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  1. There isn't a way that I'm aware off that involves server configurations. But you could probably hack the shaders to not display anything for that particular effect thou.
  2. The problem with additional blocking positions is that they have to be created for the dual and staff styles as well. We already have a library of new block positions for the single saber but we don't have them for the dual and staff styles. If we could have matching sets for the dual and staff styles, we could probably add everything in. However, there would be a lot of work involved. That's why it wasn't finished in the first place.
  3. You should leave the feet positions as is for the block animations unless you're going to be changing them all. The walk animations will be overriding the foot positions most of the time anyway. And you don't want to risk have it look weird by having the feet positions switch for one block position if the block position is changed rapidly (like with preblocks).
  4. Am I the only one who can't see the gif animating? I'm using Firefox....
  5. That's true, there's a lot of animations that could be improved.
  6. I checked and there's only 6 positions. Probably to save time animating. The reason why there's only 1, 6, and 7 for K is because many of the knockback, saber lock, etc animations are shared for all the single saber styles. BTW, I made a mistake, the stumble animations are actually the BOTH_H animations, not the BOTH_K ones. The BOTH_Ks are actually the "knockaway" animations. We use them as parry animations. As for BOTH_V, I looked them up and they're used for "broken parries" during attacks, something that OJP doesn't use. If I recall, they look very similar to the bounce animations.
  7. I was referring to the stumbles, but we could ask him to do whatever one we think needs the most work.
  8. It's all good. Just the local bug going around. Anyway, about the stumble animations. They're called the "knockback" animations in the engine and are labelled BOTH_KX_XXXXXX. The first X is the saber style being used (1-7) and the other Xs are the saber position where the stumble occurred. There's 8 positions total. And, yeah, they're used as the stun animations seen when you mishap with your saber. I'd focus on the stumble animations, adding them in wouldn't require any code work and they'd be much easier to test ingame.
  9. I've found that the "Create/Apply Patch" works GREAT for adding/saving off experiment code so that you can commit only the fixes you want. You could just ask Jack to hold back on the beta builds.
  10. I wasn't aware that there were maps where swimming was really used. Sorry, I've been out sick for several days. What was your question and where?
  11. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=119776
  12. Hockey, just add your code to the repository if it's in working order. Merging code with the repository is WAY WAY easier.
  13. The problem with that is that gunners would have instant, one hit deaths. Which, I'm pretty sure would spark off a lot of complaining out jedi vs gunner balance.
  14. It would be possible, but the amount of work required would be prohibitive.
  15. DD, you should probably start commiting some of your fixes to the OJP SVN. The more often you do that, the easier it is to do.
  16. I think the GLA Merge is included with Dragon. But you can also get it off the editting forums on this website. Anyway, if you're interested in doing a lot of merging of animations, you might want to also get my fancy animation.cfg merger off the OJP repository.
  17. I've faved every single OJP video that I've seen posted. You can see my playlist by clicking here. Please bare in mind that these are ALL the videos, so some of them might be REALLY out-of-date and/or sucky.
  18. We used to have a thread that talked about the kinds of animations we need. Someone should dig that up. Off the top of my head, we could use some better stumble/stunned animations.
  19. SeLeXeL, could you please post the script you used to setup the camera so other people can use it? Maybe we should even include it with OJP.
  20. You could also just remap the buttons.
  21. Great video. I really like the camera angle, but I imagine it would be very hard to control from that position. Would it be possible to make a demo of a battle in the normal view, and then play back the video from that angle without the hude turned on?
  22. Ok, what did you want done to the saber throw? I didn't understand the statement.
  23. It's the OJP experience system. You earn points as you make kills and can use those points to buy additional weapons and skills. If you don't like it, just set the g_minExp and g_maxExp (I think those are the names) to the same value and you'll always start with the given number of points.
  24. I haven't tried OJP in vista. You might have to uninstall and reinstall OJP since you've patched the game to v1.01 (which is required btw).
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