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  1. Ship handeling is crap. No rolls, low flight ceiling, overly simplified controls..... It's console controls. That's fine if you are on a console but if you are a PC gamer you expect more. Eveyr other major MP PC game out has superior air power feel to them. Go look at the boards of major competition sites like TWL and you'll see gamers that compete agree.
  2. Are sabers going to be strong again or are they going to keep the weak crap they stuck us with in 1.04? I don't want to bring back the ol' 1.02 v 1.04 debate but having played a few mods that strengthened the saber v weapons I felt that the game played a little better that way. What I don't want is another uber blocking system and lack of anything other then basic attacks. There should be special attacks, there should be blocking, and there should be balance. Hopefully this time they don't achieve "balance" by weakening everything. Oh yeah and better weapons would be nice. That gum ball cannon was strong but looked really stupid.
  3. I really hope that they load the game with special moves and ignore the noobs that whine and try to turn this new game into 1.04 again. that's all.
  4. Most people say this about 1.04 - Saber duels look cool! Yup all image and no substance. The players are slower, the stances are slower. The blocking is easy and the sabers are weak. Someone above even whined that it was all about timing. Proof that 1.04 n00bed the game.
  5. I can't be....can it? I mean what would I do ..... where would I go?! IT's NOT DEAD DANGIT! I CAN'T BE!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! People it's over. Time of death - 1.03
  6. It is better then hacking at someone back only to be blocked time and time again. This is the buggy blocking system they created for crap players. The sabers are weak as hell, which forces some admins to change damage. What's the result of this? Every server is running different settings.....yay! Perhaps you like the fact that every problem was double fixed for no reason? Pull Backstab was a problem so lets nerf BOTH instead of one or the other......yay Lucas way to solve a problem! Perhaps you enjoy the weak force powers, like the useless drain, or maybe the nerfed grip. Noobs tend to like weaker abilities so they can run around pretending to be a jedi for a longer period of time.
  7. Dork? hehe Dork is the best you got to offer? I came here for flames and this is what I get! Where the hell is 1.04Lover_Al when you need him. On a more serious note your game is dead, ask yourself when the last update came from Lucas? A exp pack? Maybe an official map pack? hehe You are playing a relic friend. find yourself a better game so as to avoid the let down of signing on and not finding your favorite server. Pathetic fanboy.
  8. Your game is dead. Lucas no longer supports you. TWL ladder is closing up shop. The best teams have gone to bigger and better games. Even GEEZus left for gawd sakes! Now go out and buy your pay to play Star wars fix.
  9. was the best. Everything else was made to aid horrible players and those that wanted to pretend they were real Jedi.
  10. Why lie? You gave me NO specific time and a group of 20 servers. Hehehe! This is great! You see your own action as so being so laughable that you now seek to cover it up. Well NoShow_Al it's been fun. Look me up when you unstaple yourself form your workstation and buy a more recent game. I will be glad to provide the time and place, and bet your smug behind that I won't play your "hide in the crowd" game. You are a fraud, old friend, and I proved it long ago. You may pad your ego by remembering that you have at the very least managed to convince these forum folk that you have a spine. In my eyes you will remain the inadequate frightened invertebrate you proved yourself to be. Good day
  11. HEHE! Funny! I challenged you in JKII and instead of meeting me at one server you decided to hide by stating "find me" at one of 25, however that is the past. I did not come here to damage your weak little ego nor to giggle at your clever remarks which are meaningless given your inability to back them up when you had the chance. As I said before I came to find out if Raven was supporting this game or if they had left you all behind. It seems obvious since you are in the same debate you were in 6 months ago that they have. I also note that BigGay_Al is still defending this action. Have a great day everyone! (PS sup Solar!)
  12. LoL Spineless_Al is still the same. I call people out in BF1942 because that is the latest and greatest I just came here to confirm that Raven left us all in the cold. Confirmed Nice to see you still defending them though. See ya.
  13. Yes that is exactly why. Do you play BF1942? Why don't you come to the Brother's in Arm's server and show me your skill .
  14. The "lightsaber v guns" debate still rages on. hehehehe Nothing has changed. Raven has left you in the cold and yet you all remain here adding to the wish lists. Spineless_Al is still filling his role as resident corporate whore, attempting to silence all the voices that noticed when Raven destroyed their own game. People there is no need for debate. ProMod awaits those that value the saber. If you don't like ProMod and miss the special moves then their are a few 1.02 servers swimming against the current of change. Allow the gunners to embrace the bone Raven tossed them in an effort to increase their player base. They worked hard to destroy this game, allow them to enjoy the fruits their labor. Good day.
  15. When you haven't played this game in 5 months and can still beat everyone in a dual server.
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