is like a dream and a nightmare both for me....I've always wanted to see or hear of a Dig film..but I also wanted to do it someday myself. Well....good luck guys..and try to cast somebody good-looking as Ludger, okay?
  12. I dun think we have, everyone just seems to be busy, me included.
  13. I think I know what the problem is. You need to go to the map room in the map spire and use the combination on the red rod with the map machine. It will project an image of the opening to the crypt. Go back and try clicking on it again and it will probably work.
  14. The only problem with the idea is that the eye can never move unless the generator is moved to a different area because the generator is the source of it's power and that would be impossible if the eye swallowed up the cocytans because there would be nobody to move it. Also, the light bridges from the spires are necessary for it to function, as is some sort of crystal that is only briefly shown in the game(Light bounces off of it during the cutscene where the eye is activated and hits the actual eye and turns it into the solid crystal with a doorway) Oh and the moons don't have any names. It is never mentioned in the strategy guide, novel, nor game, but making up names for them for a fangame is a good idea. A prequel would be a tad bit pointless considering we all know what happens to the cocytans, unless it was before the creator made the eye but then what would it be about? They lived pretty much normal(Well, for a cocytan) lives up until the creator invented the life crystals and the eye.
  15. http://www.mixnmojo.com/temp/quickandeasy3.exe Here it is. http://www.ece.mcgill.ca/~vromas/vdmsound/download/index.html And you need to download VDMsound for it to work. Hope this helps!
  16. I hope you have a good time!
  17. In the book they're there for about two days. Night falls and Maggie and Boston watch over(And presumably sleep some as well, I would think they'd be too tired to stay up all night) Ludger after they cut off his hand. The next morning they eat some berries and drink water. It's still daytime when they leave Cocytus, that would be two days and one night. They're just there for a day in the game since it never becomes night.
  18. It says that it was origionally, because of it's size(It was the highest mountain on cocytus) and because it had five spires(The Cocytans had a special reverance for the number five, it says in the same section), called the Sacred Mountain, and henceforth they hollowed out the bowl shaped depression, the spires, and filled the spires with all the wonders of cocytan technology, all of the things they considered momentous or incredibly special including the tomb of the creator. They also placed samples of every animal they could find, the more dangerous confined to force fields which broke down a long time after the cocytans went into spacetime six. This is all taken, again, from the strategy guide. I need to type up the whole section really and put it on my site. As for why the cocytans would need humans again, perhaps we don't know they need them at first. The Cocytans invite the origional crew and some of earth's finest minds and some politicians to take a tour of the changed Cocytus. While there, they discover some kind of sinister secret or conspiracy against the Cocytans, and in the process one of the politicians is killed, the death being blamed on a prominent Cocytan. Now the origional crew and the newbies have to help the cocytans yet again while saving the relationship between Cocytus and Earth. Edit-I forgot to put something.
  19. I wish I could send it to you but it's a huge assortment of files and I only have a 56k connection.
  20. Same here! I've still got my disc. It's sitting in with my other discs on top of my computer. It's where I got the weird inventory and talk icon crap on my site, I used ScummRev with it to see what I could find.
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