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    New look

    Well as I mentioned before, expect the design to change. We just wanted to get something that matched with JediKnight.net for now. I personally like white (as JediKnight.net shows), but I understand it is a little glaring at the moment. Although it is rather nice to have a change every once and a while.
  2. ChrisC3po

    New look

    We are probably going to be playing around with the new look for a few weeks until we've got it fine tuned.
  3. We do try to keep these forums and the rest of our network family friendly. We often do not deal directly with the advertisers, so we can't just block a single ad, we have to talk to our ad network. We will contact them and request they remove these ads. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
  4. We had a bit of a screw up with our DNS change. Hopefully it will aiming at the correct location in a matter of hours. If you can't wait, we are temporarily located at . Our apologies for the hold up.
  5. I don't believe I have gotten PMs from any of the people on this thread...
  6. All the files appear to be up. If you find broken links, please let us know.
  7. ChrisC3po


    Actually it is back on now.
  8. ChrisC3po


    Not directly, but if we have a high click thru rate we get higher paying ads.
  9. I'm sure it will be great, once the game is finally released. I mean when was the last time Rare screwed up?
  10. No, we updated the script that runs this site.
  11. I believe those e-mail addresses are correct, but if you can't get through with those. You can send a PM to me about hosting.
  12. Check out my announcement for details. I think it is safe to say that we'd all rather have the forums up and running smothly then have them crashing every five minutes due to all of the avatars and extremely large sigs.
  13. Kotor the Barbarian... Knights all the way!
  14. Just to let you know all of the new avatars are now available for use.
  15. GalacticBattlegrounds.com is pleased to announce the release of part of the "The Making of Galactic Battlegrounds". The 2 minute Quick time movie is available for download at GalacticBattles.com.
  16. Jag, as I understand it the reason your last thread was deleted was your incessant *bumping* It is fine if you want to advertise your channel, but please don't spam these boards.
  17. Just to let you guys know, all of the avatars posted at LEC.com are now directly available here at LucasForums along with 102 other avatars! To reach them: User CP -> Edit Options -> Change Avatar.
  18. That's about all of the games they've made.
  19. ChrisC3po@lfnetwork.com
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