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  1. http://www.moddb.com/mods/chronicles-total-conversion Has anyone seen this before? They have a 7 member strong team. It might be a good canidate for a Co-Op collaberation with OJP.
  2. It sounds like he's just busy with school. I had an easy enough time talking to him.
  3. Sounds like a bug to me. Please post a bug ticket so someone can fix it in the future.
  4. Please create bug tickets for issues that you have so that they will be noticed and fixed.
  5. Sounds like there's a rouge "GERMAN" entry in one of the spanish language files. That needs to be fixed.
  6. Right, there isn't a cheat code for it. It's just something that they do internally that allows them to do that. That probably should be bug ticketed so it can be removed. Bots should only have the same movesets as players.
  7. I suspect that they're cheating and using the kata moves when normal players can't do that.
  8. Do you not have enough experience points to buy anything else?
  9. DP, Balance, FP, Ammo, Health, Armor, Jet Fuel, and Saber Style. Man, it would be really funny if we had a photoshopped OJP "prototype" with HUD elements all over the screen.
  10. Sounds good, ut we're going to have to see how it works in practice.
  11. I was referring to the movies. We haven't seen any armor (other than Vader's) that provides any protection to blaster or lightsaber damage.
  12. I don't think my wife would be ok with the bitches part.
  13. Yep, we're going to need that memory soon enough.
  14. I don't think we need recharging armor. I don't think armor is very effective in Star Wars. It doesn't seem to do anything vs blasters or lightsabers. As for movement speeds, I don't think it's a horrible idea, but I think it might be over-complicating things. People are having a hard enough time understanding the saber combat system as is.
  15. I don't think my wife would approve.
  16. Still better than no home at all.
  17. As one of the creators, I don't actually play OJP at the moment. I'm on a dialup connection and that's simply too slow to play on.
  18. There's no automatic limiting for the modelscaling?
  19. Does the mac version that Red compiled include the data files or just the code files?
  20. It's a bug. I think they're supposed to have fixed it for the next version.
  21. I always wanted to try something like that. However, once we figured out that movement key based combat worked so well, it kind of got dropped by the way-side.
  22. In theory, any bot that uses a staff saber should use the staff saber style. Unfortunately, it's currently broken due to a bug.
  23. So, you're suggesting that team-killing or suicides could reduce your skill point count? That seems reasonable to me as long as it's a server setting. I'd also suggest that you shouldn't be able to lose points below the starting exp points setting.
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