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  1. Ogresnet and Kingdoms of Azeroth are launching a contest to help promote our Warcraft III fansite, Kingdoms of Azeroth. You can win a Warcraft III Figurine simply by joining and posting in the forums! The first link is to the contest details and rules while the second is to the forums that you must register in to have a chance at winning! http://www.ogresnet.com/features/contests/ http://forums.ogresnet.com/wc3/index.php
  2. play random, and throw in some custom games when you get tired of it WC3 isn't for everybody, but the same goes for all games, as for me i'm getting AoM for my bday, i saw it in the bag...i'll just play both of them ^_^
  3. no prob yes i do, i also post in the forums for my wc3 site;) http://wc3.ogresnet.com http://forums.ogresnet.com/wc3/index.php if you play wc3 please join the forums
  4. the forum link should work...it must have been down for a couple minutes or something i'm only level 10 too :/ and my record is horrible because of when i was a newb, and i have billions of accounts from level 2 to level 10 i'm working on bringing my record back to at least 50% my website is having a forum party tomorrow where we will get together and play some wc3, so feel free to join us and play
  5. well the website is up...but nobody really plays the game anymore
  6. lexx, i'm disapointed in you, you know the standard link:D http://jkhq.ath.cx/tips.php
  7. just make sure that it is fuly upgradeable my first computer was an aptive c8x and i could only upgrade the ram from 32 mb to 64 mb, and that was it:rolleyes: so just make sure it is fully upgradeable (for example my current computer has enough room to upgrade the ram up to 1.5GB and a lot of room for hard drive...if i ever use up 60GB)
  8. http://wc3.ogresnet.com i would appreciate it if you play wc3 and would join my warcraft 3 fansite. there is also a few contests coming up...just to catch your attention:D forum link is http://forums.ogresnet.com/wc3/index.php
  9. i'm surprised people still play this game online...the few times i go on...i take first place no problem, even with my rusty skills...i just find it kind of boring what servers are you playing in...i might drop in to get slaughtered sometime by the players that aren't so rusty.... oh BTW: to those of you who know me...i'm working on a new website http://wc3.ogresnet.com please join the forums
  10. well first of all it's illegal secondly the developer is losing money which they use to produce more games, and better games your complaining in a forum about the game that you can't find a multiplayer crack for the game....here's what you do either : a) do what homosexual ewok said b) go to the store and ask if they have jedi knight II: jedi outcast if they do, give them money...guess what...It's not illegal that way!
  11. i'm on my pocket pc right now so this will be a quick reply i agree, no offense to the guy giving the awards but........ the site design is horrible, music is annoying, stuff following your mouse is a real pain in the ass....... i was talking to my fRiend RoboTeddy who was a developer of YaBBSE (PHP and mysql based forums), and he also agrees that your site does kind of suck & you're not really in any position to be giving awards to the people who talk of having a life.......I have a life, i go to school, i play the guitar, and i can still make a decent site, it doesn't take THAT much work........
  12. Jedi Headquarters: http://jkhq.ath.cx Email: twinsofdoom@ogresnet.com Warcraft III (not a clan) http://wc3.ogresnet.com
  13. hey...who edited the tile to put in "(joke)" no fair..they ruined my fun:(
  14. well at least ONE person got the joke...some of you need to get a sense of humour...maybe if you go to a pawn shop you could find one for cheap?
  15. http://jkhq.ath.cx make sure to check it out in netscape too:P php rules man...php rules
  16. it's also kind of sad that people try to get multiplayer cheats for jk2...isn't it? i think it's also sad that people have no sense of humour....
  17. if lucasarts and raven and all those people have the same policies as blizzard with wc3 and most other compainies to than you can't make maps for commercial use and you would probably would be ok if you made it for personal non-commercial use...actually they'd be the ones in trouble if the copyright info on jk2 is like wc3
  18. click on the link in my sig entitled 'jk2 online cheats' they really work...even on pure servers!
  19. GOOD IDEA! i'm gunna do that at http://www.warcraftiii.net too only replace jk2 with http://wc3.ogresnet.com THANKS MAN!
  20. latest results: 1529...thats from 1350....i doubt all the hits came from here but still pretty good...keep it up people!...and if you got any friends that play warcraft 3...or if you simply have any friends...send em over!
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