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  1. OMG! Whoa... Prime is a R0xx0ring MODERATOR nowadays! Nice going, buddy! I guess I'll check back again in 6 months or so to see what's up. ( ...that's all I had to contribute to this thread... )
  2. LOL! Yeah.. but he took the car for its annual inspection. So the mechanic I was talking about was actually the inspector. And in Finland you don't have to pay anything for the second "check-up inspection" where the guy makes sure you have fixed your car as he told you to. I didn't think that was essential to the story so I left it out. Stupid me...must be more careful when posting in the Senate! So who wants to talk about cars and mechanics who don't charge a dime for checking them brakes?! ... No-one? Too bad. It would've been one interesting debate!
  3. The other day a man on a Finnish religious forum said he had had problems with the brakes of his car and not enough money to fix it. So he put his hands on the hood and prayed. The next day he took the car to a mechanic and the mechanic said the brakes were as good as new! So there's no need to limit this faith healing-thing just to people. Apparently it 's also possible to faith heal cars and other machines. Who needs a mechanic anymore?! Although... I'm a bit concerned about his lack of faith. A true believer would never doubt the Power of Faith Fixing, but this guy...he went to a mechanic to check IF it worked.
  4. Did not read the thread, sorry. No time for that now. But there's one thing I'd like to point out (sorry if it has been mentioned earlier) Every time people start discussing about evolution vs. creationism it's the same old story: creationists try to come up with flaws in the evolution theory and evolutionists try to defend their theory. That's just stupid. On other forums I've started threads about this same issue. The difference is that I've turned the table around >>> No talk about evolution. Don't even mention the word! No talk about any theories or explanations that you think are false. Simply show my why your theory is correct. That's all that matters. That's all that is relevant. If I want to prove that I can juggle with 5 balls, I surely won't start bad-mouthing my neighbor Bob who can barely hold 1 ball in his hand without dropping it. Think about - Isn't it really, really stupid to try to prove something that way? So what happens when a creationist is asked to argument his case without using the word "evolution"? I'll tell you what >> first there's a lot of confusion. Then finally someone comes out and says: Creationism is the truth because a) the world is a really amazing place and I think Someone must have created it b) I think that Someone is the one that a book called the Bible speaks about. And that's it. That's all they got to offer besides the bashing of rival theories. Now...I don't know about the rest of you, but surely those two arguments are not enough to make creationism something worth taking seriously? And yes: the whole world is laughing their asses of at USA every time things like these make it into the news.
  5. Yup, they'll surely train you! It's not like they would be too busy playing the game or anything. Being the JediMast4r of some clueless newbie is what they live for.
  6. Haven't posted in quite some time....I see nothing has changed since my last visit. (Hi Prime! ) I think there's one thing about this honor-thing that not so many have realized. By obeying the honor code YOU are responsible for all the crap that is going on. Generally speaking it does not matter whether you whine or not. The mere fact that you have adapted this anti-playing style of playing means that YOU are a major part of the problem. See...when idiots log on, they will assume that the way you play is the right way to play. They assume that there actually are rules in FFA's. They learn to USE these rules to their advantage. You don't see people bitching about "not bowing" in MOHAA or CS, now do you? Why is that? Because there aren't your kind of honor-people in those games giving idiots such awesome tools as "saber down = peace" to ruin the game for everyone else. I know you "real" honor players have good times while playing with like-minded people and usually you don't act like jerks online... but you have to understand that by endorsing honor codes, you have indirectly destroyed the whole game. Why? Because idiots DO whine. Idiots DO abuse all those silly rules. Thanks to honor codes idiots DO ruin the game for all of us who simply want to PLAY and have FUN. Why can't people simply play this friggin game? Why can't I host a server called "NO RULES NO HONOR NO WHINING" and play without being called a lamer with no honour every time I kill someone? Are these honor codes really worth all this bs? Would it too horrible to just play the game like we do every other game? Have honor codes made this community better or worse? Really: think about it for a sec.
  7. While I'm laughing my ass off at yet another great post by Amidala, I must wonder if it's really that bad nowadays - do you honestly have to explicitly tell people in the MOTD that "WARNING-WARNING, Beware all tru Honour Jedi's!! This is a LAMER SERVER where lamerz are allowed to ignite their sab0r and fight and do all that lamourz dishonourable stuf!!f? I haven't played JA for...well, at all really. But has it come to this again? Is no-one playing the game anymore? Is JA a virtual chat? Worse than JO?
  8. Yes, please do tell us what YOUR PERSONAL honour code is this week. Then please tell us why we should give a flying **** about your PERSONAL honour code. Do you see the problem? Do you see why honour codes are the most retarded thing ever invented in any game?
  9. LOL! What has happened to this thread??! About this whole "slave" thing -> only little teenage boys could possibly do something that stupid. No need to worry about that, 'cause if they're not being the "slave" of some old hairy guy using the Jan Ors skin, then they'll be doing something else that's equally retarded. And if someone didn't understand that the previous proposals etc. were just JOKES then I really have to go >> (psst, amidala, did you get the flowers I sent? )
  10. Ok. The first one to post a link to the "CS - Attention Whore" -clip gets a hug from Amidala!
  11. Bah! ...you're just jealous 'cuz U know she'll pik me. If u pick me Amidala I swear I'll have my dad drive us to teh Star Warz III behind teh scenes-thingy!! :cool:
  12. I'm starting to get impatient. Could someone please tell me who gets to marry amidala? I mean, many of us have proposed during the last months, but...? I haven't got any answer yet, what about you guys? Rad? Is amidala already taken? What's going on?
  13. Amidala, that was one beautiful story..and so true, so very true. It should be a sticky.
  14. BTW, TK8252MJL, you do see the (intentional?) irony in that sig of yours?
  15. This is to all you guys who insist that there's nothing wrong with honour codes: ISSUE 1 You keep telling us "well why don'tcha go find another server if you don't like it", but answer me this: If I start a FFA server right now, will I be able to FFA without any problems? Or will 9/10 people who log on whine about me "laming" or my lack of honour and their precious rules like saber down = peace? Answer the question. Be honest. Now do you understand what we're talking about? ISSUE 2 saber down = peace destroys the very basis of a FFA. That's the gametype most of us are worried about. FFA means that you go around trying to kill as much as possible before time runs out (or hit the kill limit). Do you not see the problem? Let's say you and I FFA >> Every time you attack, I put my saber down making me untouchable. Every time you hit me when my saber is up, I'll flick it off and run for health. Is that fair? Is that skillful? Is that a FFA? Can you ever score a single point unless *I* let you score? No. You will be at 0 points at the end of the 20 minute map. Now...please try to understand that a FFA with the rule "saber down = peace" IS NOT A FFA. You could just as well host a CTF game and forbid anyone from touching the flag. That's as NOT a game of CTF as saberdown=peezeFFA is NOT a FFA. I've asked you to do this numerous times before and I'm asking it again: If the"FFA server" is not running a game of FFA please say so. You could name your server f.ex: "Sims online with glowing sticks in a galaxy far far away" "RULES: DO NOT USE THE GLOWING STICK OR YOU WILL BE BANNED."
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