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  1. Yes i am the orginal project leader we got guite a bit done there was a number of maps at differnt stages, large chuck of textures was done. also some very early versions of part of the intro movie that was recreated. we was close to finishing the demo for narshadda
  2. hey guys been looking about looks like its all going realy well with the mod keep up the work Dave and the rest of the guys cant wait to play with it. yeap im still alive
  3. Shamus are you using that import plugin from droid stuff? (Architecture is a major give away see i spent so much time on that map also it looks as if you used the plugin to convert the bmp's to jpg) If so be warned it will give you a lot of problems it doesnt import 100% and leaves a lot of holes in the maps. Also to cover our selfs with the EULA we created levels from scratch so you dont end up with LEC on your case. most important thing with this mod is gonna be how it looks people and extreamly high expectations and also want a highly polished professinal look.
  4. sad to say we tried to keep it running aslong as possible in hopes of improvment but hosting problems was the last straw something i forgot to add from the main post was that i might finish off texturing some of the boss levels that are finish but need texturing no promisses this depends on my personal time and work load
  5. Ok guy this is what has gone on last month or so. There has been problem with the site since LFN moved to a new sever it seem that they lost what was there. Now after having the site sorted out since December we have had no access to our FTP and now that the site it was hosted under is back-up, it seems the site was lost or deleted during this time. I contacted LFN and was told it would be a few days and after a few weeks still nothing. After seeing the site was gone and talking to senior team member it was decided that we would close down the mod. There are reason why we decided to do this was mainly due to lack of support and all the hassle we have had in the past 3 - 4 months. I have wasted a lot of my personal time trying to get some of the problems sorted out and that we all have other thing to be getting on with. My self I have many projects with Microsoft at the moment going on and a big work contract, so work take top priority to me at this time. Sad thing to say is that the project is officially closed as of now. I would like to give big thanks for all your help to Dave and Rich and the rest of the DF team. Also big thanks to the DF2E Team can’t forget them and everyone who has supported us. Plan for the future are not sure yet (mainly work atm) but it has been a huge learning experience with this.
  6. got a good webmaster now but the problem is whats happening with the hosting atm what was ment to be fix in december if it aint sorted soon i will rethink the whole thing.
  7. Possition needed to be filled Mappers Texture artist Modelers scripters coders we need these possitions to be filled for the new year as there gonna be some changes to the team
  8. ok you got hold of me all ready thing from me have been very quite xmass being ill and a few big projects with MS
  9. soon as i can get a good webmaster whats my main stress at the moment as i suck at web design stuff
  10. yeap been waiting for the sdk for sometime was giving up hope on it at one point last months been very slow for me and the bad if anything that could happen to you in 4 weeks happened to me and webmaster problems but yeah still alive
  11. its comming along slow but its getting done as most ppl know ive been away with personal matters and the guy whos working on the site aint been able to get on line my email is now working again so anyone who has tried to email me try again now
  12. anyone whos tried to contact me via email just to let ppl know im having alot of email problems what i hope is sorted out soon
  13. yeah sp my emails down at the moment some issues with my clans hosting service so all my mails getting held hostage till its sorted out
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