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  1. I work with macs all the time, and I like WinXP PCs more.... does that qualify to get in the commercial?
  2. Are you hosting your own server? Otherwise, which bugs are you referring to? I own the same game and rarely come across any player bugs, either in SP or MP, even with an ATI graphics card... why is my copy so different? I'm not being sarcastic... I really would like to hear what bugs are making you so angry that you can't enjoy the game.
  3. Yeah... I've begun to notice that many of the compaints are from people who either a) don't play JA very much if at all, b) have only played MP a few times and given up, or c) don't even own a copy of the game. Of course there are a lot who do play it all the time, but I've come across posts from many on this forum who have admitted one of the above...
  4. It depends on the target audience. While the Clans/Leagues are a loyal audience, they're a relatively small one in the entire sales demographic. They can keep a game alive, but they also require a lot of maintenance. That patch debacle with JO took a lot of manpower and resources that somebody had to pay for. I wouldn't be surprised at all if LA would like for that to not happen here. Honestly, JA doesn't seem as if it's being targetted toward the JO veteran community at all. It feels like they're trying to start a totally new series targetted at a much younger audience. Beyond the server fix and basics bugs, I'd be surprised if they change much of the gameplay basics to better suit competitive play. Just my feeling though. In the end it will depend on whether LA deems it an expense worth investing in or not.
  5. I'm starting to feel the exact same way... I have never said that the real bugs aren't serious and shouldn't be fixed... I'm simply sure that they will be because I know Raven's track record. All of my suggestions have simply been an attempt to make the current bad situation better instead of simply sitting around waiting for a fix. There's options that server admins could take to get their server more visible and get the word out, but very few want to put in the effort to do them and would rather simply throw stones at Raven until it's fixed. When I checked earlier, there were 1280 players online. While that's not CS standards, it's pretty darn good for a Monday night with a broken ingame browser. The point is people are finding a way to play, and there might be a few other reasons besides the ingame browser problem as to why a specific server isn't getting enough traffic. I understand that this makes it difficult for the clan/league guys... But why keep waiting when your clan members could simply get Qtracker and use QtUplink to start games. I know it's not perfect, but it works - is much more advanced than the ingame browser - and will get you guys online today. Then this whole situation in your Clan's case becomes a non-issue. Besides the clan/league problems, here's the two things I don't get... 1) Most of the people using the ingame browser are newbies unfamiliar with the Q3 experience, or who haven't seriously played a previous Raven game. Anyone who has knows there are browser alternatives out there, and would find one. Meanwhile, the biggest "other" complaint around here is with having to deal with newbies who spam Katas, butterlfys, and basically make the game unenjoyable... so which is it? Are the newbies welcome and wanted or not? 2) In all prior Raven releases, even with the working ingame server browser, most players use Gamespy, All Seeing Eye, Qtracker, or Pathfinder anyway because of the enhanced features and Buddy finding system. Gamespy is probably the most popular server browser buddy/chat system in the world. Are you seriously telling me that 80% of the people who played EF:Voy and JK2 used the ingame browser only? I've heard all the comments that everybody's server fills up when it's available in the ingame browser... but isn't it entirely possible that it's not because it's available that people visit, but because the others no longer are? Why are you so sure that when the ingame browser works properly that of the 600+ servers available yours will be constantly full now that there's another 599 servers in the list, hmmm? Maybe this situation is an opportunity to fine tune your server to attract people before the competition really begins. I know the ingame browser is a serious problem. It just seems like people are fixating on it a little bit more than is necessary. It's hard for me to believe that once the ingame browser works, all of the server attendance problems will simply disappear. Seems just a little too convenient a solution to me. And it still doesn't answer the question why those who are using Gamespy, ASE, and QT aren't visiting your server either. And here we get to a little more honest level of discussion... ever consider that LA might not want the current JK2 community to take over JA? Whether one likes to admit it or not, the whole Clan/League thing really scares off new people. I mean they did release it as a new game, and not simply as an expansion or upgrade to JO. Maybe there was a reason for that. It does seem like it's being targeted to a much younger audience than JO was; and parents in general are cautious of their kids joining some online "Clan" because it's somewhat ganglike or cultish. That's a whole lot more important to the LucasArts board of directors than having Red DFA un-nerfed for league play. So maybe... just maybe... they'd like for the whole Clan/League thing to quietly disappear from this game. It's worth considering, and not quite as far fetched as one might believe... Think about it long enough, and it makes sense.
