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  1. I don't have mirc installed atm, sorry. I think Tchouky has everything covered. I only have the standard rgb functionality done with an unfinished menu. Unless Tchouky has some rgb problems then you should use his rgb system. He's obviously put more effort and time into it than I have.
  2. Sorry, didn't really read through all the posts. I now realise you guys are talking about joining the project via the website. I joined and I had no problems, except for getting remote access with TortoiseCVS so I can download and upload files without having to use the freepository web interface.
  3. Not yet. Like I said I've been horribly busy.
  4. Razor knows I've had problems with direct CVS access using TortoiseCVS. And according to the owner of freepository, it's probably because he recently disabled direct access to new account members. I might be wrong about the exact nature of this, but that's what I believe to be the problem. It could also just be a port problem though.
  5. I think we should make walking on by default. And possibly make running a stamina issue (You've all talked about stamina). We should also lower the strafe speed. BTW, sorry for not being around, I've been working and I've had no chance to do any coding. I've talked to the freepository guy and the reason I can get access to our CVS via TortoiseCVS is because he disable remote access (or something like that). He might have a solution but he hasn't emailed me in a while. I still intend to add my work to your Enhanced version of OJP when I get that chance.
  6. I think that TCK should have his RGB legacy kept intact, so how about I just incorporate the blade styles modifier you want and the second staff blade color change I've made? I'm pretty sure both myself and TCK have probably coded the RGB blade color system exactly the same, so there's no point using mine and have people think he did it anyway!
  7. Try out the "limb_break" command ingame, you get some nice ****ed up anims. P.S. You might have to have the dlls compiled in DEBUG mode so the default ones that come with JA might not let you use this command. I might be wrong but you do need cheats on to try it out.
  8. I agree with Razor, I don't think we should have rgb presets.
  9. Easy headshots for smaller models is certainly a disadvantage as is the length and radius of the saber. The advantage is run faster and jump higher (relatively) and harder to hit. We just need to balance the guns.
  10. I think we should discuss the layout of the rgb options. Because I'll be buggered if I spend hours working on a design and you guys say that it should be done differently. About the rgb presets, I'll have to add extra code to make preset boxs coloured the correct way, and right now I'm not totally sure how I can achieve that via the Quake3 menu system. In UT2003 it would be simple to do, but unless we do it the old fashioned way and get loads of different colored images it'll be hard to alter a white box with specific rgb values. And it wouldn't make extended the rgb presets easy either.
  11. BTW, I forgot to mention, that the dlls I included in the release were compiled in DEBUG mode. You can use some of the debug commands ingame, like "debugDropSaber".
  12. The only things I've changed since the build I released is the menu files themselves. I haven't touched the source code. But anyway. Where is the CVS?
  13. I've just tried creating a game via the menus and I didn't get any errors. Does anyone have any idea for how I should layout the rgb color popup menu and where I should put the buttons that open it? I suck at layout design.
  14. I think that, instead of using the levitate as a means for stopping fall damage, we can use it with the meditate animation to make a a more balanced level 3 force heal. Level 1 force heal using the kneel animation and level 2 using the meditate but no levitation. That would look cool!
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