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  1. Thanks all... ill try 2 kill the jedi in the machines
  2. I just cant Defeat him....any tactical theories or good ways to defeat him would be realy nice!....thanks
  3. Well....here is an idear.....why dont we work together inbredyokel?.....if you are interested mail me... rjurs85@hotmail.com ...oh, and im also on MSN messenger
  4. hi first of all GREAT model.....imade the photorealistic yoda skin and i would like to se what i can do with this model. if you want to drop me a mail og if you are on msn. rjurs85@hotmail.com
  5. sorry....here is a picture http://www.geocities.com/rjurs85/clone01.jpg say what you think
  6. i have made a reskin of the old clonetrooper just because i think the skin looked as if it was in mint condition......not used at all. here is what i came up with: it has not been released but if you like it i might. (the colored ones and the pilot are reskined to)
  7. Hey Great! Model man! Im Realy looking forward t these Obi-wan models. he is just THE jedi. One thing thou, i know it is a early wip skin but i cant se if it is the skin or the model. but he looks like he is whisteling, the lower lip should be further out. also i was wondering if you had some links 2 some tutorials. on skinning? im working on a model but need some pointers. That would be great. of cource you other guys are welcome to post some 2. ( i know it is not a skinning, nor tutorial thread, but i was just blown away by those pictures).
  8. RELEASED! I have just sendt the Skin to http://www.jk2files.com and will hopefully be up for download in no time. I decited to go with the original hair.......modified a little.....made some more color corections on the cloak 2. Keep your eyes on jk2files.comRELEASED!!
  9. Zippo85

    Yun WIP

    Im a rookie skinne from the Jedi Knight 2 Enhance mod. And i am curently working on a skin for the Yun model by BloodRiot. I think it is comming along just fine. i would appriciate some response on it. Note: this is a WIP and i havent started on the hair, nor the hands yet http://www.geocities.com/rjurs85/wip.jpg
  10. Does any one know Arco's E-mail otherwise i dont know how to reach him. i realy wanna share this skin with you guys
  11. Thanks guys i realy appriciate it. does anyone know where i kan get a hold of the model-maker so that i can ask permission to release it. im not going to release it unless i have permission. i know all to well how iritating itr is if some 1 copys your work or edit it and re release it.
  12. Well making the hair wave in the wind is not possibul, not that i know off. but you are right that the model hat hair i just hided it when i took the pictures couse it would look stubid when not skinned nor shaded. i just need a person capabul of creating a shaded hair that look like the AOTC hair. It is not that i dont like the hail on the original skin i just dont think that it looks like "AOTC" yoda's.
  13. Year i know about the hair, i dont know how to do shaders and the shader program in the editing tools doesnt seem to work on my pc. If anyone would like to help me do some shaders a post (or mail rjurs85@hotmail.com) would be greatly appriciated Now about the skintone, ive don my best to correct the color of the face and cloths so it should mach exactly to the dvd. BTW ive done some more colorcorecting after the picture was made.
  14. Oh im srry my bad.......how do i do thet Oh BTW here is an update: Picture UPDATE: NEW PICTURE
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