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  1. Either you people get this thread back on track, or it gets pulled. Now, you're free to discuss the human personality and its evolution (or lack thereof) in another thread, but this one is not it.
  2. That's enough dog-piling, guys. Interesting research indeed, but I don't think it's that simple. People change their opinions all the time, and it's quite rare for a person now to vote for the same party his entire life. And of course, this research is being shoe-horned to fit the American two-party system with no regard for more complex political parties. "Liberal/Conservative" is only one axis of the spectrum, with "Authority/Anarchy" being another. RE Conservative: while the dictionary may state that the meaning of the word means to preserve the status quo, it has a more modern meaning that can be boiled down to "If it aint broken, don't fix it" - one that a lot of people can agree with. Similarily, "Liberal" has gone from meaning someone that respects the innate rights of the individual, believes in a non-dogmatic church and government and favours laissez-faire economics - to a wishy-washy sentimental tree-hugger. As you can see, most Republicans would gladly subscribe to the first meaning of the word.
  3. When is it justified to "get physical"? Is it a-okay to beat up a would-be rapist that tried to get a little too friendly with your sister? Is it alright to push people aside who are fronting you? Should one never get violent? A complex question no doubt, and one that isn't easily answered in black and white terms. While it's nice to sit at home drinking coffee and preaching Ghandi from the comfort of one's chair, in some parts of the world you just won't survive for long if you aren't willing to trade blows at some point. But even if it's "justified" and "necessary", would it still be a moral thing to do?
  4. I assume that goes for animals and other lifeforms as well, right? Should we treat the million of bacteria we kill each day as just as important as "human life"? We kill stuff for food, for convenience. It's only human to classify lifeforms as we do with unborn fetii.
  5. What the hell? I know some of you want to question Yaeb's selfless, Christian act of killing enemy combatants abroad, but please stick to the subject this time. My goals are very vague, yes. I have no burning passion that I live for, apart from playing silly computer games. I suspect I am not alone in this, though. It is not a matter of life and death to me - one can swim through life without having a clear-cut course to follow. Some people figure out what they want to do when they're 30, 50 or even 70. I don't plan on leaving anytime soon and am in no rush. That said, I do want a proper university education, if nothing else. Only problem is to narrow down the choice to one I really care about. Sometimes people need a good mellow, distance themselves from the world a bit and get their sh*t together, to put it bluntly. Basically stop thinking it's the world that needs righting, and not themselves.
  6. What kind of 5th grade argument is that? "Booyah"? Pipe tobacco contains exactly the same stuff as cigarette tobacco, the only difference is in the delivery system. Carcinogens, tar, nicotine, you name it. It is a drug, there is zero nutritional content in tobacco, it does not make you live till you're 105. If it's such a casual thing for you, I suggest you stop smoking anyway.
  7. Why is what Kerry did or did not do in Viet Nam so damned important? Does it reveal, in minute detail, how he would serve as president? I don't care much for Bush's military record, but it's pretty plain to me that he's not fit to run USA for 4 more years.
  8. Anything counts, nothing as too complex, primitive, vulgar or strange here. As for me, dancing to a good beat is definately in the top 10. As is listening to good music. What's also good is getting that thrill of dawning realization as you figure out what plot twist the movie just threw at you (Fight Club, Hero, Jacob's ladder etc). Or waking up to a ringing alarm clock on a saturday, suddenly remembering that I forgot to turn it off, and becoming aware that it's weekend. A few years ago it was finding that perfect opponent in Jedi Outcast Duelling mode, one who fought the same way I did, with no cheesy bug-exploiting or red stance-whoring. Just balls-out, clean, duelling fun. Oh, and joining a clan server of 15 people, killing everyone without dying once and then disappearing. Loved it, loved it, loved it
  9. Short-term, Long-term, Temporary or Permanent, doesn't matter. I don't have any definate goals in mind, and that's bothering me. I no longer attend school and am in work-limbo, awaiting my army service. So for now, it would be getting myself in shape for the military. Oh, and playing Half-life 2 before Christmas. Long term I'm not sure on. I have a rather monstrously vague idea of the kind of person I'd like to become, but that's more based on achieving stuff - like dancing gracefully with another person, travelling the world, skiing alone on a mountain, making my own music and ending up being a wise old geezer. But that's not very new, or very clear at all. What are yours?
  10. C'jais


