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  1. We still play occasionally and I have been plinking away at bugs at a glacier pace.
  2. Mishaps now occur based on the player's FP level. We're trying to streamline the system to make it provide more feedback to players.
  3. It sounds like you used one of the older builds. Be sure to get the file last modified on the google drive. Most of the problems stated are not in the latest build (which is based on OJP 1.2)
  4. You're right. The changelog is missing from the autobuilds.. DOH! I'll have to fix that.
  5. Let's talk lightsaber combat styles. I feel like the various forms need to be revisited now that we've removed MP from the game. Here is what I've gleaned from the code so far.... Base Attack Block Cost - Base cost to block an attack from this saber style. Form: Soresu (Blue) SS_FAST UI Description: Parry defense bonuses; blaster defense bonuses. OJP 1.2: Base Attack Block Cost: 12 DP -1 DP cost to block gun bolts. %25 less DP cost for parries. Form: Shii-Cho (Yellow) SS_MEDIUM UI Description: Lightsaber training; faster mishap regeneration. OJP 1.2: Base Attack Block Cost: 15 DP %25 faster MP regen speed. -1 DP cost to block gun bolts, when at Saber Offense 3. (what?) Form: Djem So (Red) SS_STRONG UI Description: Destructive combination attacks; fatigue-inducing strikes if not parried. OJP 1.2: Base Attack Block Cost: 17 DP 10% more DP damage when an attack fake isn't parried. Unparried attacks from this style cost the defender 2 FP. Form: Makashi (Green) SS_TAVION UI Description: Power attacks damage mishap if unparried; opponent vulnerable to Force and melee attacks. OJP 1.2: Base Attack Block Cost: 14 DP Unparried attacks from this style cost the defender 2 MP. Attacking a defender's saber while in a slow bounce causes a disarm. Form: Juyo (Purple) SS_DESANN UI Description: Attacks do mishap damage if unparried; easier disarming. OJP 1.2: Base Attack Block Cost: 16 DP Unparried attack fakes from this style cost the defender 2 FP. Unaffected by force powers when at MISHAPLEVEL_HEAVY. Defenders below MISHAPLEVEL_LIGHT can't counter force powers from this style. Defenders below MISHAPLEVEL_LIGHT can't dodge kicks from this style. Defenders below MISHAPLEVEL_LIGHT suffer knockdowns from kicks from this style (normal kicks cause knockdown at MISHAPLEVEL_HEAVY). Form: Ataru (Dual Sabers) SS_DUAL UI Description: Triple damage for run attacks; low Force cost for acrobatics. OJP 1.2: Base Attack Block Cost: 13 DP Cartwheels cost -1 FP (vs 1 FP normally). Backflips cost -1 FP (vs 1 FP normally). Standard attacks cost 2x FP. No additional FP cost for attack fakes. Running attacks from this style cost 3x DP to block (vs 1.5x DP). mid-air blocks cost .5x DP. Form: Niman (Staff Saber) SS_STAFF UI Description: Upgraded damage potential; faster Force regeneration. OJP 1.2: Base Attack Block Cost: 13 DP Standard attacks cost 2x FP. FP regen ticks 100ms faster than normal. No penalty for blocking attacks from the rear when at saber defense 3. Player suffers slow bounce (vs knockdown) from kicks when at MISHAPLEVEL_HEAVY or DODGE_CRITICALLEVEL.
  6. There is a changelog in the docs folder of your install. The more recent builds have removed the balance attribute entirely and linked mishaps to the player's fatigue point level. As for over defense, I think the newer combat flow approach should help with that. Several of the guys are very aggressive players who are able to balance parrying with hard attacking. Finally, based on our internal playtests, we're going to start OJPA using OJP 1.2 as a base and add in JKE as needed. JKE had too many partially finished systems to be able to figure everything out.
  7. Glad to hear it! We are still doing the weekly play sessions. I have updated the time and place in the original post. If you're interested in joining us, PM me and I can get in contact with you on skype.
  8. It probably isn't. I think Frigidair suffered a hardware failure. There are other servers available if you're interested in playing.
  9. Giuseppe is currently hosting a RP server. Last time I checked the ip address was We're also using that server for our weekly build playtests if you're interested in joining us.
