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  1. I started a hexxit server for minecraft (new mod that pretty much completely redesignes minecraft) http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/1-0-5-flexxit-hexxit-pve-100-slots-greylisted-for-staff.50183/ Hopefully I might see some of you!
  2. I am PSYCHED for this. The creator of the Wing Commander, Privateer, and Freelancer series is creating a modern PC space sim game that includes an "MMO style" Persistent Universe...and immersion is a big deal...meaning it's designed around first person! http://www.robertsspaceindustries.com/ You guys should definitely check it out. This guy is a legend to many in the gaming community. If you join up, make sure you let me know so we can all fly together. I have a few ships lined up, and a few are multi-crew so we can walk about the ship while traveling, or someone can take gun control while I pilot. If you sign up, I'd appreciate setting me up as a referral dude (email for that is dangearn22@hotmail.com). I'd love to see some fellow swampies in space.
  3. Squadron 42 is a singleplayer campaign with a COOP option (including players being enemies, I believe), but it's not open world. The open world is Star Citizen, which will be released after Squadron 42. The "screw around in a sandbox environment" is dedicated to the persistent universe.
  4. Slight history of why I was invited: (48 seconds) (1 min 11 seconds) ================================================= Here's the video of the live show. Here's the time codes for when I popup on the live show: Short drive-by: #t=21m11s Interview: #t=28m20s
  5. Moving on! Here is something I'm working on. It's a work in progress but my second attempt at orchestral music:
  6. I happen to have a LEGAL copy of AC3 (never used the code) that I'm selling for $30 if anyone is interested.
  7. So I'm working on a mod of the Source engine involving, well, horror survival. Once you're dead, you're dead for the rest of the "match". You have 4 players COOP. The remaining players have to finish the objective. If they fail, the game ends. I've been charged on doing the music and I'm currently working on the music that plays when you die. Figured I'd drop it here and get swampie feedback.
  8. I'm not a fan of rap and doing "rap beats", but you are the Groovstah. PM me your facebook and we shall discuss.
  9. So I'm working on some ambiance for a starcraft 2 map author. It'll be roughly 7 minutes long of a wide variety of stuff, but here's the beginning of it. [redacted]
  10. So I decided I'm going to try working towards orchestration for video games but via midi/computers. You can't just jump into epic music, so I started basic with a "generic happy tune". I melded each part one by one with every loop to try to make a realistic sound. So here is the first attempt:
  11. When I make a scary game, they will be walking down a dark corridor. The only sounds they shall hear is the sounds of the wind outside and the creaking wooden floor as they creep forward. What awaits them around that corner? A zombie? A ghost? No. That is what they would expect. Around the corner, a SHARK! No one ever expects a shark...and I shall call him Mr. Fin Dorsal'Slap.
  12. Add me! RpTheHotrod#1845
  13. I stopped drinking soda a few years ago, hurray! However, my favorites were... #1 Dr. Pepper #2 Pepsi #3 Cream Soda #4 Ginger Ale Does anyone remember Crystal Pepsi?
  14. Does .99 repeating (.99 to an infinite number of 9s) equal 1? It does in fact equal 1. I'm just going to say that here. Now, as to why...I will give a very simple why and then a detailed why. SIMPLE WHY: First of all, I will give you a basic situation in which to determine how .99 repeating could equal one. Imagine that a baseball is being thrown from first base to second base. For the case of this situation let's pretend that it is being thrown in slow motion so we can carefully observe the ball. Now, in order for it to reach it's destination, the ball at some point will cross the halfway point in between the two bases. __________|__________ As the ball continues along its path, it crosses the halfway point in between the halfway point of the two bases and second base. However, it's speed remains constant. _______________|_____ As the ball continues further, it crosses yet another halfway point _________________|___ and again... ___________________|_ and so on. As the ball continues to travel, the speed remains the same, as the ball is crossing halfway points faster and faster and faster. Now, using simple logic, one could attempt to declare that the ball would NEVER reach its destination because there will ALWAYS be another half for the ball to have to cross.....even if the number is so minuscule and small that it could never be possibly measured by mankind. However, in the real word, the ball in fact reaches its destination, despite the outcry of simple logic. The halfway mark starts at .5, then moves onto .25, and so on. Eventually the halfway mark is such a large decimal number that at SOME point the number actually breaches and goes to 1. Otherwise, no object, or person, would ever reach any kind of destination. DETAILED WHY: The fact of the matter is, in some cases, an infinite series of numbers that go into infinity can actually have a sum result generated. That's right. In SOME cases, you can add ALL of infinity and get a true number result. For this example's sake, we are going to use a normalized rate, which is an unchanging number that is multiplied by the previous answer. For example, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16... this infinite series goes on forever, and as you can tell, the constant being multiplied by the previous is 2. 1 * 2 = 2. 2 * 2 = 4. 4 * 2 = 8. 8 * 2 = 16, and so on. Now, rates by no means have to be whole numbers. What happens if we start at 10 with a rate of .5? 10, 5, 2.5, 1.25, .625, .3125, and so on. Now, despite that these numbers will go into INFINITY...you'll constantly be dividing by half, you can actually get a REAL SUMMATION of ALL the infinity numbers. The formula for this is while -1 < rate < 1 (in our example rate = .5 which is between -1 and 1) then First number (in this example, 10) -------------- (divided by) 1 - rate [in this example, (1 - .5)] so our problem would be 10 divided by (1 - .5) Do we get an error? Do we get an infinite number that goes on forever? Actually, no. If we were to take our example of 10 (10), then adding 5 (15), then adding 2.5 (17.5), and so on to infinity, we would eventually have a total sum of 20. Crazy, eh? What does this prove? At some point, a decimal number going on into infinity and the difference between it and another number much like it becomes so immeasurable that there is no difference, at all and it equals each other. Despite there always being a halfway point the ball breaches, for the halfway point eventually is SO small that the halfway point ceases to exist and the ball reaches its destination. So yes, .9 may not = 1. .9999999 may not = 1. But eventually .99999999999999999... to infinity becomes so small it breaches the immeasurable point and it equals 1. If it didn't, then no object in time or space would be able to ever reach its destination.
  15. Where do I sign up for a nifty 10 year veteran badge?
  16. I've been busy studying for finals and wondering why I've never ever changed my avatar since I first signed up at LF.
  17. So lately I've been screwing around with ambient horror tracks. Figured it might help y'all sleep tonight. http://soundcloud.com/rpthehotrod/darkness_1 http://soundcloud.com/rpthehotrod/spookybeat-work-in-progress Here's an actual peaceful one, though.
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