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    you really think i can get what i wana say in this small lil box?
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    competetive cycling, cars, um..star wars duh!!
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  1. Oh my. Sifting through old email address I saw this thread was bumped. The memories. <3 If only some of the images still were hosted. =\
  2. Idiots.(refering to article) Having fun doesnt necessarily come hand in hand with throwing your future away. Why bother striving for a future if you didnt enjoy yourself along the way? Yes, even though most of these ways to have fun are usually described as Taboo and bad, their still fun, very.
  3. I was hoping my second quote sparked something. I was getting at the fact that this sentence implies the following. This woman took her dead aunts finger and placed it in her chilli at Wendy's all to get money off them for her own selfishness. WTFOMFG?!
  4. Thats what I say to all these incidents. At the same time, with this one. How could this have gone unchecked. I mean if my freaking finger got cut off and fell somewhere I would go looking for it and tell somebody incase it was bad. Wouldnt you? However, in the fraud article...I saw this: DISGUSTING.
  5. This is old news, I knew about it the moment it happened. What can I say, it where I live. Those State kids are crazy I tell you, but damn smart. IIRC I believe this made me spit my orange juice all over my kitchen when I saw this live.
  6. 3 and 2 work for me. Try all of them, no reason not to.
  7. Try a different mirror, theres like 6 now.
  8. Would have rocked 3 years ago. wtf is the riot shield?
  9. So, I found a leaked pic of the new x-box. http://die-schote.tripod.com/Bilder/xbox.jpg damn it tripod, hold on a sec. screw it, jsut copy-paste.
  10. bah, James Bond had one of these in the 80s, this isnt anything new.
  11. 20 years from now we can all be like "Man, I remember back in the day when we actually used buttons to play our video games."
  12. I wonder if he plays wow. I should steal his thrashblades and put them in the auction house.
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