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  1. alrighty. Go ahead and commit the changes when you're finished with them.
  2. The ones associated with the new menus. Also, thanks to hocky for posting v0.1.1 to moddb. I've redirected the download link in "Get OJP Here!" to it.
  3. There's always a need for additional play testing thru the existing SP levels to see what needs to be fixed. And there's the possibility of porting the JKO levels to work in JKA CoOp.
  4. I'm sure it's possible and without too much effort. You're just going to have to talk one of the guys into doing it.
  5. I'm pretty neutral on the issue. I think we should just go with the majority on this one.
  6. That HUD probably wouldn't be hard to do if we reverted back to the "fading Ticks" style of rendering the bars. If that's what people want, I don't see why we can't just do that.
  7. While we're on the subject. Someone needs to go thru the repository and compress all the .tga files to the approprate .png or .jpeg file formats. .tga isn't compressed and it results a much later file sizes.
  8. I don't think the menu issues were your fault. I think it was an installer issue. That was why I was suggesting a snap release to get things fixed. For the next release (after the snap fix) I'm sure we can get your hud/menu stuff in.
  9. Yeah, that's basically my argument. I'M GOD HERE! <evil laugh> Seriously thou. I don't think they were being disrespectful. They just have different opinions.
  10. I think those much have been mockups or simply lost.
  11. I'm pretty sure people have tried in the past and have been told it's never going to happen. There's just too many legal issues to deal with.
  12. I recommend that you commit the changes to the repository and then just have this thread point to the file on the repository. That way the document only has to be updated in one place.
  13. I think the one in the Get OJP thread is the correct one. And yeah, this sort of confusion is why I'm pushing for a snap release to clear it up.
  14. The installer should have already installed a working shortcut for the mod.
  15. I don't think this should be delayed for bug fixes. We just need a unified installer that doesn't screw up the menu files.
  16. Plus it would be hard to do from a technical standpoint.
  17. You want SVN access so you can commit your changes directly to the OJP documentation? That could make it easier for everyone. If so, PM me a username and password and a contact email and I'll get you setup.
  18. I don't really buy the whole "not good at bolt deflection" stuff. Bolt deflection would have to be the primary useage of lightsabers. Sort of saying that a sniper isn't very good at aiming.
  19. So, another thing. The moddb page now has news up v0.1.1, but it doesn't have a download link. There probably should be a download link too. Are we trying to funnel traffic to a specific download site or should it just point to whatever?
  20. This might be a problem because the kick code uses the foot position to determine weither or not the attack hits something.
  21. ... Well, hopefully one of the dev guys can explain.
  22. It's not practical, there's too many modifications that Raven added to the q3 source that won't be released to the public.
  23. Looks good, but I'm not seeing the youtube links properly. :|
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