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  1. How do I find griff on tatooine...i've already talked to the czerka lady and there were no options available for anything about Griff. I talked to the Sand People chiref and the only available option for freeing slaves was the Jawas which I did. My question is who in the game tells u thhat you can find Griff on Tatooine and how do I go releasing him? I learned he was on Tatooine by reading the forum.
  2. I'm on Tatooine but i've seen ppl mention that the czerka lady will give u info about Griff, but she gives me none...I also saved those Jawas but there was no Griff option. I have also seen that you are informed that Griff is on Tatooine, who tells u to find gim there? I found out he was there thru the forums. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. There is a neat little program called Videomach which you can use to go from .jpg to .avi...you won't need to convert all the images to .bmp format. Get it here. It's a 30 day evaluation copy, but if you want the full version you can always try Kazaa There is also a demo recording script which you can get here.
  4. I'm not sure if this is right, but I think the syntax is +set fs_game modname ex. +set fs_game forcemod I personally place that statement in my shortcut, I have a couple of shortcuts for JO that load up different mods like adminmod and forcemod.
  5. Hello, I was wondering if anyone here knew how to convert Jedi Outcast demos into avi format. Thank you.
  6. I was just wondering where all the threads for this forum have dissapeared to?
  7. It's an admin mod trick, just do an emote in the middle of the DFA.
  8. Ok, I am not sure if this has already been posted but I will post what I have just found out about black letters in your name. I went to a server where a guy new how to do it and he was kind enough to tell me how. To get black letters it's: ^^0InsertName The only annoying thing about this option is that there will be a ^ in white before your name, you will see what I mean after u have tried it. Hopefully someone will figure out a way to get rid of it. When u are chatting your name will be in black but when u press tab your name will appear as such 0InsertName Enjoy!
  9. Don't worry about it not showing up in the server list, just open up the console and type: /connect your friends ip
  10. <<Aim>>: Worms: [CO]: 130.85. 209.206:28070
  11. I'm usually at the <<AIM>> NF/SO Duel server, Worms World Server or [CO] Crimson Order: Duels, I used to go on the Darkside Servers a lot but for the past couple of months everytime I go there it's very laggy. I'm usually on at 10 pm EST and I stay on for about 2 hrs.
  12. Well said ToppDog, I thank you for fixing up the script (I was getting very frustrated with it) and making it work, it's excellent. Wish I could have stayed online longer to play but I have an early class in the morning.
  13. hmmm...this is what I have so far with the name script, it works except for the the part where everyhting after [CO] gets cut off. bind F9 "vstr NameSelect" bind F10 "vstr nxt_name" bind F11 "vstr prv_name" set Name1 "set NameSelect name "^1[CO] ^1N^7e^1m^7o^1X"; set prv_name vstr Name3; set nxt_name vstr Name2; echo =^1[CO] ^1N^7e^1m^7o^1X^7=" set Name2 "set NameSelect name "^1[CO] ^1N^3e^1m^3o^1X"; set prv_name vstr Name1; set nxt_name vstr Name3; echo =^1[CO] ^1N^3e^1m^3o^1X^7=" set Name3 "set NameSelect name "^1[CO] ^1Ne^1mo^1X"; set prv_name vstr Name2; set nxt_name vstr Name1; echo =^1[CO] ^1Ne^1mo^1X^7=" set NameSelect "vstr Name1" set nxt_name "vstr Name2" set prv_name "vstr Name3" Maybe there is just no way to get it to work if there is a space.
  14. Qtracker is also good, but I believe I will have to give ASE a try.
  15. I bet the answer to the question I am about to ask is probably simple but here it goes anyway: I am trying to create a script for name changing, I have everything working except for a minor detail. In the console when I type: name "^3[CO] ^1NemoX", my name comes up properly, nothing gets cut off. but when I try this: bind F9 name "^3[CO] ^1NemoX", everything after [CO] gets cut off, my question is, how do I get the rest of it to show up, am I missing quotes somewhere with the bind statement? This is all I have so far in my script: bind F9 name "^3[CO] ^1NemoX" bind F10 name "^3[CO] ^1N^3e^1m^3o^1X" bind F11 name "^3[CO] ^1N^7e^1m^7o^1X" I'll probably do a nxt, prv, select script once i get this to work properly.
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