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  1. Hey Kurgan, not sure if you remember me, but saw you are still an admin so thought I'd say hey. (Life has been crazy with the army and marriage and deployments...) So how things in the Star Wars universe?

  2. It may not be possible for you to play because most integrated chipsets for video cards do not support OpenGL.. You can TRY WickedGL and see if that helps, but it may not help if the chipset is too old or just doesnt have the capabilities that the game requires.
  3. From what I've been hearing, during the Conclave, there is a very good chance that a cardinal from Africa is going to be the next Pope. (The Church would take anyone over an American Cardinal, despite one Cardinal who has proven himself)
  4. They say the reason why he had reportedly died was that there was conflicting reports that his electrocardiogram had flat-lined, and that the machine that was monitoring his brain activity had shown that there was no brain activity immediately following the flatline, which led to the reports that the pope had died, though its been later conflicted and rumored that he is still alive. But my guess is that he could die right now (2:13PM CST 1 Apr 2005) and the vatican wouldnt confirm it for at least 24-48 hours. (Like they really want to admit that their spiritual leader had passed. They wont even admit that there is a problem with their own priests. )
  5. According to various news outlets, Pope John Paul II, 84, has died. Although the Vatican has offered no confirmation, there has been no such denial as well. The Pope had taken ill after first suffering from phenomenia earlier in February, and then was hospitalized. He was later put on a nasal feeding tube, and slowly his health condition worsened. Reportedly, he had been suffering from a very high fever and had a urinay tract infection. Pope John Paul was also suffering from Parkinson's disease, which is a progressive nervous disease occuring most often after the age of 50, associated with the destruction of brain cells that produce dopamine and characterized by muscular tremor, slowing of movement, partial facial paralysis, peculiarity of gait and posture, and weakness. IMO, I feel that the Pope was being selfish in that his time as pope was long overdue, 20+ years overdue. He should have retired/resigned/passed on the blessing of Pope to someone else and retired, but his selfish nature of trying to do everything and accomplish nothing lately has proved that he is long overdue for retirement, and so with his reported passing, there will come an age of a new pope, while John Paul II can rest.
  6. Well, since the other thread magically disappeared, I figured I would post my little Opening Crawl here that I made in light of the recently released Opening Crawl text. Opening Crawl (Quicktime) Opening Crawl (Windows Media Player) Opening Crawl (MPEG-1) Enjoy!
  7. Does your friend have any mods installed? If so, they may not have the proper coding for the 1.01, which could affect the game if the mod was made before the patch was implemented.. any mods made after the patch should work, assuming they were made properly.
  8. Anyone can make a skin, Pahricida. The real challenge is making the model to compliment the skin and the look of what youa re aiming for. Hell, I see files come and go through lucasfiles of people spending 15-20 minutes on a skin, but modelling for a majority of modellers here takes days even weeks, sometimes months. So to say that a person would be doing the "dirty work" is a comment formed from ignorance.
  9. and better omni/ambient lighting.
  10. To get the very best on prices, go to http://www.pricewatch.com and look for like Gainward ATI Radeon or BFG or something like that (those are the top of the line for those video cards).
  11. According to their FAQ, they say this" To me, this indicates that Battlefront supports both GeForce 2 and 4 and the MX chipsets.
  12. Try using the Forceware 66.32 drivers from guru3d.com They work wonders with the new games that require DirectX 9.0b or better
  13. Have you tried updating your video drivers as well as making sure your DirectX 9.0c installed completely (start->run-dxdiag.exe to see) And for the CD Problems, it could be possible that your CDROM didnt finish spinning down before clicking the executable.
  14. Andy867

    Outrider WIP

    Well, I can see where Kman might have been confused, but I can definitely tell after thoroughly comparing the SCI FI 3d site and your model that they are 2 different models from the skin to the model itself
  15. Well, the most that the basic core will support is 64 TOTAL vehicles, once you start getting close to that number, the more memory will be required hence a performance hit on the game (most likely)
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