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  1. They should have a system where you have to poop. Then a poopsmith comes and collects tyhe poop and sells it for money on ebay. The more poop you have, they more health you have.
  2. I think they should add bounty hunters to the game. But these bounty hunters dont hunt people, they hunt Bounty Paper Towels.
  3. I want to chase kreetles off waterfalls then kill myself
  4. Well when the source code was hacked, the game wasn't even complete. There was no way they were going to release Halflife2 at the time they first planned. The hack thing was just an excuse to delay the game which probably came at a good time.
  5. Why is this game called Battlefront? Is it because it kicks so muhc ass? PLZ EXPLAIN
  6. I think there should be a company that pays you to get random pictures from google and give them red eyes and afros/beards with the spraypaint tool. I mean this is like the perfect job. Companies can make a lot fo money if they invest in the project. I know many people who would pay for pictures of their favorite people with red eyes and beards. I mean hell, i'd love to buy some of them and would pay people.
  7. I think they should add kreetles to the game. I personally thinkt hese kreetles would make a great distraction if used properly. You could send them out, they die in one hit even if you dont even come close to shooting them. Just like in Star Wars Galaxies. I also think they could add the class of "Kreetle Master." These masters can carry up to 10 kreetles and each one is used differently. One holds ammo, one is a suicide bomber, and so on. You could even have them cook you breakfast. Please consider this idea and take me seriously.
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