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  1. Spoken like a true nOOb. Couldn't resist that one babe... Never edit the assets.pk3 files directly, or you won't be able to join any MP servers running as Pure Server, which is approx 95% of the ones out there. If you must edit the pk3s, make a copy of the files and extract them to their own folders; then pull out what you need, edit the files, and recompile them into a new custom pk3 file. Then place that file the base folder. There have been many suggestions as to how to get your own music ingame, but it's actually somewhat complicated because the file format has to be *exactly* the same file format as the original files, ie. bitrate, samplerate, encoding, etc. As an audio engineeer, I've tried to do custom music several times in my own pk3s and never got it to work perfectly. Search the forums here for the different solutions. There are also prepared downloads that can be found at JK2files.com, lucasfiles.com, and pcgamemods.com. However, the ablsolute easiest way to do it without using up any system resources (like WMPlayer would do) is to turn the music off in JA and crank up your home stereo with whatever you want, like Wagner, Rachmaninov, Ministry, Yanni...
  2. Yeah... what I usually do is right click on the jaconfig.cfg file and choose Open With..., and then choose Wordpad. After opening it this way, make your edits and simply choose Save in the File menu (not Save As). Usually it will default to saving the file in it's original format - just don't rename it or type in a name, leave it as it is in the Save field. Works for me all the time. If that doesn't work, and you have the original jaconfig.cfg along wiht a jaconfig.cfg.txt file with your edits, simply delete the jaconfig.cfg file and rename the other one, dropping the .txt extension - it will pop up a warning about changing extensions, but ignore it.
  3. (ooc: the following is a "Homies of the Nu Skool" adventure...) *Zhen Jou, Jedi Dominatrix, throws her Jedi Mind Trick, effortlessly relieving AxVegetA of his will... Zhen Jou: You don't need to respond to this topic... AxVegetA: I don't need to respond to this topic. *ZJ cracks her light whip Zhen Jou: These are not the forums you're looking for... AxVegetA: These are not the forums I'm looking for. *ZJ runs her finger along AxVegetA's chin with a bemused grin Zhen Jou: We can go about our business... AxVegetA: You can go about your business. *ZJ playfully but with noticeable force slaps AxVegetA across his hindquarters with the handle of her light whip... Zhen Jou: Move along... AxVegetA: Move along................. move along. *As the thread passes, ZJ removes a thermal detonator from her *special* hiding place and with a slight laugh and graceful turn, casually tosses it over her shoulder. >>>BoOOoM<<<
  4. Thanks.. I saw it 33 times back in '77. You are correct that they hit a couple of rebels during the initial capture of Leia's ship. However, from that point on except for a few Jawas and a couple of defensless farmers, they can't seem to hit the broad side of a barn. I've just always thought it funny how after ObiWan makes that statement, they seem to lose the ability to aim for the rest of the series. I mean even a bunch of Ewoks with sticks kicked their butt. All for fun, TK...
  5. Yeah right... whatever. The number of posts you have telling people they're either a noob, ignorant, or unskilled would beg to differ. I don't know where you get your delusions laserbrain... just about every other post you make is insulting someone. Your tone is beligerant, confrontational, and demeaning to everybody you speak toward. Your disregard for your fellow players has nothing to do with whether they are good players or not... that has very little to do with your continual insults toward members of the forum, and everybody can easily see it. You jump into almost every thread and not only express your views on how the game is fundamentally broken until the jump kick is returned, but call people names, insult their experience and integrity, and try your darndest to ruin their potential enjoyment of the game... even threads that have absolutely nothing to do with this discussion turn into an arguement with you about it. I could easily find five of the currently running threads where you are arguing this with someone. You're gonna end up getting banned altogether if you don't chill out a little bit and cut back on the inflammatory posts. My last post was an attempt at an imitation of your usual post... that's how redundant and pedestrian this whole thing has become.
  6. I don't think that's it... besides the "coolness" of playing an "illegal" character, I think it's just the novelty of playing a character in a hooded robe - makes one feel special. If there was a reborn or zabrak with a robe that would be pretty popular as well. It's my feeling that the reason there isn't a cool robed character is because of the reasons KaiaSowaPit describes above - the hit detection is for a non-robed character, Kyle. So Raven made all of the "official" characters like him - no robes. As far as Greelo goes... why would anybody in their right mind actually want to use that skin? Except maybe crazy expolsions spamm... *ahem* I mean specialists.