  6. SpecialForces... This game is awesome, so don't buy into all this negative stuff. I played JK2 from the weekend it was released, and I love JA. To me, it's much more enjoyable than JK2 in both SP and MP. Personally I don't really care about the TWL and Clan expectations or necessities. If you simply want to have a great time playing a Lightsaber Jedi game, then you can't go wrong. My advice is to get the game, play SP, go to Kurgan's Strategic Academy website and study up, download All Seeing Eye for your server browser, and join in on MP asap - and then delete all of your bookmarks that lead to any of the JA forums... it's difficult to keep a good attitude when reading so much complaining, flaming, and all around obnoxiousness. But it's not representative of what's really happening online... most everyone is enjoying themselves. IMHO... This game is a 9/10, and the best Raven production to date hands down. ---- ps. Besides the server browser issue and a few technical bugs, the game doesn't need fixing. It's fine the way it is.
  7. whOa... down boy. Now don't go getting the wrong idea. I got nothing against you or your server, and was simply sharing an alternate point of view - you did ask why I prefer not to connect to a server with bots... I'm not afraid of losing... I actually do it quite a bit. I consider losing as a healthy way of improving. One of the reasons we see so much spamming of katas and "red stance only" single saberists is because people are afraid to lose. If there were more people willing to lose, we'd see a lot more interesting and varied matches. A bot doesn't make mistakes, and takes away some of the thrill and challenge. No spontaneity, and no accidents. I think SkinWalker was trying to say that as well, wasn't he? Hmmm... that's the third time now you've read something into my post that I didn't say... "you assume too much." "All is fair in love and war," and this game elicits both from me. Rarely if ever do I feel that anything that happens online is unfair. I'm also not someone who needs a full house to have a good time, nor am I someone who joins a server and then immediately leaves. Very often I'll join either an empty server or one with a single person and try to start something. And I'm well aware of the admin advantage... won't save you though. Creating a local server with different game styles using lots of practice bots is how I prepare for going online. I did that nonstop for an entire week practicing with your information from Strategic Academy before logging a single hour online - which I greatly appreciated by the way. So when I finally do go online, I want to interact with people and have a real competitive match to tryout my skills. Bots aren't susceptible to taunts, accidents, mistakes, or emotions - which leads to an unrealistic playing experience. One can't work on repetition of keystrokes and timing technique with a bot constantly attacking you. Ragnos is a great solo map because the center fire cauldron makes a good point of reference for practicing spins. What would be really great is to have a training map that has dummies and objects in different locations to practice stirke coordination and combo stringing. Several maps offer jumping platforms, but none have immobile targets to practice aiming. I disconnect because the mod is going to take 59 minutes to auto download, when I could go get it from pcgamemods in about 50 seconds and come right back. I really don't understand why auto download has to take so long... I'm on a 1Mbps broadband connection and it takes like an hour or more to auto download a 4Mb saber hilt mod on most servers. I can only imagine what it must be like for 56k or cable broadband users. But in the case of your server, I've downloaded all of the mods you listed here ahead of time so I'd be prepared when I joined. I've been looking forward to challenging you online because I know it will be fun... but I always wait for other people to show first because I don't want to waste my time for thirty minutes playing bots when I could be playing with others somewhere else. But next time I see a person on there with a bunch of bots, I'll go ahead and join and see what it's like ok? And if you happen to jump on too, well all the better big boy.
  8. All I can say is that I'm running WinXP Pro SP1 with all the recent critical updates and service packs installed as well, along with an ATI Radeon 9000 Pro card with the latest drivers, and JA works fine, both MP and SP. What I might suggest is completely unistalling the game, and doing a fresh install from scratch. This is probably what most manufacturers would recommend having heard the symptoms you're experiencing after running a Windows update. Next, you should contact Raven directly, not LucasArts. Go here... http://forums.ravensoft.com/ib/ikonboard.pl
  9. Hey Kurgan... decided to move this discussion from the "Open Letter to Raven/LucasArts" thread over here regarding bots on your server... I don't mind warming up with a bot while I'm waiting for someone to join, but the last thing I want to do when going online is to join a server with a 100+ ping and play against three other master class bots with no ping. And when another player joins it's a total drag having two other bots to deal with. To me, going online is about interacting with other people. I'd be completely fine simply practicing moves by myself until someone shows up if it's a server where I want to play, because I know someone will show up eventually and that I'll likely have a really great time while I'm there. I've joined your server once, Kurgan... it was the only time I checked it when there was only people playing. I have it in my favorites folder and always check the player list when firing up QT or ASE to see if anybody's there (especially you). Several times I've seen one person with three other bots on there, and I've almost talked myself into joining but didn't. Now if when I did join the other two bots disappeared as well, then I would definitely stop in and challenge that person until someone else showed up. I don't need there to be 6+ people... I've had awesome experiences with only one or two others. It's just that at any given time there are 50+ other servers with one or two people and no bots that I can join - so why would I want to play bots? It's not fun. Your server is pretty well known around here... I'd have to suggest that one of the reasons you don't see more traffic is because half of the slots are taken up by bots. Just my personal feeling though. Drop it to two and see what happens. ---- btw... do you use other names when you play? I look for you everytime I fire up QT or ASE, but maybe we're just on different time schedules.
