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  1. I don't think much of this guy as a director. I mean, Mortal Kombat was by far and away his best movie... Its a cool series of games, and its kinda dissapointing to hear that Anderson will be directing. With him at the helm, the absolute best you can hope for is barely-scraping-just-about-average. I can't see how Halo can fail to be amazing. Highly skilled people involved, a rich Universe to base it all in, and it looks like some real production values as well.
  2. The third and final part of Detective Noir is now out... Dodd and DeClancy meet up with McCreedy in the marshlands for the final, climactic showdown. QT (Right Click, Save As) Low Res (27.8 MB) High Res (43.7 MB) WMV (Right Click, Save As) Low Res (36.1 MB) High Res (58.7 MB) This part is much shorter than the other two, but is also the most action packed and my favourite... chase scene guaranteed!
  3. Hey man, I think I know of just the exact thing you're after... Fire Emblem and Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones are by far and away two of the best games I've ever played, both Tactical RPGs on GBA. They belong to arguably the premier Tactical RPG series around. The Fire Emblem series is a really old Nintendo one that streches back to NES days, but these two GBA titles are the first released in the West. The storylines are deep and well written, the characters colourful. The gameplay is similar to the Advance Wars series, but each unit is a character with unique and developing stats and skills, and if you lose someone, they're gone! As you can tell, I highly recommend them, they really are exceptionally good titles.
  4. It seems perverse that I follow baseball more closely than most of the Americans around here, it isn't fair when people don't live up to national stereotypes! It must be great to get revenge on St. Louis for what happened last year around. I'm kinda rooting for the White Sox as well, but it seems like either team would make worthy winners. Arguably the two best pitching staffs in the game going up against each other should be pretty fantastic, and I can see it going deep into the series. Anyway, it should be a great contest! Sadly, as neither side is from the East Coast, the games will be even deeper into the night in the UK...
  5. You may have a point there. It can make you wonder what kind of people the game advertisers think they are selling to. Mind you, there have been some pretty tasteless ads for films in the past as well, so I guess it isn't soley the game market. On the whole, mass marketing of many kinds tends to feel... patronising or insulting in some way. Maybe it's feeling like a statistic in a demographic?
  6. Part 2 is now out! The investigation gets under way, as the clues slowly fall into place like so many pieces in some kind of puzzle. QT (Right Click, Save As) Low Res (35.7 MB) High Res (56 MB) WMV (Right Click, Save As) Low Res (36.1 MB) High Res (58.7 MB)
  7. Thanks a lot, it'd be great to hear what you think of our attempts to make a colourful production! Its a very pleasant surprise to see you around these parts of LF Darth333, hey there
  8. Hey guys, the WMV versions of Part 1 are now up. Sadly, they aren't smaller than their QuickTime counterparts, but the quality on the High Res version seems markedly better to my eyes, despite my personal preference for MOV files. WMV (Right Click, Save As) Low Res (55.7 MB) High Res (96.4 MB) The good news is that the files for Parts 2 and 3 are going to be a fair bit smaller than those for Part 1. Part 2 out tommorow!
  9. Its important to note that Detective Dodd really has the sun in his eyes during that scene, and so it was extremely hard to see where he was even running. So its no surprise really that he manged to miss his target whilst emptying an entire clip in his general direction... There are more moments of implausibly bad gun skills throughout the short, I must warn you Lassev.
  10. Thanks Dude. I've always thought 'Kurgan' has a nice ring to it as well, you know! Looking forward to hearing what you think Prime
  11. We kinda struggled to get the file size any lower, with a 17 minute runtime. I did create a 30-something MB version, but it was of such low quality that we decided against using it. In retrospect, we shoulda split the film into three more equal segments, instead of about half of it being in the first, for some reason! On the plus side, the download speeds from the 8 bucks server tends to be good.
  12. Hey guys, its taken a long time indeed, but I am happy to let you know that part 1 of the film is now out! I've edited the first post of this thread to try to keep it up to date. In Part 1, I guarantee several of the best moments from the trailer, not to mention all kinds of other stuff too good to even go into the trailer! Expect twists, turns, and 17 minutes of pure, unadulterated noir. Check our website for more details. I've also got the download links for the first part below. Quicktime (Right Click, Save As) Low Res (62.5 MB) High Res (96 MB) We'll be releasing the film in three segments, due to its running time, expect part 2 this time next week. Part 1 is currently avaliable in mov format, with WMV to be added later this week. There are two file sizes, high res (96 MB) and low res (62.5 MB). The running time of section 1 is around 17 minutes. Part 1 sees Detective Dodd, a veteran crimefighter, setting up his new HQ. He is clearly a man with a past, some problems, and a plan. He sets out to find a partner, which leads him to a strange Detective College dropout named DeClancy. Worse is to follow, as a man that Dodd once put in jail has escaped, and is already putting his latest crime spree into action. It appears that the fledgeling detective agencies' first case is about to begin...
  13. Kengo

    Scary Games?

    Scariest game I've ever played. Its the sounds that do it, the way you can hear things moving around but you're not sure where, and also the way that you've got pretty limited ammo the whole way through and can't really rely on firepower alone to win the day. Amazing game!
  14. Yeah, I guess thats the logic I took in the end. In the early days of JO editing, you could release anything and it tended to get a bunch of downloads, particularly if it was SP related. My first level was pretty terrible in almost every way, but it still got a tonne of downloads because things were so active back then. I was never one of those editors mainly in it 'for the art', I was in it for the plaudits, the praise, the fast cars and women! Hey, you're from Finland too! What a coincidence... I of course meant that other guy from your nation, you know the one, always threatening me with deadly attacks and making better levels than me. Now, what was his name?
  15. Whatthe... That controlled definately deserves a double take. I'm pretty dubious myself, except that Nintendo hardly ever get things wrong when it comes to being innovative. I guess this will turn out well, break new ground, then get nicked by Sony and Microsoft and appear in their consoles that will outsell the Nintendo one 10 to 1! I do wonder about 3rd party developers being able to design for it, the Nintendo systems seem less and less about mainstream games from big companies and more about amazing, but occasional in-house stuff. Also, I always feel re-assured by more buttons. You just can't lose when you add another 8 buttons to the 24 the last generation consoles had.
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