  7. Jawa8578... Let's see... how does one politely say this... shut your mouth, your letting flies out. We get the point... everybody but you and a select few people that you play with are noobs; and that you really enjoy insulting and demeaning others for recreation. Now if you could somehow restrain yourself from flaming this opinion you hold across every other thread on the forum, a lot of people would probably really appreciate it. And btw... you've read our responses to the s/o ctf posts I don't know how many times, but still you misunderstand. Proposing the idea that the only way an FC can be caught is by adding that stupid spam'd to heck JO kick which only "l337 skillz" players actually enojoyed into JA is simple idiotic nonsense plain and simple. If you can't figure out a way to stop an FC without kicking them, then you obviously are an unskilled nOOb who must suck.
  8. There are two official config files, one for SP and one for MP. These are jaconfig.cfg and jampconfig.cfg respectively. If these files are renamed or deleted, JA will simply create new ones upon the next startup. Each file is created and modified like a cache file - that means it gets written to by the game whenever a setting is changed ingame either under the setup menu or via the console. Because of this, any changes made to these files can be easily overwritten. For example... when one uses Safe Mode to play, the current files are overwritten and replaced with preset defaults. To make a change directly to these files, one simply needs to open them with either Notepad or Wordpad, make the changes, and then Save the file - I prefer Wordpad since it reads each Cvar on it's own line... when you first open one in Notepad, it's all bunched together in a giant paragraph and difficult to edit. In these files, one can either change or add cvar commands - but don't add a command that's already in the list. Search the list using the Find feature in the Edit menu to see if the cvar in question is already present, and if so simply change its setting. If not, one can add a Cvar like this.... seta cg_dismember "3" And then Save the file - not as a Txt file though! Often times people forget this step and save their file as jaconfig.cfg.txt, which won't work. If you make a bunch of changes and nothing happens, be sure to check the file extension - which may requite going into the Folder Options menu for Windows and disabling "hide file extensions for known file types." The other option is to create an "autoexec.cfg" file with your custom Cvars and place it in your base folder next to the others - this gets automatically run by JA upon startup. However, cheat related cvars need to have "HelpusObi 1" placed on a previous line for them to work this way... one can always add "HelpusObi 0" at the end of the file to disable cheats once the settings are done. Also, settings in the official config files take precedence to those in the autoexec.cfg file, so certain cvars don't always work when they're duplicated in both with different settings - my rule of thumb is if the cvar exists in the official config files, then it gets changed there. I only use autoexec.cfg for cvars which do not already exist in the other two files. Also, with the autoexec.cfg you especially have to pay attention to the Save format, since the default for both Notepad and Wordpad is to save it as autoexec.cfg.txt. Hope this clears things up for ya... PS. It's always a good idea to make a backup of a custom jaconfig.cfg or jampconfig.cfg and save them to another location. That way if they get accidentally written over - which will likely happen at some point - it's easy to get the settings back. And for the super detailed person, having a text file with all of the custom or altered cvars copied as a straight list makes it easy to remember what got changed six months from now.
  9. Then how come in the movies they never hit *anybody*.
  10. :sheesh: Nobody ever runs searches or checks beyond the first page anymore... read this thread here for a good consensus on the game: JA vs JO: Considering Purchasing Game And then try reading any of the other hundred or so threads on this topic.
  11. Roll works fine... you simply can't do it from a stand-still postition anymore. You have to have a slight momentum in the direction you want to roll for the Forward/Left/Right - for Backward rolling, simply tap the jump button lightly right before executing the roll, and it works fine. It also works without the jump tap on ledges and stairs. The purpose was to prevent spamming of the roll moves. It took me about two hours to adjust to the new settings... and I can still use the roll very effectively.
  12. It's the hooded robes... there aren't any cool ingame models where the Jedi are wearing hooded robes. If Raven were to release ONE official Jedi model that had a set of robes with a hood, then we'd probably see everybody using it as well.
  13. Tesla... if you were using the Shortcut code trick to get SP dismemberment, simply replace all the instances of "devmapall" with "HelpUsObi 1" and the shortcut should work... theoretically. ----- On my opinon of the Patch... well it's made the game much more enjoyable for me. If one uses Staff regularly, there's a ton of improvements with the way it handles and the animations/sounds - it's almost like having a new weapon. The Kicks are actually usable now, and the jump kicks are easier to do as well as faster. Also, I noticed in online FFA that I would often get pushed back by someone in the middle of a saber contact - this never happened before, and made it much more difficult to execute a butterfly in a group of people. On my system, without touching a single graphic setting ingame or on the card, my graphics resolution dramatically improved on an ATI Radeon 9000 using Catalyst 6 drivers. I did look in my jampconfig.cfg file and saw a few cvars that weren't there before, specifically related to Aniosotropic filtering and graphics card settings. It's difficult to imagine one installing this and not seeing a serious difference from the previous version.
