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  1. IT'S BEEN A FRUSTRATING TIME AT THE CONSOLE IN JK2:OUTCAST oKAY GUYS, Help me Out Here....Who can tell me how to use the console to get into the cheat mode. I've experienced the fact that when I type in "devmapall" or 'devmapx" where 'x' is the name of the map all i get is map such and such not found. Either I'm missing a certain detail that most of us leave out when we ex[plain technical stuff assuming that the other guy knows without saying some part of it that was omitted. please help me get some fun out of using double sabers or any other cheats.
  2. WOW I've got a Major problem w/ the game Can anyone brave enough help me understand how to get these powers within the game....LIGHTNING AND GRIP..... I'm not sure if the Host is in control or can I override this at any time?
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