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  1. Is it? I think it will take the industry to a very segregational place and that's not a good thing. The whole point of acting, specially voice acting, is that one can pretend to be someone else, fictional or not. And in regards to voice acting, how one look is even less of a factor. I don't know what criteria casting directors have when they choose one actor over another. It might be personal preference, it might be pure discrimination against a certain factor or trait, it might be perception of financial return, it myght be all of these or none of them. But it's dangerous and sets a bad prece
  2. I think Ron did say when musing about a possible MI3a that it would be different from what he planned back then. So there was a plan for a sequel.
  3. I can't believe LucasForums is back!
  4. Hey thanks for getting back too me, yeah I highly doubt there is such a thread. I am very grateful for your ability to get the mapper.

    All I'm trying to figure out left is the flags within the BAF, it uses a 3DO but the parts don't seem to make sense how they are ordered. Only a matter of time though.


    If you still know about anyone and anything about its core development like original code, just a small piece of pointer, like the definition of the flags would pretty much complete the modding of TPM. Because we can now add new models too maps while making our own.

  5. I think it was discussed on some old thread on the now archived TPM forum. I'll see what I can find.

  6. Hello,

    I've been trying to figure out anything about the BAF format. I've gotten all the other parts of TPM, even most of B3D but can't figure out how model data is stored in it. Do you have any ideas? Would you be willing to part with them for something in return?

    best regards, thanks for giving life to this game

  7. So, it's been a while since the site was live... What's going on?
  8. They were still in contact with them, right until Disney bought the company. Of course they are the ones who still say 'yes' or 'no' (and that credit I'm willing to give them, even though I think the pre-Disney LucasArts would have done the same), but I believe the presence of Sony is what allowed the remake to happen in the first place. Double Fine, on its own, didn't hold much weight (unfortunately).
  9. I wouldn't say that. The only good thing Disney did with LucasArts, from my perspective, was to make its catalogue available DRM-free. Can't exactly give them credit for letting Double Fine remaster Grim Fandango. Sony seems to have played a big part in that, and I don't see the indie-LucasArts saying "no" to them.
  10. Here's the full LucasArts catalogue up until now.
  11. I was hoping they weren't interested at all and DF could easily buy the rights. Well, I guess we won't see a PC version at least in the next couple of years... EDIT: Maybe not that long.
  12. Tim sits down for the first time in 10 years to play "Day of the Tentacle"! (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) P.S: Nothing new for Broken Age backers.
  13. Ya know, I HATED that dragon rush crap, but once you master it, it's very useful... Granted it took me over 6 months to master it. LMAO

  14. Except for that damn Dragon Rush mini-game. Other than that, it's indeed a great game.

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