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  1. Klingons are pretty easy to spot, either by the ridges or a medical tricorder. Plus, I don't think torturing would work, he might actually like it. </disarming joke>
  2. I wouldn't be too hard on him guys. I know that it's very difficult to get in contact with people sometimes. Often authors will release a string of mods and then disappear from the internet entirely.
  3. That's probably a bug. I think we had a problem where it was possible to cheat and keep one of the added styles after losing the holocron if you didn't switch away from the style.
  4. oh, hehe. thanks! I was a bit over zealous with the 'add to library' button while listening to the recommendations channel.
  5. Good luck, Hockney. You've been one of the greatest contributors to OJP.
  6. You can get around the time limits by adding them to your library and then listen to your library. The downside is that you can't choice which song to play while listening to your library. Does anyone know how to remove songs from your library without banning them?
  7. Is there something wrong with the bug tracker? It seems to be working fine for me.
  8. ah, so the plugin has spyware. Bad times. Well, at least the webbrowser player works fine. EDIT: Oh, wait, so that's something else then?
  9. Sounds interesting. Looks better than using youtube for listening to music. I've applied to the OJP group.
  10. Yeah, but what's the catch for getting a free copy of JKA?
  11. It's a known bug. Hopefully there's a bug ticket for it and it will be fixed eventually.
  12. Has anyone clicked on that link? I wonder what the deal is.
  13. You need to set the rcon password in your cfg file and then set your rcon password to be that password. You'll then be able to do commands just like you're the server using /rcon <command> For example, if you want to load a new map manually you'd do... /rcon map <mapname>
  14. When and where is this bugged? This needs to be posted in a bug ticket.
  15. Seems like a reasonable request. Is there a bug ticket for this yet?
  16. Good idea. I can't attend thou. I'm still in dial-up hell.
  17. wow, someone mentions the "better known faces of OJP" and I wasn't even included!
  18. Have fun with your vacation, Max.
  19. So, you want the player to hold their stance animation while walking? I thought we already did something like that.
  20. uh, no. I'm saying that the game controls which torso and leg animations are playing. You can't just alter a file and have it use a specific torso and leg combination.
  21. The game code controls the torse animations seperately from the leg animations unless it's an animation where both need to be playing the same thing (flips, rolls, etc).
  22. If the other saber is turned off, that sounds like a bug. Bug ticket it.
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