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  1. what a nice boy you are:rolleyes:
  2. the problem is that cvarlist doesnt list EVERYTHINg, nor does it tell you what the commands do.
  3. its a couple of me old so2 clan mates, just testing some stuff out man
  4. I'll give that a shot Kurgan. You seem to know a fair bit about console, so how about making a sticky with all teh useful console commands. It would be nice if we had a list of CVARS that can be changed and tweaked server side as there is limited information available as yet
  5. at the end of the day it comes down to this:- The admin/owner is paying money to host a server, providing a free service for those that wish to play the game in the way that the server provider deems fit. You have NO rights when a guest on someones server. If you are surprised that there are few servers where being an arsehole is ok then it's really quite simple; create your own server... If i go in a server and it's clear that its just full of kids running round generally being obnoxious... then i leave! I dont come here and whine like a baby about it do I? After all its not hard to find servers that play teh game the way you like to play is it, and even if you cant find one then there's nothing to stop you making yer own server is there?!! all said and done... Put up or shut up.... easy.
  6. If you are in a server witha good admin you will get warned first if you run around being an arsehole, on the other hand the admin has probably had to kick hundreds of lamers already in which case you could end up with an insta-ban and your lack of manners will have limited your future choice of servers to play on.
  7. duno mate, just download teh JK2 map packs and we can flip between maps at will. It was a real trip down memory lane having a duel in the carbon chamber and smashing up the blocks in the temple map
  8. I must admit that I'm interested to see the full screenshot with 500fps as a comparison here is what i get with the rig specs:- 1280 x 1024 4xAA 16xAF High Quality textures and detail settings (everything max in OpenGL driver settings) The rig is an XP2500 @ 223x11 (~2.5Ghz) 512 Mb DDR3500 (2-3-3-10) Radeon 9800 non pro @ 411/357 (20k in 3dmark01) My framerate hovers between 150 & 200 in most maps and in some of the more complex maps it drops to 75 heres a screeny:- basically once you go above 60fps slowdown is unperceptible so if you have a mad amout of frames per second why not use that excess power to improve image quality with stuff like Anti Aliasing & Anisotropic Filtering. IQ is the real bonus of todays graphics cards, sheer framerate has become far less of an issue.
  9. LOL sidearm wel i got another, I was on the matrix Dojo map and jumped up to avoid a Kata, at the same time i grabbed the wall backwards, when i released I did a crouch/roll/stab and it executed mid-air and landed in the dudes face one hit killing him, it was sweetness itself
  10. New Maps Ok got a bunch of new(old) maps on the server now. All teh maps form JK2 are now playable in JA and they can be downloaded from the link above.
  11. Luckiest move? LOL gotta be actually landing a yellow overhead finisher, that move is awfully hard to do any real damage with.
  12. well they are perfectly within there rights to do that, if you wanna run round ignoring server rules, then find another server and stop whining. If someone wants to create a server so that they don't have to put up with lamers running round generally being arseholes then more power to them. Anyone comes on my server and either attcks me while i 'choose' to bow or run round killing those waiting for a duel, then they'll be kicked in the first instance and then banned if a repeat offence occurs. It's quite simple, it's my bandwidth and i don't want to waste it on anti-social morons when there are more than enough people out there with manners and respect. People would do well to realise that they are guests and should behave as such.
  13. I assume you mean multiple duels in FFA rather than just one as is standard in JK3. If so then i agree, its a pain in the arse waiting for the other duellists to finish.
  14. Yes that will be rewarding personally i'd always go with the hardest possible option, it's more rewarding to get a kill with single saber than just running round like a headless chicken with a staff or dual sabers because its "easy" LOL. Maybe bind some of the moves with a script, thats even easier and after all you dont want a challenge now do you?!
  15. Any idea of a CVAR that will allow server admins to disallow duellists from seeing spec chat?
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