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  1. looking good so far m8, dont forget it walks like an old woman with two bags of heavy shopping.. must get back to getting this transport ring to work
  2. Looking pretty cool as always but make the plain texture on front ramp larger, it looks to repeated. p.s will we be able to go to the bridge on that thing ?????? with breakable glass to blast people through
  3. hehe my map is huge at the moment... even with alot of the objects in the rooms as detail, it is still 300mb passage memory it was 70 till i added laser door section... passage memory is so bad on mine i have to fast vis now
  4. hehe i dont have to beta test, ive been testing it from the first brush love the new shield generator by the way cant wait to destroy it with me
  5. yeah then hopefully he will send it to me after
  6. this will be pretty cool, what with people in the trenches while atats walk towards them i like the idea of keeping vader alive
  7. yeah ive tested this map with Alex and i get a full fps on my machine with no slowdown, even when we spawned 5 rancors 8 wampas and 12 reborns lots of area outside to manouver you AT-AT
  8. glad ya guys liked my tantive IV and Jabba levels =] you can now Download jabba as an FFA at http://www.pcgamemods.com its called jabba2a and is in staff pics on the left of the page if ya have trouble finding itas for tantive IV, after a load of other AOTC TC and 1 phantom menace TC map im making i will get round to adding a second floor with the working lifts, a bridge and a view outside to stardestroyer hanger....
  9. God yeah, ya all acting like 5 year olds Anakin is well in his rights to copyright any material that has not been released. Just because ya dont pay for something doesnt make it useable if someone used a map i was making without my permission while i was making it does that make that right ? NO once its released all people can use anything ive made.
  10. in othe words i dont use CODradiant.. my mate has that i was just checking what the shaders were thanks anyway =]
  11. LOL i did put it in wrong thread didnt i HEHE well i just wanted to know what they did as the hint brushes i used in my latest map dont seem to work as usual... the area portals work fine though OH and i use GTK radiant the new version for use with Jediacademy oh by the way has q3map2 been given jk3 support yet ??
  12. This is a complicated one but..... In Jedi Outcast Hint brushes and area portals were the norm. But in Jedi Academy Hint brushes dont seem to do anything, and we have shaders like Terrain, inside and outside. What do these do ? Ive also been using CODradiant for Call of duty game and in that you have PortalNODRAW for placeing in outside areas what is the equivelent of a portal no draw in Jedi Academy E.G a brush you place outside in a door of an outside hut so it acts like a hint brush and ya dont need to fog ya level
  13. Yeah the skybox that was the easy bit =] i took the original bespin one and used photoshop to change it to blue =]] Oh as for scripting ive included a cutscene at the start and one between two people on the second level. but then disaster struck im meant to have a bar scene with kyle and the barman but on making the script and all i tried it and the barman speaks then the script unexpectedly crashes. so after i hit the wall a few times.... i tried one of ravens ways of doing it , but this didnt work 1 bit LOL so i got rid of that scene, and might only be able to do basic cutscenes as no one seems to know the problem. but even if i did youd still have some kick ass levels =]]] Oh the story line is basically about a group on bespin but the story will unfold as you play it. Made level 1. and most of level 1 part 2 just goto add some cool effects and a level Boss
  14. oh and yes it was very hard to get a smooth consistent Bright light on such light walls LOL had to darken it more than i would have liked bespin is meant to have shiny sparkling walls really but ive yet to see that =[ even in my maps
  15. Oh yes i will probably make the sky change during the levels so it goes darker. once you return to the surface
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