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  1. ***SPOILER*** So you've got speed, pull, push and jump right? well, judging by what you said in your post, I believe you should be in the main room again (the one you started off the level in). From the exit of the pillar room, to the right are 2 golden (and broken) pillars. Jump on the slanted one and on to the 2nd one, and then jump onto the top level. You should come to an area with a cage at the far end. Use Pull on all the heads (whatever they are) which should bring water out. Go back to the entrance (stand in front of the door) and let the cage rise. Put on speed and run through the water to the closing cage. Jump when you reach the end and you should be able to make it. Run down the stairs and push the wall to your right. Drop down and go to an outside area with a small pool. There are 3 block thingies, push the thing supporting them underneath each one, and jump on top of em to reach the door at the top. (Kyle should say something like "they made the door too high" or something like that when he enters.) In the next area there is a pressure slab thing, hit speed and step on that, and run the other way. There should be a sliding platform, keep running and jump so as to be able to get up to the top door. Now your in the final area. Just follow what others have said about getting the saber out of the cage. I think that's about it, hope that helps.
  2. Still doesn't make him any less repulsive ***SPOILER*** - - - - - - - - - -And yeah, Yoda kicks some serious ass. I suppose people cracked up when Yoda was in that starting stance. Happened when I went.
  3. ***SPOILER*** - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -In singleplayer, there is a level very similiar to the multiplayer map duel_pit (the trial pit).There is an easy way to kill the shadowtroopers (reborn with armor....), which you can do if you hurry. When you reach the large trial pit room, run to the centre as fast as you can, and jump so that you are at the maximum point of your jump when you look over the pit, and use 'pull' to pull the troopers out of the pit into the air. You might not be able to get any, though you can keep reloading till you at least get one of them outta the pit and into mid air, that or you can wait till you can get em all flying; either way, it makes dueling with them easier.
  4. ***SPOILER*** - - - - - - - - - - - - - Okay, if your still stuck, go to the place where you unlocked all the prisoner doors, there should be a control for the fan as well. Hit that (you'll know when it's on by looking through the glass of the huge cylinder in the middle of the room, which is the airshaft for the fan) and go back to the fan, and jump down. (Try to land on the small sewer grate, as there is no cover for the fan. I believe there is a cover for the fan on Padawan difficulty level though) Good luck.
  5. You really shouldn't cheat unless you absolutely must, as it will usually ruin your gaming experience. (Unless your out for some fun ). It's much better (and satisfying) beating the game on Jedi Master without cheating, than turning on cheats, level skipping to the last boss then whacking him out within 30 seconds with the help of fellow NPC jedi's that you spawned. Personally, I don't think that Nar Shaddaa is very hard, especially if you know the sniper locations. And about what Demolisher said about realistic combat, I think he meant g_saberRealisticCombat 1, that or he's got a boat load o' drugs in his system. Hard on Padawan? Good luck in Jedi Master.
  6. Ok, I'm not quite sure where you are, since it's kinda vague. On a wall is another block which you have to push, it is revealed after you push the first 3 walls. (Which in fact, you only need to push the first one in front of you) it should slide back, just run and turn the corner, on the wall to your left should be the 2nd switch, hit that and go back around the corner you came from and go straight and turn left as the wall in front should retract back. Watch of for the ceiling
  7. ***SPOILER*** - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Sorry, I might not be right about where you are, but deciphering your problem took some thinkin'. Ok, lets see if I got this right. You jumped on a stuck lift, and turned around to see a grate, (in red lighting) and jumped through it to find a blue lift moving up and down, yes? If so, the area you need to go to is a green-ish lighted area, which should be a little bit above your current position. (I believe it's 30º left of the elevator if you faced it's "door", or hole in this case) . You'll need to jump on top of the elevator. From there, jump into the 2nd elevator shaft, then jump onto the last elevator shaft, which should have a broken roof. Wait in there till the level ends. Good luck, hope that helps.
  8. What I do is, I wait till the ledge goes down (raising the cage) and then turn on force speed, run up the ramp and to the cage, and at about 2 - 1.5 m out I force pull the sabre. I am about 10º offset from dead on, and aim relatively close to the sabre (don't think it has to be exact). There should be no need to jump to get there faster, as jumping can waste the force pool, therefore rendering pulling useless as you have no power. Good luck.
  9. ***SPOILER*** - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Okay, so you have found the blue and green controls, yes? You can go activate them, or you can wait till you get the red control. Once you find blue and green, head down the long corridor (with 1 turn and a stormtrooper half way, and burning gas at the entrance) and head through the long floating-in-mid-air corridor, then go down the stairs to kill the probe droids. Head up the elevator to get some goodies, (in front of the door) and head back down. There should be a panel of glass in the room, between the glass and the far wall (from door point of view) is an elevator. Ride the elevator to the top, and head outside, and use the corridor roof as the walkway to the other side. When you reach, drop down the hole and blast the stormtroopers, and find the final red key. Walk through the door to back to the area with the satellite control, and go back to the main bridge control array room. (If you have not activated the machine, do so now; just go to the red imperial sign area, and up the elevator, and hit the first switch, which will deactivate the force field at the far end of the room. Head across on the ledge and activate that switch, then go back down to the control array.) Input the right symbols, then find the 3 switches to activate them. Head across the bridge to finish. I'm pretty sure that's right, good luck.
  10. Oh sorry, don't know why I posted that before... After you contact Rogue Squadron, head through the door that is now unlocked behind the blue control thingie.
  11. I love lightsaber battles as much as the next guy, though is it possible to disable the lightsaber in multiplayer? I was wondering if it was possible to just use weapons, maybe as a side option; if nothing else, just to lengthen playability.
  12. Don't forget: g_saberRealisticCombat 1 cg_drawfps 1
  13. Ah, yes, I believe this is a (relatively) common bug. Some people have found out that Lando may be stuck, and therefore you are not able to flick on the switches. Apparently there are a few ways to get him "unstuck", so if you find him, force pull/push him out of the way, or reload to just before he did get stuck. Good luck. That or you could just skip to the next level, your basically at the end anyway.
  14. I may not have been here very long, though I've been to enough forums to know that swearing and abusive language won't get you very far.
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