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  1. That's very impressive Quijohn. I didn't think it was really doable.
  2. I agree with Hocky. Different stokes for different folks.
  3. Oh for that it sounds like it's simply in the wrong place. Where are you placing it in relation to the JA directories?
  4. Sounds like a typo then. Try changing the line to.... stats[statnum] = (float)atof(t); ...and see if that compiles. My guess is that VS ignores this bad syntax while gcc craps out on it.
  5. I agree. That's the way I'd try to do it if I was attempting it. But, it's just too much effort I think. Maybe if you could create an entire game around the concept.
  6. I think there's an advanced filters tab in there somewhere. It's been ages since I've played online. As for your web cooldown, are you still running the game while attempting to browse the web?
  7. I thought out it conceptually (using evolutionary algorithms), but it isn't practical with the amount of effort involved. You'd have to come up with a good "DNA" pattern and then run them thru hundreds of thousands of generations to be able to get anything remotely near good results. Big, are you referring to the NPCs, the basejka bots, or the TABBots?
  8. You know, while I think it's a lot of fun for computer games, I'm not sure it could translate to consoles that well. I don't think you could move the analog stick fast enough. Yeah, you gotta be careful about that. That's pretty much what I always see when I'm playing. *Crap! That's broken....and that's broken....and that's broken* Buy American. Just need a million bucks in funding. Also, wow, I love the new feature where double posts merge together. Very sweet.
  9. might be interesting, but it might be hard to code. The game is only setup for one Jedimaster at a time. A lot of the AI code was written in C++ for SP. All the MP code is in C. Plus, there's a lot of hidden engine stuff that's used to make it work. It's very likely that the engine side stuff in MP is an older version of the engine stuff for SP. Also, the OJP Basic TABBots do perform katas, it's just been removed as a move for OJP Enhanced.
  10. It's possible that an old update broke the build. Have you tried building Enhanced? Can someone with a Windows system try building Basic? And yeah, if that line is like that, that looks messed up.
  11. It wouldn't be that hard to do as is. Just create a script that... 1. Sets the game to Team FFA with team balancing turned off 2. Spawns a bunch of melee using bots onto one team. 3. Join the other team.
  12. Woah, that's a pretty big difference. I didn't realize it was so much of one.
  13. Did we ever actually redo the fall damage system or is it just the default multiplayer behavior still?
  14. grievous_X_X tells me that there's an issue with some players abusing push/pull by knocking players off cliffs and then dieing from the fall damage. Has anyone else seen this? Is this an actual problem? If so, what can we do about it? grievous_X_X has recommend that we simply reduce the fall damage booster for falling while in knockdown. What do you guys think?
  15. Oh, it did? I thought you had dropped off the map. PM me about your status and we'll get this boat going again.
  16. Speaking of custom weapons. I now have the .max file for the geon weapon that Thrillhouse finished. It just needs to be textured and exported. UDM, would you be interested in taking up the reighs on the geon gun?
  17. According to wiki standards: 1. It needs to be written by third parties. 2. It should be more history/general info than a game manual.
  18. Interesting note about Wikipedia. Apprenently, it removes articles based on a noteability standard. Our OJP page got bumped on that issue. Ouch!
  19. There's not really any reason why that couldn't be applied to the new gun as well. You're just going to have to con someone into actually doing it.
  20. 1. Nope. OJP's CoOp code attempts to replicate the SP code as best as we can, but there's a lot subtle differences that haven't been resolved yet. Plus, Ravensoft cheated by having a lot of the SP code be in C++, while the MP code is entirely in C. 2. Probably not. While the animation file for JA+ does store that data, it would be difficult to move into other mods.
  21. Not really. I don't know exactly. But you can probably figure it out by checking what files are used for our clone rifle. I think you need to export your file into the .md3 and the .glm format. You might be do both from 3d max. Alternatively, you can convert a static .md3 into a .glm using Ravensoft's md3view that comes with the SDK.
  22. I always thought it was the opposite because Lucas had more direct control over the sequels. He has a lot of creative help on 4 5 6.
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