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  1. Oh my. Where to begin. You know what? Nevermind. I'll just say one final time, that I am not saying being happy to believe in God is proof of God. I'm saying that being happy to believe in God is one possible beneficial outcome. I'm not confused about anything. You make the same point in the post above. So...so what if you can replace C with something other than religion and still wind up at D? You're still winding up at D. If I told you sun light was a good source of vitamin D, and you argued that fish was also a source, it doesn't make sun light any less of a source. Moving on to my sources being garbage. You seem to think that if you don't like a particular site, that everything they post must be false. I'm not sure what that's based on. Psychology Today didn't conduct any of the studies they reported on in that particular article. Also, I dug around and can't find a shred of evidence that suggests their site might be a disreputable source of false information, but please, continue to smugly dismiss them. It was a university study, if memory serves correct, not a study some unqualified web magazine publisher came up with. So yeah, I'm probably just too stupid to know why using them as a source isn't a good idea. Furthermore, I will again remind you that my wife has a masters degree in psychology, and we've discussed this very same topic at length. So with all due respect, I think I'll take her word over yours. Also, your sources are where? As for your thoughts on Christianity, I really can't be bothered, mate. I'm not here to convert you or anyone else to the flock. The Christians I know personally aren't experiencing any "fundamental loss of happiness". They're quite happy to acknowledge Christ as their savior, and ask forgiveness for their sins. It doesn't really seem that much of a hassle to them at all, in fact, quite the opposite. So yes, I feel like you're just making things up, to answer that question. As for arrows in my quiver, my very first post on the topic on this very page, I believe asked "Does the author of the original post seek to know a good reason to believe in God (Christian or otherwise), or does he seek proof that any such being exists, or does he simply wish to have a sounding board for all of the things he wishes to say to discredit the existence of said being(s)?" You seem to fall into the category of the last two parts of the question. I only needed one arrow to answer the first. Honestly, I don't have answers or arrows for the other two. So no need to argue those on my end. It's not my place to convince you or anyone else there's a God. That seems pretty simple. And for your final question, I again refer to when I asked what the author of the thread meant by HIS question. If I've engaged in non sequitur with YOU, and the topic is a simple "Is there any proof of Jebus?", then accept my apology, as no one has bothered to answer my question. I'm not so simple as to think it was anything other than "show me Jeebus", so perhaps I should have gotten your permission before I jumped into this asking if the things I've been saying could be entered into the debate, or better still, in hindsight, I probably shouldn't have jumped in at all. And of course I know you can be spiritual without being religious, attending church (a point I've already made to debunk your "pro social animals" claim), or being Christian. What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Anyhoo, nice debating with you. It's fun to have opposing views on topics and still remain civil. I think we've done that.
  2. I gave a good reason. The fact that you yourself don't agree that living a longer, healthier life is beside the point. The name of the thread is not "Is there a reason good enough for Achilles to believe the Christian God exists", and the fact that you continue to argue otherwise puts me in the mind of a child who sticks his fingers in his ears, closes his eyes, and says "NYAH NYAH NYAH I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" Not true according to several psychology/medical text books and studies. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/cant-buy-happiness/201302/why-be-spiritual-five-benefits-spirituality http://www.everydayhealth.com/pictures/ways-spirituality-can-make-you-healthier/ http://www.webmd.com/balance/features/spirituality-may-help-people-live-longer I could literally go on and on posting links to studies that show your statement to be false, but I'm sure you can work a search engine. I'm sorry, could you explain how what I've said can pertain to as you say "any religious belief", but then somehow exclude the Christian God? If said good reason applies to any religious belief, then you've made my argument for me as it also covers the Christian God. I'm being a bit facetious here, in that I know what you mean. The question in the thread title asks specifically about the Christian God. I realize my answer covers many ideologies and deities, but it doesn't make it any less correct, and it still certainly covers the very specific Christian God. This bit seems to be entirely made up. There is no evidence to support that claim whatsoever. Nice analogy, except this car presumably wouldn't have a direct impact on my health or the longevity of my life. Maybe it would? I'm not much into cars, so I'm guessing this one is extra-special-super-dee-dooper. I don't argue that anyone who is religious/spiritual arrives at that state of mind from what you would consider "sound reasoning". I merely argue that scientific data has shown benefits to arriving there, and that the benefits seem to me and many others, to be good reason. Then accept my apology as I retract that statement in its entirety.
