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  1. Good Lord Holly(greenangel) you're gonna scare everbody away from my post. o_O *ahem* Anyway. JBRAA, it's just that...I'm somehow more disturbed by his hand getting sawed off than by him dying or anyone else dying. I dunno why. Ludger is just my favourite. In fact, I am one of a rare species called the Ludger Fangirl, a species formerly thought to be nonexistant.
  2. Oh Lord. Yeah, I think that answered my question.
  3. Yet another fine item to add to my list of "Things I do that nobody else in the known universe does".
  4. Am I the only one who really is disturbed by the whole Ludger's hand getting cut off thing? That really really really irritates me. Oh well, it's probably a matter of bias on my part..
  5. Am I the only person who tries to sneak references to The Dig whenever possible? Example-I make virtual paper dolls, called KiSS dolls. I put things related to The Dig on clothing whenever I can manage it, as you can see in the below picture. Am I the only one who is this nuts, or what?
  6. Errr..that's an interesting and also incorrect way of putting it. No. I meant with the sleekness and angularity of anime, with anime mouths and hair(Not like spiky and poofy but shaded and defined the anime way), but with regular sized eyes and realistic noses. Serious anime melded with the Dig cutscene style, in other words.
  7. I'm an artist. I draw. I want to animate. Henceforth, if I made a Dig movie, it would be animated. I'm not talking disney-style animation or animation geared towards children. I mean quasi-anime-style without the cuteness and more realism.
  8. I hope nobody tries to make a Dig movie, cause that's what I want to do if I ever become an animator. It's my dream.
  9. A POSTER? What did it look like?! O_o It's not in my old issue of the adventurer that shows most of the dig items. Did it show the picture on the cover of the box, or was it something else(Ie: That beautiful ad that was in PC Gamer at one time)?
  10. Heey, lookit all the cute smilies! There need to be some Dig smilies too! Hehehe..Guybrush.
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