  10. Latest OJP build. Get OJP Here! We currently have a selection of builds using two different source code branches. One is based off of the latest JKE (Jedi Knight Enhanced/OJP 1.4) code base. The other is based on the latest OJP 1.2 code (from when I originally retired from OJP). We're currently comparing the two code branches to see which branch we want to work from for OJPA.
  11. Please leave your thoughts about today's 1-21-2015's playtest.
  12. If players like the saberlocks but not the way they can get executed at low DP as an early finisher, we could change it so that saberlocks automatically happen as the finishing blow when a player is hit by a kill move. This would effectively act like an execution move seen in a lot of modern action games. Sounds cool, but it might be a hassle to program in the current saberlock system thou.
  13. I get the feeling that the rocket launcher should be a super weapon for gunners with only a couple of shots. The rocket could be used for finishing off injured players or putting health players into a position for a quick followup kill.
  14. Hi All, I recently got this change log for OJRP, which is a mod that uses OJP 1.2 as a base for adding additional RP features along with some combat system improvements. Are we interested in pulling some of these features into OJP?
  15. Standard Weapons: Melee: Last resort, normally due to dropping your weapon. You're vulnerable, but skilled players should be able to push back an opponent long enough to regain a weapon. Pistol: Starting gunner weapon; cheap; hits harder than a blaster but has a lower fire rate. Blaster: Standard gunner weapon; higher fire rate; standard damage. Bowcaster: Heaviest blaster weapon; slowest fire rate. Special Weapons: All special weapons should be much more expensive than the "classic" star wars weapons. They should have a specific purpose to justify themselves. Repeater: Lowest damage weapon; highest fire rate; expensive. Demp2: Maybe this should be repurposed to a Geonosian sonic blaster? Sonic blasters can't be reflected, but have a low ammo amount and WP_FLECHETTE, WP_ROCKET_LAUNCHER, WP_THERMAL, WP_GRENADE, WP_DET_PACK, WP_CONCUSSION,
  16. Let's talk about weapon balancing, especially in regards to jedi vs. gunner gameplay. I'm thinking that each weapon should be a specific role that feels different and (hopefully) useful compared to the other weapons. As for jedi vs. gunner combat, jedi should feel powerful but a skilled, determined gunner should be able to take them down. A gunner needs to use their gadgets, maneuverability, and ranged combat to prevent the jedi from getting close enough to attack and then wear the jedi down. Some random ideas... Rocket launcher splash damage should knockdown players and make them drop their equipped weapon. Jedi should excell at blocking energy bolts fired at them from the front. They can also block to the sides or back but the health cost should be higher. Bolt blocking should be cheaper while walking vs. running. Gunners should dodge saber attacks while they still have health remaining. For reference, here are all the weapons currently in the game... WP_TUSKEN_RIFLE, WP_MELEE, WP_SABER, WP_BRYAR_PISTOL, WP_BLASTER, WP_DISRUPTOR, WP_BOWCASTER, WP_REPEATER, WP_DEMP2, WP_FLECHETTE, WP_ROCKET_LAUNCHER, WP_THERMAL, WP_GRENADE, WP_DET_PACK, WP_CONCUSSION, WP_BRYAR_OLD, WP_EMPLACED_GUN, WP_TURRET,
  17. So, maybe the launcher should be buffed to be the heaviest hitting weapon in the game. High damage; low ammo; high splash radius; causes knockdown; forces jedi with medium levels of mishap to drop their lightsabers (think Obi vs Jango). Jedi with some level of push/defense could auto-counter with a force push.
  18. In the current OJPA code, the rocket launcher only fires if the player is crouching. If the player isn't crouching, the weapon firing animation is played; on-screen text says "Hold"; and nothing happens. This isn't user friendly. How should we fix this? This also brings up a larger issue of how we should handle all the non-jedi weapons in the game. Thoughts?
  19. I'm glad to hear about this community. Do you happen to have a link to your forums?
  20. We had a good time at the last week's playtest. Everyone is invited if you're interested.
  21. Hi all, We're getting together weekly to playtest the latest build of OJP. Time: Wednesdays 8pm EST Server IP: Drop me a PM if you'd like to participate.
  22. We need to schedule a weekly OJP playtime. What times work for everyone?
  23. Most of my older systems went poof in the recent past. It's not a terrible idea thou.
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