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  1. Is it? I think it will take the industry to a very segregational place and that's not a good thing. The whole point of acting, specially voice acting, is that one can pretend to be someone else, fictional or not. And in regards to voice acting, how one look is even less of a factor. I don't know what criteria casting directors have when they choose one actor over another. It might be personal preference, it might be pure discrimination against a certain factor or trait, it might be perception of financial return, it myght be all of these or none of them. But it's dangerous and sets a bad precedent to generalize and run with assumptions for the entire industry in order to try to solve an apparent problem of equality of opportunity with equality of outcome. In this case though, they admitted that it was purely out of ethniticity, which only feeds the idea that (voice) actors should take roles where they share certain immutable traits. Personally, I'm not a fan of this decision, but it is what it is. The remaster does look great.
  2. I think Ron did say when musing about a possible MI3a that it would be different from what he planned back then. So there was a plan for a sequel.
  3. I can't believe LucasForums is back!
  4. Hey thanks for getting back too me, yeah I highly doubt there is such a thread. I am very grateful for your ability to get the mapper.

    All I'm trying to figure out left is the flags within the BAF, it uses a 3DO but the parts don't seem to make sense how they are ordered. Only a matter of time though.


    If you still know about anyone and anything about its core development like original code, just a small piece of pointer, like the definition of the flags would pretty much complete the modding of TPM. Because we can now add new models too maps while making our own.

  5. I think it was discussed on some old thread on the now archived TPM forum. I'll see what I can find.

  6. Hello,

    I've been trying to figure out anything about the BAF format. I've gotten all the other parts of TPM, even most of B3D but can't figure out how model data is stored in it. Do you have any ideas? Would you be willing to part with them for something in return?

    best regards, thanks for giving life to this game

  7. It's sad to see that with the advancements of technology and special effects in general, where wild creativity can be accurately portrayed on screen, Star Wars is now confined to human beings and earthly location that never attempt to create the sense of wonder and exoticness of a galaxy far, far away. Even worse, they do it just to pander a vocal few who never grew past their own nostalgia (just like The Force Awakens). Apparently, one just needs to put some imperial walkers on a Caribbean beach and call it Star Wars. Play Safe: A Star Wars Story.
  8. Nice, thanks. P.S: Sorry, it wasn't tags, I meant prefixes. Those could even be created for every sub-forum.
  9. Could you move these two? [Download] BAP Map Tool (Obi.exe) + Manual [Download] Mace Windu, Darth Maul & (New) Obi-Wan Models Perhaps there could be a generic modding forum for these standalone games with tags for each one so that threads could be filtered by game.
  10. Where's the content of the already 'archived' forums?
  11. Since the current (soon to be archived) forums are the only source of information/discussion about some of the older games and respective modding, where can people discuss them after the archival process?
  12. It's more "family first" than not wanting to do more Star Wars. The fact that he took his time to write the story of a sequel trilogy is a testament to that. I can enjoy the movie, quality or lack thereof isn't the issue. It's what we could have but don't. The version as envisioned by the person who created this fictional universe. When did I make that accusation? Although I can certainly say they don't know Star Wars better than the guy who created it. I don't doubt that. Star Wars by comitee, pandering to the audience... Definitely a new Star Wars era. Not one I want though.
  13. Lucas made six chapters of a story. For consistency sake, if not for authenticity alone, I'd rather have the last three chapters the way the original author wants it than something made up by someone else.
  14. The whole focus on pratical effects, for example, and the implication that they are returning to something that was never gone to begin with. Trying to appeal to disgruntled fans instead of the next generation. Etc... Another misconception. It's well documented that people in the production did make suggestions. The whole 'yes man' argument is a pure lie. All one needs to do is watch BTS material to confirm that George accepts and declines suggestion that were offered to him, just like in the OT. He even says something along the lines of "if it doesn't work out, I'll take the blame". But he ended up approving it all, one way or the other. If he didn't like something, you bet it didn't end up in the final film. Even the whole 'I know' he ends up approving despite his initial preference for another line. And again, it wasn't any different in the PT. I can enjoy licensed fan fiction. It's a different issue when the 'real deal' is offered to them and they ignore it to produce their own story. They are free to do so, sure, but I see it as pretentious and even disrespectful. I don't have a problem with people enjoying what they like. They don't have to like what George does. I'm speaking for myself, not for others. Still, this is Episode VII, not spin-off #21. A direct sequel of Lucas' story. The decision to ignore the story (not the script) he provided them is downright insulting as far as authenticity and creativeness goes. I'm sorry, but that argument is just a strawman. No big production is made by one single man, that's a given and it's pointless to point that out. Lucas didn't draw an X-wing, or built the Death Star miniature, or was stuffing hair into the Chewbacca costume, but he envisioned them and was behind it all. For example: People give Stanley Kubrick credit for 2001, not random employee John Doe who helped build the spaceplane miniature. Same for every other creative in every medium. But somehow, for Star Wars, the norm is taking credit away from Lucas. Same thing with CGI. It's fine for every single blockbuster, but with Star Wars (which always used state of the art technology), it gets teared down no matter what. I find these double standards almost sickening so much is the unfairness of such attitude. It's even more sickening when Disney-owned Lucasfilm indirectly feeds it on purpose. Anyway, if people end up enjoying the movie, good for them. I mean it. As a huge fan of the saga, I just won't support a project done like this. If I watch it, I'll probably borrow the DVD/BD from a friend.
  15. Empire was George's, just like any of the six movies. To ignore is huge involvement in the movie just because he didn't direct it is erroneous. And I wish this movie was as original and bold as the prequels. Unfortunately all we get is nostalgia driven fan fiction made by people pretentious enough to think they know better (along with a ridiculous marketing campaign). I won't give them any of my money. Had they handled things differently and more respectfully, I would have given them the benefit of the doubt.
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