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  1. Stupid? Not really relevant... Acting in a badly intentioned or self-absorbed intererest? Maybe...
  2. I was using a Desktop PIII also integrated with intel sound, with TNT2 32 Mb running Mandrake edition which I don't remember the kernel version I was using at the time though, I know it was one version before the current.
  3. I agree! They could also create "wind" and "rain" conditions. I am imagining Bespin and Kamino right now....
  4. Maybe, but I wouldn't bet my credits there.
  5. My feeling also, regardless of the engine it is built from.
  6. Too vague, could be even Carrie Fisher, and Billy Dee again...
  7. A nice feature to have indeed. Hair also should behave the same way. Maybe in JK4...
  8. He played the voice of the bad guy in Full Throttle, why not a Star Wars game?
  9. Exactly, it would be probably guided by some thin line storyline, but it wouldn't make sense for example a dark sider help a bunch of colonists. Yes, that would be nice, but I guess our main character would remain mute on dialogs, that is the character complexity I meant, your character will be passive in the storyline but active on the action. The only thing I'd diverge with you is I'd rather the whole open storyline myself (picking characters, male/female and races). I don't think they'd handle the voice for your character at all, it would be quite weird your character as a Rodian or a Wookie speaking like a man/woman, IMHO. That would leave the character mute, and passive I guess. Unless they keep some short words or grunting for each one, but it would still be passive. Couldn't agree with you more! Me too! I am also glad they decided to go that way in JA. Well, as for me, as I've said, I am with open game.
  10. Weird, for me Wine didn't work at all, while in Transgaming (based on Wine anyways) ran smooth and sounded perfect, perhaps an audio/video driver issue? Or maybe distro's.
  11. Oh yes, that one was terrible too. When I took a look at it, the first though it came to my mind was: "I have a bad feeling about this..." and the second: "... where is that quickloading button again?" There's also that level at Doomsgiver that you had to set up the comm link with Rogue Squadron... Who in the hell projected that comm device? Floating rooms in an infinite chasm with small bridges connecting one to other? That one sucked too, It didn't even made sense... Hope they don't bring those painful moments back to JA. Well maybe just a little... And the best: Pushing stormies to the hole... In multi its a little fun, because of the extra danger and balance.
  12. I don't think they'll make a Linux version of this game. Although Windows Quake 3 engine games (including Jedi Outcast) has proven to be easy to be run on Linux machines with TransGaming. Give it a try, I did (you'll need to compile it though) and I liked. The thing is I already run Windows XP on my computer so, I personally have no need for that.
  13. Really cool indeed. Worthy of being THE Yoda. No offense meant to the fine work of Kinja & team. Don't forget Jedi Academy!
  14. Someone close this thread, please.
  15. Always liked your models Toonces, and I know the exact feeling you're going through, since I'm living the rush myself. I hope things calm down a little for ya. Myself, and a great deal of ppl on this forum would certainly love to see your work being ported/converted to JA.
  16. Ok, I must say I voted #3 for sake of humor. But there is two things I'd like to kill the most: Battledroids (in appropriate AI) and that Rancor (Raven granted my wish).
  17. hehee yep good point brought up, my good ol' trusty Logitech mouse has died. Rest In Peace... Can't think of a better system for saber locks though...
  18. Agreed, but also remember the main character won't probably be driven by some reason, like in JO was Kyle's avenging for Jan's death and almost falling to the dark side in the process. The character had some complexity and motivation. What I mean is, would you prefer a more guided storyline, or an open one?
  19. The JA will feature a more 'open' game allowing your characters to be built from scratch. A cost to that is probably sacrificing some of the story 'drama', since your character won't probably be voiced by an actor, keeping silent or completely out the cutscenes as a crude example; and also limiting the storyline as a whole. That's an obvious con. A pro is the game is bigger to explore and to make your own decisions, and be able to shape your character as well. Keeping these two aspects in mind, which you rather to sacrifice the most: The storyline, or the open plot?
  20. Sneaking is cool, but only sometimes when you feel like it; JO featured some sneaking, but it was mandatory. I'd rather choose my tactics, not be made to that as a mission objective.
  21. But remember, it is the bad boys they're after... Unfortunately, on that score I am light also...
  22. It slowed down a bit. Since 'most wanted' models came to life, ppl stopped checking, but I think this will be just temporary.
  23. But it wouldn't be a bad thing having both would it?
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