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  1. I have an old 3G iPod (15GB). Well worth the price you pay, IMO. You could try getting a 3G model on eBay. I'll bet the prices for them have plummeted, and there's really not that much difference between 3G and 4G models (besides the scroll pad), at least as far as I can tell.
  2. ... Yes, yes, I see what you mean. Maybe it would be a good idea to practice what you preach before you go critizing others about it. Nothing against short posts -- most posts are fairly short -- but there's no need to turn up your nose at someone for something that you don't hold yourself or anyone else to, now is there?
  3. While this certainly isn't a surprise, I do find it disappointing. Hopefully this causes some players to finally come clean about their usage (Bret Boone, we're looking at you). I'm just glad that pitchers don't use steroids (or, if they do, they'd be stupid to).
  4. Jessica Biel Don't use up too much of my bandwidth, por favor.
  5. Lowe was pitching on two days' rest. Unless you want his arm to fall off... I hope the Sox win the Series so I can stop hearing about the damn Curse. Curse this, Curse that. Screw the Curse, it makes me want to curse. And while we're at it, can Sox fans please stop whining about the Yanks' payroll? The Sox are head and shoulders above all other teams in that department. That's like Donald Trump whining because he doesn't have as much money as Bill Gates.
  6. Isn't that kind of...mathematically impossible?
  7. Pedantic


    At least his dad didn't make him sell his much more expensive PC.
  8. I'm going to tattoo "I love Billy Koch" on my right buttcheek.
  9. Passion of the Christ...now that was disturbing...
  10. Lol. Thank you for that summary. I can now rest.
  11. Oh, c'mon people, it can't be that hard. Andale, andale! Just let my soul rest. Then I'll go back to my fantasy baseball (which is at least as fun as games, if not more, btw ) and never bother you again.
  12. So, I had to sell my gaming pc and am stuck with this POS laptop. Anyone want to fill me in on the plot of JA? Not too general, but not too detailed, please.
  13. At approximately 12,321 days since December 31st, 1969, and having 50 posts, that puts his PPD at approximately 0.004058.
  14. Looks like that female model in pics 4-8 didn't have quite the success she imagined with that tanning spray.
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