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  1. Hi Tinny,


    I posted a prolem I had with modding on this forum and everybody here was very kind to me but they couldn't help me. After a little while a guy suggested that I could ask to you for some explanation and maybe help. I know I am being rude coming out from nowhere and trying to contact you but I have really no idea about how to solve my problem and any help would be very important to me.


    (by the way, the guy was Dominus-Scotus, one of your friends)




    You see, I have played a lot of time to jedi academy and to me it's a wonderful game! I like a lot meeting my friends and playing with them. Each of us uses his personal saber style, I personally like to use the saber staff because with staff users and dual sabers users I can fight on even ground (two blades against two blades) but at the same time, as I like to play fair, when I find a single saber oponent I always swich off one of my blades to give to the fight more balance...

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