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  1. I have successfully played the PC version on my Mac using either ScummVM or DosBOX, though I can't now recall which one specifically. They should both theoretically work fine. If there was a Mac version released back in the day, keep in mind it would have been written for MacOS 7 or something, so may not work nicely with OSX.
  2. I was looking through the gallery Alien426 linked to trying to determine which room was my favourite, but after a few repetitions of 'that one, or that one, or that one', I decided that I love all the rooms. If pushed, though, I'm rather fond of the map room, because of the beautiful light and music and the interplay of nature and machinery.
  3. It was perhaps my second adventure game (King's Quest I was the first), but definately the first that really got me hooked. It still rates highly in my favorite games list. I'm always up for a bit of Digging, to coin a word. I can't claim any crushes on characters though . Well, there's a bit of info on the dig.mixnmojo site. It's some film students' pet project, IIRC. The artwork I've seen thus far is very impressive, so I hope there's still effort being put into it.
  4. The previous webmaster of dig.mixnmojo.com was working on a sequel, but LucasArts sent him a cease and desist letter, halting his work. We had a relatively long discussion here some time ago about possible stories for a sequel, but noone has done anything about it thus far (unless unannounced or unadvertised). I'd love to hear an update from the movie guys, since it's been a while. Is it still in production?
  5. Unfortunately the game is now ten years old, and without sequels, fangames, modding or anything like that, the poor old thing is not at the forefront of many people's minds! It's too bad, but such is life. Maybe I'm being pessimistic, though.
  6. This is a blast from the past. SST_Brink: Ahh, time travel. So easy to use, so difficult to make plausible. I recommend to ColonelVogel to keep quiet about your work, since LucasArts have a history of protecting this property. Perhaps, though, as it has now been almost ten years since the game was released, they will take a more relaxed stance. I'm not really up-to-date on the current policies of LucasArts. -JoFFa-: I think the Uru engine would work well for a Dig sequel (The Dig 3D!), and it would even support online multiplayer. Hmm...
  7. I'm putting out a call for any info relating to the creator's language. One of my hobbies is conlanging, and I think it's about time someone brought some semblance of order to the "gibberish" spoken by the creator. I especially would like to know if anything about it is mentioned in the Strategy Guide (for I have still to get that book ). Also if someone has a saved game that's just before Low first visits the creator, I'd like it. At some stage I'll play my way there, anyway. (Of course, this is to get the transcribed words from the subtitles. I already have the wavs from the resource file thanks to ScummRev. If anyone is aware of how to access the text resources, please tell me; I've had no luck.) It's an interesting project, since it is a created language within the story, meant for ease of communication between different intelligent beings. By no means can I create a language that would live up to that goal, especially given the starting material, but a more Earth-style Dig language might be nice to have for we fans. Anyway, Zaarin (if you're still alive) or whomever, once I have some stuff done, I'll send it over and you can publish it on the site, if you want. However, there are no guarantees that this will be in the near future . If anyone has any ideas, comments or criticisms, please post them.
  8. This little requirement must be the worst snag in the game. And the worst thing is, it's so obvious once you have the answer. How could Low possibly know how to activate the tomb entrance without having first seen it in the map room? Incidently, I just solved this problem for someone else on another forum. How many others encountered this? I only recall it from the second time I played through, I guess because I already knew that the tomb should open without needing to see the map.
  9. Very interesting. I recall the closeup of the life crystal when Low breaks it over Brink the first time, however it was not made of rock and had no red stuff. I think I remember a closeup of Brink's hand in the crevice, and him straining to pull it out, but I too could be wrong. The airlock scene seems to be in the open. I wonder why they'd have an airlock outside (OK, I concede airborne diseases and stuff ), and obviously they did too.
  10. While we're on the subject... http://www.pottedmeatmuseum.com/ Anyone care for some hot tongue?
  11. And the prize for relevance goes to... Unless I missed something.
  12. You know, now that I think about it, I might be getting reality and SimCity 3000 mixed up. Water treatment is not one of my areas of speciality. However, I still think we'd try to use salt water before importing it from Mars. Previous fan game efforts (such as the previous dig.mixnmojo webmaster's game) have been served cease and desist letters, and might possibly have been sued if they had not ceased and desisted. Even if they're free. Whether that's uptight or not is debatable. A good discussion on this is available at http://www.adventuredevelopers.com.
  13. Hi TogaMario I like your idea, though I don't think fresh water would be a realistic resource to get from Mars. Rather, I think desalinization plants would be used to convert salt water into fresh water, as they are used now. The only reason we'd need to get water from Mars is if all the oceans dried up on Earth. However, if that happened, we'd all be dead very very quickly anyway. I don't mean to put a dampener on your story, though! Perhaps a rarer and more materialistically valuable substance (ie precious metals) could be the motivation for the first expedition. Cora Miles would be a good character to reintroduce, as she was a candidate for Governorship or some such US governmental position in the original story. Perhaps she could be the one who organises the mission. Of course, Ken Borden could be the pilot of the rescue mission. Will the Cocytans be involved at all? Are you personally making this game, or is it just an idea for the future? As you're probably aware, making a fan game these days is frought with legal difficulties!
  14. http://www.lucasarts.com/20th/profiles_sean.htm A (maybe) interesting little read, though he doesn't actually mention The Dig anywhere. By the way, it mentions in his timeline that in 1991 he worked on an unreleased version of The Dig. On the dig.mixnmojo site it says that it was not even brought to the attention of LucasArts by Spielberg before 1992.
  15. Since there is hardly ever any news regarding The Dig, maybe the site would look a little less lonely if the front page had something else on it as well. For instance, perhaps a short introduction to The Dig would help new visitors. Even a selection from the 'thedig.php' page would be good. Or some pictures.
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