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    Right i might be gettin somewhere. I have 3 versions of the game 1 original , 1 warez pre realease (on loan) and 1 clonecd version of the original. The clonecd version behaves just like the original crashes high gamma. The warez does not just gl errors that i fixed (use nvidia 23.11 nvopengl.dll) When I 1st run this game I can play 4 as long as I want. When I quit reload and carry on problems occur sooooooo The games either writing somthing in the config or corrupting the save files some people report that deleting the sp.cfg file and runnin again fixes there problem so it could very well be the cfg file at fault 1 more thing when I used to level design on Q3a the 1 thing you learnt was all those "pak" files get allocated memory on launch so that could be a problem but I still think its sound
  2. *Fl3A*


    Nope its a sound card issue. i actually get a message regarding dsound when mine goes down and thats with the crash high gamma thing But i dont care anymore cause ive just introduced Jedi Outcast to CLONECD and they get on just fine. OHhhhhhhhh look theres my receipt. You rip me off,nahhhhhhhh i rip u offffffffff raven
  3. My System First Athlon 600 amd 751 mb 512 ram geforce 3 sblive Well i just bought this game and guess what it doesn,t work. It crashes all the time with all the gamma settings all messed up on the desktop. But heres the thing IT USED TO WORK!!!! About a week ago I bought some Ram upping my system from 384 to 512. After fitting the ram I formatted drive reinstalled Winme and then my problems started. Thing is I've completed this game with no probs before upping the ram and formatting the drive so What gives. My system is exactly the same software wise as before (I tried Xp same prob) I have encounter many error messages with the usuall invalid blah blah jksp.exe blah but 1 time i did encounter a Blue screen pertaining a Dsound error this leads me to believe the soundcard or Driver is at fault (I too have an sblive running liveware 3.0) I don't believe its a fault with my nvidia drivers as they are the same as before I have tried many a different approach to solving this problem thru the jkoutcast.cfg file,tried installing from harddrive tried enabling eax sound, all to no availl This game is starting to get right on my nerves but I do have to remember this IS NOT a lucas arts game but a Raven game and we all no how buggy there software can be (Sof anyone like 8 patches I think!) My advice to people with problems TAKE your game back and stay clear of Raven software in future there's just too many people with the same problem for this to hardware.
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