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  1. Wrong forum, bub..... This would go in the XBox section in the game help forum.
  2. 38 and a half hours for my first time through. My second is around 12 and I'm half way through now.
  3. I give you props just for using enough foresight to think of it. It was actually pretty intelligent wether it worked or not.
  4. Since I wasn't really ever that great at swoop racing either, I'll just point you here...... BioWare If you register there and put the key code from the game in you can look at strategies for all of the swoop courses and such. It's pretty helpful.
  5. I think he looks more drugged then he did in JO. Is that possible?
  6. This sounds like a problem for the higher officials at BioWare. I haven't ever heard of that happening and I really don't know how to fix it. You should either contact BioWare or just exchange for a different copy.
  7. Dude, it sounds like you already got past that part. No sweat. If it didn't mess up whenever you were on that part, then you have nothing to worry about it.
  8. Threads like this should be posted in the Padawans lounge. It's where all game help threads and everything else is posted.
  9. It's all a matter of opinion and strategies, my LF newbie. Please, as Rhett stated, if you have a ton of questions to ask just put them all in one thread. *thinks this thread should vanish into the mod or admin's powerful cp*
  10. Well, if you are desperate enough to see the ending and can still do it..... You might not be able to do that though if your save is in the middle of battle.
  11. Dark side characters can have all NPC's, but I'll endulge you anyways.... Carth Onassi- Soldier Mission Vao- Scoundrel Zaalbar- Scout Canderous Ordo- Soldier T3-M4- Expert Droid Bastila Shan- Jedi Sentinel Jolee Bindo- Jedi Consular HK-47- Assassin Droid Juhani- Jedi Sentinel (I think)
  12. Do you not have a save from the beginning of the Star Forge or somewhere around there? There has to be a better solution than just starting over again. Exactly how many medpacks do you have?
  13. Where are is the rest of your party? I assume you are dark side since you have Bastila, but you could still use Canderous or HK. Grenades aren't really that important and in the same way, medpacs aren't either. I mainly used force heal and the stray life support packs that I picked off of fallen enemies at the Star Forge. Did you not loot the corpses on the Star Forge? I didn't kill the Jedi's in the tubes either, I just trudged on facing Malak everytime he healed himself. If you don't have either force heal or some type of medpack/life support, you myswell find a previous save and start over again. Could you please expound a little further on your situation though? I can't see how you can't have any medpacks.....
  14. I took my PC back into the room where the hyperdrive was and fixed it. Did he try that? I am pretty sure that the PC fixes the hyperdrive.
  15. Get force lightning/storm as quickly as possible. Maybe see if you can find a portrait with wrinkly skin.
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