  3. If one asks for a reason to believe in God, and another says "happiness equating healthiness is a good reason", and you say that it is the social function rather than the spirituality itself that is the "secret sauce" or "pudding", or whatever other food stuff you'd like, then you have, in fact, questioned the second part of my post, or rather all of my posts on the topic. If the question instead, is "is there any rock solid evidence of a Christian God?" (I didn't read that anywhere. Maybe I should have read between the lines?), I'd have to assume a person who is as intelligent as you seem be, is trolling, while we're on the subject of poor arguments.
  4. I personally don't buy into the argument that extroverts are "happier" people than introverts, especially considering what tests have been used to gauge the results tend to focus on levels of comfort during social interactions. Nor does my wife, who is a bit of an introvert herself. It just so happens she's an introvert with a master's degree in psychology. An excerpt from an article published by Psychology Today stated; So! Is it possible to have a happier, healthier, life while still believing that a Christian (or other) God exists? I would have to suppose so, in the same way that it's possible to be an introvert who enjoys the health benefits of owning a pet.
  5. You seem to be under the impression I've missed some points along the way. I have not. You also seem to have skipped over the bit where I mentioned that not everyone who considers themselves to be spiritual, engages in social functions relating to said spirituality, and yet still enjoy less stressful lives among other health benefits. A study conducted by the University of Wisconsin touched upon your suggestion that it's simply healthier mentally and physically to be active socially, but it was not the only factor, and sometimes, isn't a factor at all, as evidenced by people who meditate, or pray, etc, minus attending church.
  6. No, my argument is that spirituality can result in happiness. As you were quick to point out, so can chess clubs, or cup-stacking tournaments. Change the title of the thread now to "What good reason is there to join chess clubs or cup-stacking tournaments?" Happiness, health, etc...All fine reasons to join chess clubs and stack cups. As for correlation not equaling causation, I'd say I have a basic understanding of it, and in this case, I could get on board with that if not for the fact that even those who do not attend regular church services, but simply "feel spiritual" have lower levels of depression and anxiety, which of course results in lower blood pressure, decreased chance of strokes. Living longer, healthier, lives are "good reason"(s).
  7. Your argument is that people can be happy without being spiritual? Well done, I suppose. I answered the question. *shrugs*
  8. Does the author of the original post seek to know a good reason to believe in God (Christian or otherwise), or does he seek proof that any such being exists, or does he simply wish to have a sounding board for all of the things he wishes to say to discredit the existence of said being(s)? I only ask because a simple Google search can render literally thousands of results on the subject of the correlation between spirituality and happiness, which seems to me, a pretty good reason to believe God exists. I also haven't been around in a while...
  9. I just heard about this. We spent a lot of time bs'ing the hours away back when. Very sad to hear. RIP- "evil twin".
  10. This "Infidel Guy" doesn't seem very intelligent.
  11. Where the **** are you sir?

  12. I'm having a similar problem myself. I have a seagate go 500gb external hd that crapped out on me yesterday. I don't particularly wish to reformat it. I've tried disk management. It freezes up if the drive is connected. Also, booting up takes me to blank black screen with only a cursor. If I ctrl-alt-del, I can get by that, but a system 32 window pops up. Without the drive connected, booting up is normal. When I hook the drive up, I get prompted with a "safely eject hardware" message in the taskbar. If I click on that, it shows the seagate drive there. It doesn't show up in the My Computer anymore. I've tried connecting it to other computers with no luck. I hate to admit defeat, but it looks like I may have to reformat it to me. Any ideas?
  13. A little late to the party here, but I just wanted to say to all the people whining about this late score being "classless" or "unsportsman", you do realize the Cowboys defence was running a blitz on that play, right? So...why try to take out, or potentially injure the Vikings quarterback, if the game is indeed over? It works both ways. *EDIT* By the way, I LOVE the photo of Brooking on the Viking sideline trying to tattle like a three year old child who wants a toy that big sister took away, whilst J. Allen literally laughs in his face.
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