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  1. My impression is that this is a bug that was introduced in OJP 1.2. Hopefully someone will fix it.
  2. Hello Zweistein000, It's good to hear from a fan. 1. Look at the existing bot files as an example. I don't remember where they are located. Probably in the ojp "stuff" .pk3. 2. I think that issue might be a bug. What version are you running? 3. TABBots are the bots created by myself for OJP. Normal bots that came with JKA. AotC bots are spin-off clone of the TABBots. Unfortunately, AoTC bots are horribly out of date and probably shouldn't be used. We recommend always using TABBots. The other selections are really just there for comparison purposes. 4. I think that stuff would require code changes. 5. Yes, if the crew gets around to fixing problems with the mod, we will release what we fix.
  3. Noone is really actively working on OJP at the moment and DarthDie has gone missing with the OJP 1.2/1.3 code. I'm keeping the light on in this forum and the official OJP repository is hosted on my server. Beyond that, not much can be done unless people actually work on the project.
  4. Well, that sounds magical! Sorry I can't really help with that. I'm not a VS2008 conversion ninja. :S You're probably going to have to just slug thru it by googling the errors and warnings. As, you could try using VS2010. The IDE's new features sound awesome.
  5. From what I remember, making the explosive damage giblious required code changes, which aren't currently possible in singleplayer. sorry.
  6. Greetings Lorz! I don't know of anyone who has converted the project files to VS 2008. Exactly how does it frag the code?
  7. So, the good news is that my Windows built .so files now work on Linux. The next step is to clean up the creation process. Unfortunately, I only have the OJP source code pre-OJP 1.2. :S
  8. Cloning the SVN is a bit different than simply getting the latest head revision, right? The problem might be the server's bandwidth. I'm just running it off my own cable modem.
  9. We can discuss on IM. FYI, Bound Dev is still around and the SVN still up.
  10. The link at the top of the thread is current. What sort of message are you getting when you try it?
  11. I will investigate and try to find you a copy. If I can't find a build, maybe my Windows built .so files will work on a linux build with some tweaking....
  12. What kind of the work have you completed? I could give you write access to the OJP repository and you could add your work to the main source code. CoOp fixes are always welcome.
  13. Which version of OJP are you using?
  14. You mean the TABBots aren't doing that now? That's a bug!
  15. Unfortunately, improving the TABBot navigation would require reworking the system, which is just too time consuming for me to be able to do now. How do you suggest we determine who is the leader for the bots on a team? I can totally understand restricting them to the same time.
  16. Ahaha, awesome. Sounds like MAX_CVARS is larger on linux than windows. nice!
  17. 1. I'm guessing that you want everyone to start out with 300 skill points? Simply setting g_minexp to 300 would do the trick. 2. It's been too long since I've done that. I think you want to have your jampserver.cfg refer to a custom script file like "CodeServerEnhanced.script". Kurgan would be a good person to ask about that. 3. Do you have the mod running on the clients as well as the server? Weird things will happen with OJP Enhanced if you don't run the mod on the clients. 4. Not sure about this one. You will have to bug the JKE guys. 5. OJP Basic is a separate package. You don't need to install OJP Basic if you're using OJP Enhanced. The OJP Enhanced package is self contained.
  18. Sorry, sithlord301, I was tired when I was typing last time. Did your friend ever patch his game to JKA 1.01? That tends to be most people's problem.
  19. raz0r is a different programmer than myself. Sorry, if the following is rambling, I'm tired at the moment and it's almost bedtime.... I'm still alive and well. I just haven't turned my eyes on OJP in years. I just happened to be thinking about OJP lately and was shocked to see that our old SVN provider had closed its doors yesterday. I've been in a scramble to get the old SVN data transferred to my new personal SVN server. Anyway, it sounds like JKE has caved in so I'm stepping in to make sure we don't lose our source code. The new OJP repository located on my personal server is up-to-date with the now-closed openSVN repository. It doesn't include any of the JKE, but JKE kind of turned into a different animal than OJP anyway. The point being, I'm still going to be around as the OJP moderator even if I don't do any coding anymore. I'm also hosting Bound Development's new game project on my SVN server. I'll let them handle that project's PR themselves. Free feel to contact me if you guys have any questions.
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