    Psychologists back Gay Marriage A case for biologically determined homosexuality And if science won't cut it, I can go the scripture route, too. Matthew 5:33-37 Marriage is a pretty serious vow, yet Jesus himself says vows are sinful. Jesus' instruction seems very clear-cut here as well, contrary to the multitude of vague definitions we find in the Bible elsewhere. Marriage is blasphemy. Marriage is not a sacrament, either - that little detour came about from the Catholic church mistranslating the Greek musth>rion (mystery) as the latin Sacramentum (meaning sacrament as well as mystery) instead of Arcanum which is more specific, in the following: Ephesians 5:32 in the Bible. Written in Latin as: “Arcanum hoc magnum est; ego autem dico in Christo et in Ecclesia.” (“This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church.”) As for why the church has held on to this definition is obvious. The early church needed control of who could marry who, as a means of controlling secular life. So if King Doodletwattle wanted to marry a foreign ruler's daughter, he had best pay for some church renovations first. And if Joe the farmer wanted to marry the miller's daughter, he had better fork over the cash he owed. And besides, back in the day, marriage had nothing to do with God, either - what follows is a snippet from an Israeli religious scholar (though I've lost the URL) In conclusion, most modern European marriage customs and priviledges actually derive from Roman law, which in turn predates Christianity.
  11. I find it funny and sad that the most fervent of "pro-lifers" are almost always male. Now why is that? In case you didn't know, pregnancy is not something you undertake lightly. Women risk their lives giving birth, but this fact is glossed over time and time again each time this debate comes up. That's right - millions of women die from bearing a child, and yet lots of "pro-life" men are more than willing to make sure the woman has no say in the matter. It's easy for guys to say that killing any kind of human being is wrong, they don't have to put their life on the line at the same time. And we're also the first in line to compromise this principle each time we cheer on our soldiers who kill innocent people all the time. Furthermore, some contraceptives actually kill the fetus after it's conceived yet before it sets in the womb of the mother (the spiral, working by constantly releasing ions). Where is the outrage over that? Is abortion selfish? Is wanting to have a child no matter what it conditions it may grow up under, no matter what physical and mental handicaps it may suffer from selfish? Is wanting to spare a fellow human from being an unwanted child selfish? Is wanting to impose your will on women selfish? The thought that the whole human race should just practice abstinence until they're ready to have a child is immature, unrealistic, ridiculous and inhumane. It is not possible.
  12. C'jais


    A "life decision"? Hardly, and we've gone over this before. It is not up to you to decide which team you're playing on, to put it this way. And there's a big, truck-sized difference between "not supporting" and "actively condemning and working against". That's all fine and dandy except it goes against the numero uno message of the bible - "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Tolerance, gentle helping, loving your fellow human being and all that jazz - you're not into that? That's a pretty ignorant stance. Gays just want to be respected - they're not out to shove their homo-vibes down your throat in any way. On the contrary, heterosexuality is celebrated to the point of it seeming like the only viable way to love another person sexually. It would seem so. big·ot ( P ) Pronunciation Key (bgt) n. One who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ. A person who regards his own faith and views in matters of religion as unquestionably right, and any belief or opinion opposed to or differing from them as unreasonable or wicked. In an extended sense, a person who is intolerant of opinions which conflict with his own, as in politics or morals; one obstinately and blindly devoted to his own church, party, belief, or opinion. Any of this seem familiar to you? Why can't you just accept differences in people? Why would God care if someone's buttocks don't read "Exit Only"? Isn't that absurdly irrelevant in the grand scheme of God's plan? This is indeed "pick and choose" religion at it's finest.
  13. C'jais


    Do refrain from using unnecessary curse words and condescending attitude, dear friend. And let's get this thing back on topic, or I'm pulling the plug.
  14. "Real Patriots"? Oh please, most of them just signed up for the army as a way out and to get some money fast. It's a profession, a job, like any other. Furthermore, I can't see how they're "defending" USA with this little sandbox war. Hussein was so obviously not a threat to you. And I suggest you do some research on desillusioned soldiers. There's very little media coverage in the states on the disappointed side that's angry for having their sons and daughters sent to fight a war they don't believe in. There are hundreds of deserters already, but they're tucked away in a nice, safe place where the media don't give a hoot about them. I find it fascinating that you worship trained killers like this, and label them "patriots". Tell me, aren't the supply lines, food makers, weapon smiths and artillery guys not just as important to winning this war? Do you have to look the enemy in the eye as you shoot him and get your brain numbed down to the reptile level from psychological damage to be considered a "True Patriot"? And what about the people who take care of your nation's kids, teach them and tell them to avoid drugs and practice abstinence-sex, the ones who deliver your pizzas, the ones who entertain you through violent games that instruct you to celebrate M4's and 105mm, the women who sell themselves on the street and the wage-slaves? Do they not deserve to get called "Patriots" as well?
  15. No problem. I just wish we could stick to either the War in Iraq, Abortion or Suicide now
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