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  1. preliminary tests indicate that updating my nVIDIA display drivers did the trick. I'll keep playing and see if it locks up any more, but for now things look pretty good in that regard...
  2. Well, I'm relieved that others are having this problem and I'm not alone, though it does suck any way you slice it. I'll try some of the suggestions offered and see where that gets me. Thanks!
  3. Not dead either... in fact I've been gearing up to help Razorace with some work on the OJP side of things, and then into full swing with the OJP-based version of the game. Props to Razorace for starting the OJP CoOp!
  4. ....and doesn't require cheats. sheesh.
  5. I second what Razorace sez. We're running low on mappers as it is, so howzabout we get the friggin' v1.0 game done first??? Sheesh.
  6. It turns out that the guys on the Requiem of the Outcast internet radio show mentioned our project in their news section of the latest show (episode 15, part 1). Check it out here: http://www.starwarsfanworks.com/requiem.html Be sure to check out the other episodes as well. It's a great show to listen to if you're into Star Wars fan audio and film, or other Star Wars fan-releated topics like costuming, conventions, etc.
  7. ...and I'd like to help get it to work. I'm helping razorace with some other issues presently, but OJP --> DFMod integration is something I'd like to ultimately focus on... for obvious reasons.
  8. Where is the information you're referring to here? I'm trying to find it on the LA site.... do you have a link? [EDIT] Nevermind... I found it in the FAQ: [/EDIT]
  9. I had a similar reaction... especially since I had recently read the description of Kashyyyk as portrayed by Timothy Zahn in Heir To The Empire (part I of the Thrawn trilogy).
  10. ...we've been doing most of our work based on the designs posted on monsterrocket, but the ones you posted are very interesting.
  11. Thanks for pointing that out. I missed that earlier in the thread... too busy looking at the pictures I guess...
  12. I kinda like D6.jpg the best, but they're all very cool. From where were they scanned, if you're at liberty to say?
  13. Agreed. I was really disappointed with the fact that the "jetpack" was really just a jump-jet. However, I was at a small LAN this past weekend and found the Dark Trooper to be quite useful in certain circumstances. But I am definitely looking forward to seeing Corto's work, as always!
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