  14. LoL... I'd have to suggest that a Commodore 64 is far superior to bot... whoops, forgot what year it was.
  15. I was just razzin' ya, A... couldn't resist the chop chop joke.
  16. Ok everybody... listen: Once the patch is installed, you will only be able to connect to other servers running the same JA version, which will show up as the BaseJKA mod in most server browsers. The patch was released late last night, and the Linux server came out today... what that means is that it's going to take a few days or more for everyone to convert over to the new 1.01 patched version. As as been suggested by Amidala from Chop Shop, if you don't want to get stuck in the middle here while all the servers scramble to update to the patch, then either simply wait a little while before applying the patch, or install a second unpatched copy of the game to a different location as a temporary solution. It's not that big a deal... the server's are required to update to 1.01, you just gotta give them some time. Please be patient. ----- PS... read this thread HERE and scroll down to Amidala's explanation of how to easily setup two copies of JA.
  17. Crow... you really gotta learn you system better - and pleas stop screaming about your graphics problem repeatedly in every thread. Either you card is 8x AGP compatible or not, and you should be able to discover either in the original documentation or on the manufacturer's website. Also, your motherboard has to be 8x AGP compatible as well, and it might need to be enabled manually in your mobo's BIOS.... again check the documentation or manufacturer's website. Basically you need the right card, with the right settings, in the right slot, on the right motherboard, with the right BIOS settings for everything to work right[/]i. :sheesh:
  18. Fwiw... I experienced the same behaviour a couple of times last night. Kept getting bumped back to spectator mode.
  19. Ahem... HelpUsObi 1 will enable cheats in SP. devmap mapname (no .bsp) will load a cheat enabled map in MP. I've been enabling cheats all night to get some screenshots, like the closeup on my avatar...
  20. Andy867 and Darkangel... I just wanted to point out that when I look at Qtracker with a Basejka mod filter, all of the same servers I see in the ingame browswer are there.. but yours. The only difference is that your servers are running custom maps. If you're still not showing up after awhile, try loading a standard map and see what happens. Just a suggestion... might end up having no relevance at all.
  21. After playing against Bots using Saberstaff and FF for a couple of hours, here's some things I noticed and wrote down about the patch differences... and pardon me if they're repeats of earlier items: *The saber animations are dramatically improved - tighter and cleaner. *With the staff, the Strafe swings are much cleaner, as are the Left/Right Butterfly moves - so much so, that they almost seem like they've been reprogrammed or something. *With staff, the Walk + Backpedal + Strafe attacks do seem to be much different than before. It could simply be an animation thing... but I've been using staff for awhile, and the moves overall seem to have more variation to them. Maybe they were just blocky before. *The Backflip Attack is much easier to execute on the timing. *I didn't change my graphics card or video settings at all, but everything seems to look much crisper than it did before. Seriously... I do have an ATI 9000 card, however; so maybe the update affected the aniosotropic settings or something. It is clearer here... like I turned up the resolution or something. *The Kicks have swoosh sounds! And they're much more accurate and quicker... especially the Jump Kicks, which are finally useful. The stab after the Kick worked smoothly as well. Still no Hilt Bash though... *Swings are much more precise, especially noticeable with the Roll Stab and Crouch + Strafe cross swings. *Blocking works! I actually blocked a Red Stance swing without moving to the side for once. *The backroll isn't as big a deal as one might think. It's still pretty easy to do, it just can't be spammed or done from a standing postion. Simply jump straight up quickly and then execute it as normal. Well these were just my impressions... one major difference was that I seemed to play much better against my usual Jedi Master practice bots than I normally do. Could've just been excitement... but the whole experience was simply more enjoyable than usual. I give it three thumbs up...
  22. Hey Crow... what happened to Kurgan's server? LoL... just went Kablooey in the middle of the game... ----- Fwiw... same thing happened on the Linux Test Server about 10 minutes earlier.
  23. Rumour... fwiw, over the years I've learned from direct experience with ATI to never update a driver unless absolutely necessary. Same goes with Direct X... incremental graphics driver updates are notorious for wreaking havoc with other system drivers. Sometimes everything goes smoothly... but then at other times it creates a domino effect to where every other system driver requires updating as well - especially with mobo bioses, PCI interfaces, and pro audio/video hardware. Just an FYI. I'm still running the 6.14 ATI drivers from last April on the first build of DX9, and seeing outstanding performance in JA.
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