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  1. I've got the Y adapter (Ask for an RCA Audio to mini-jack adapter), but also no gamecube or Rogue Leader (I REALLY want to get one, someday when I have some spare money ). I use mine to jack my laptop sound output into my stereo system so I can watch video files (IE, the entire run of Babylon 5 in DIVX) on my TV It's a very useful little adapter Cheap, too, like Kururin said, so Moooa, don't worry about him going out and buying one, I'm willing to bet he'll use it for other things in the future If nothing else, he could jack his computer into his stereo system and listen to MP3s properly Screw the little cheap computer speakers!
  2. Moooa, every time I see an update on this model, I'm more and more impressed! I probably missed this, but with that robed Jedi model, will it be removable with a .surf file? I'd love to make my Oddev skin with and without robe In fact, I think I'll do just the unrobed part of the skin, and borrow your robe textures (if you don't mind), since they look really good, and Jedi robes are typically all the same anyway As for what Oddev is doing at this moment - I know I keep saying I'll work on him, but I keep getting drawn back into Earth and Beyond for 10+ hours a day (still away from work because of the kidney stones). I've been playing less the past couple days, so I really will try to get to work on it again. Moooa, if you could once again send me the latest update to it, especially if the Jedi version includes both robe and non-robe, I will REALLY REALLY try to get my rear in gear And before anyone asks about the Bothan, he's still sitting around doing nothing Toonces and Moooa both offered to help me with the unwrapping, so I'll talk to both and see if the offer is still good, and see if we can get it done
  3. No, I haven't abandoned my bothan model, just at a stand-still on it right now since it's at a point that it requires skills I don't have, to finish it Moooa offered at one point to take it to the next stage (which is probably unwrapping, though it might need to be rigged first). If he's still interested, or someone else that can do it justice, let me know and I'll send you what I have I'd love to be able to move on to skinning that fellow
  4. Hey everyone! Been a while since I posted in any of the forums, I've been distracted by a cool new game, Earth and Beyond, as well as kidney stones. If it weren't for Earth and Beyond, though, I'd probably be here MORE often since the kidney stone thing has me out of work for a while. But alas, I have become one of the many MMORPG zombies Right now, I'm slowing down a bit on that game, and with my huge amount of free time, I might get crackin again on my Mon Cal Jedi, Oddev. Moooa, if you could send me the latest sdk for the Jedi Version, hopefully I can finally finish him up . So our lesson for the day: No matter how tempted you are, if someone offers you kidney stones, JUST SAY NO! Having some time off work is kinda nice, but the mind-shattering pain kind of ruins that
  5. When you amplify with CoolEdit, you might be amplifying some noise as well. You should try removing the noise (I like to go about 10% with the noise filter). Just don't use the noise filter too heavily, or it will start to sound strange.
  6. I have to agree about the emotion. I've read the Heir Trilogy numerous times (more than 10), and there is DEFINITELY a loss of control many times. At other times, he IS very cold and emotionless. I think the best thing would be to make most of his taunts with fairly normal, but slightly menacing emotion, then make a couple cold and calm, and a couple outright insane and full of rage. The key to making the taunts good is to make sure you convey the impression that this IS an insane clone of a Jedi Master. I would cut the distortion in it. A slight touch of reverb to make the voice sound powerful, but not too much. As it is now, he doesn't sound human. He should definitely sound human, just a powerful and insane human
  7. Not to be repetative, but very nice, Terc Ulic: I think that Avatar is Jack Bauer from 24, played by Keifer Sutherland (though of course, I could be mistaken )
  8. No no, Don't misunderstand, I definitely think quality goes before file size. But the fact is, with the right JPG compression, there will be absolutely zero visible quality loss. My preferred compression is Level 6 in Photoshop, I've done a number of skins with that compression level, and looked very closely at the skin as I compress it for any loss of quality, and I've never seen any. Keeping images as TGAs for game skins if you don't need any transparent bits is just excessive. Tercero, if you have any doubts about it, that's simple enough to solve. When you're finished with the skin, just save them as JPG and try various compression levels, I am willing to bet you will find the results more than satisfactory. You MIGHT see a difference if you were to look at the skinned model really really close (ie, closer than is really possible with a game model), but at normal and even fairly close levels, you're not going to see any difference if you don't go too far with the compression. The difference in filesize is immense, which makes it very much worth it.
  9. Whooo!! I like that new look! I also like the old look too Don't suppose you'd humor us and throw both in, one as an alternate surface? That would make this model truly great (PS - I'm a Sith! YAY!)
  10. Back to the question of TGA or JPG, I seriously think you should go with JPG for anything that doesn't need transparencies. If you don't compress too much, you won't loose any of the quality, and you'll save immense amounts of space. With TGA, you might have a pk3 file of 4+mb, where you can get it down to 1mb or less with JPG. For some people, that still makes a difference when they go to download skins/models. Since you're planning on doing multiple alternate skins for this model, you should definitely go with JPG so you don't end up with a 10+mb download
  11. BradFu

    WIP: Gandalf

    I wouldn't mind taking a crack at skinning him, if his hat is a removeable surface I won't be shooting for a Gandalf look, but instead, maybe an old Jedi, or perhaps Radagast the Brown.
  12. Good to hear back from you on this, Hap He's looking very good, can't wait to see him done. I like his pinchers as they are, definitely makes him more distinctly a robot
  13. Our esteemed insane Jedi Master is looking quite spiffy
  14. My only suggestion right now is to change the angle of his eyebrows a bit. Bring the outsides of the eyebrows up a bit and the insides down. Right now he looks a bit sad, and while in some ways that would be in character for him, he seemed to have more of a mischevious look to him most of the time
  15. I made some attempts at more of the UVs for the Bothan a while back, but it didn't go all that well. I might try again at some point. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around turning a 3D surface into a 2D wireframe, it really requires a shift in thinking, but I'm making progress. Slow, but progress. For now, he's just sitting on my hard drive partially unwrapped and skinned. Luckily for the Mon Cal, the areas I'm adjusting the UVs on aren't terribly complex, mostly flat-ish peices.
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