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  1. boy I love makeing him fall off though. thats the best part
  2. Try playing while your actually drunk. http://www.projectdck.com/games/drunk.html
  3. so dont talk smack and dont jack...off
  4. "That brings me to another point kids. Dont smoke crack." J/K
  5. can we please get off that subject now. ok subject OVER.
  6. I could never forget you dath... Beleave me ive tryed.
  7. "like a brick trying to be jupiter." lol
  8. man that blows. just kidding
  9. I bet you I could win with MY CAR! Yes that is what my car looks like. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong an and idiot... wait what?
  10. Im probley gonna pull for england. even though I dont have cable
  11. you dont want to mess with them new jersy cats.
  12. not much groovy how have ya been (For some reason I feel like im at a highschool reunion lol)
  13. lmao ah ive missed this place.
  14. well now they have stolen mine...not that i had much to begin with
  15. well anyways its nice to see everyone.
  16. oh yeah thats what I ment when on the summer of 2002 when I joined this little forum and put my screan name as white dragon. no not like the mithical great winged lizard.
  17. A transformers movie? You would think they would stop after they raped the cartoon series. Again and again and again
  18. dunno mabey for awhile. ive been trying to get in touch with me old swamp buddies (lexx, obi, and groovy to name afew) but so far no good. (again..vulgar screen name??)
  19. been doing alot. since my comp broke down ive actually been going outside (Vulger screen name??)
  20. I appreciate that. I dont spoof anymore though, im kinda into serious writeing...kinda
  21. Hey swampies! Lets see its been...two years since I last visited the swamp. Im not even sure if anyone still remembers me, but i just thought Ide drop into say hi...hi see you in another 2 years
  22. hmmm i dident know they came out with a new one. i guess ill have to check it out.
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