  10. It's generally a good idea to make sure your running the latest drivers for your graphics card after doing an update to the Windows operating system. Check the website of your graphics card manufacturer.
  11. I understand... but I've seen this kind of thing happen in so many online communities over the years. A large following happens and a group becomes really experienced... then a new version comes out with different gameplay and everything goes out the window. Inevitably and understandably those who are good at the earlier version hate the new one and call it "unplayable." The old community can't and doesn't migrate over, and the game is declared "dead." Meanwhile, a whole new group of people show up having never really played the original and nothing to compare the game to. They simply learn how to play it from scratch, and develop strategies and techniques based on the gameplay style. Over time several get really good and an entire community based around these players begins to develop. New veterans and experienced players start to take pride in their accomplishment and how far the community has come. Then a new version comes out that changes the gameplay, and these veterans can't migrate to the new techniques and call the game "unplayable." And so it begins again... And on and on and on and on.... it never ends. I've seen it happen too many times to be able to take it seriously. Raven might patch up a few things, but in general you all are just gonna have to learn to deal with and develop new techniques, or simply not play the game. A new community will arise around this game whether you're a part of it or not... it's the simple truth. I actually would like to. And I am sorry that this has ruined your ability to have fun with it... truly. Another game will come along that inspires you, just as this one will for somebody as yet undiscovered. It's just like the cycle of the seasons... There's nothing new under the sun.
  12. Lord Sokar... That's very true, but if they only see it once then they'll know where to go. I always have a harder time writing down an IP address quickly than a http address. There's been several times I found a server that I liked, but didn't write down the IP before joining it. Fortunately QT helped me find it again later. You're absolutely right. I was simply sharing a point of view that I feel gets overlooked by those who've been in the community for a long time. Most new people are turned off by clan names, or servers that appear as if they need to know something to play. And remember, it's generally the new people that are unaware of server browser alternatives. It was only a suggestion to encourage attendance. Oh for lots of reasons... but mostly because they generally remind me of high school clicks or the local shriners clubs. But being completely honest... it would be a lot of fun to be a part of a regular team for online competition. But to find a clan that isn't a clan, and a team with a good attitude in general... well haven't found it yet. I'd rather be on a team who's main goal is to have fun and be challenged, rather than own everybody else no matter what and take themselves too seriously. That appears to be rare.
  13. Ok... how about an enhanced Deathstrike for the Dark Side. Similar to the lightning saber block, it requires putting allocation points into several areas to attain, and then has a similar after effect as Rage does. This would be a Lightning strike on overdrive that was an insta-kill, but left the caster completely empty of health, shields, and force, except for 1 health point left. Really, I think the game is fine the way it is too. I was just offering suggestions to the original poster in case he did decide to develop a mod for this.
  14. The other night at around 4am on Chop Shop we had an awesome team based game, where the team leader was directing everyone into squads, everyone played their individual part and stuck with it, and it was a total blast. The other team simply couldn't get our flag... and when they did, we always got it back very quickly. It was exciting, tense, challenging, strategic, and an amazing good time. Several of our team were new to the game and totally fell in love with it right then. Reminded me of great team based CTF from the EF:Voyager days. You guys seriously need to play more. There's some really great stuff happening online... seems like everyone's too busy complaining to notice though. If you guys gave this game a serious chance with an open mind, you might actually enjoy it a little bit. However, regardless of the supposed gameplay differences, I'm enjoying JA MP a whole lot more than I ever did JO, and that's all that matters to me. I'm not striving to become a JA master... simply wanting to have a high enjoyment to money spent ratio. So far, I've definitely gotten my money's worth. JA rocks! Thank you Raven!!!!! Now back to our regularly scheduled bitchfest...
  15. I've had the staff knocked out of my hands in a duel three times, always by a single saberist. So I can confirm that it's possible. As someone who has logged approximately 150 hours online using saberstaff exclusively, I have to say this is ridiculous. The only way a noob with a saberstaff can rack up lots of frags is if they're playing other noobs. No offense, but you obviously aren't a very good player. Sorry... couldn't resist that one. One of the many ways that the combos of the saberstaff are countered is with the fact that it autoblocks when not attacking about as well as a stick of butter. Plus the single saber allows one to move in any direction during the katas and specials, which is highly unpredictable - with saberstaff, every single special has a predestined course of movement that cannot be altered once the move is committed (except at two points along the butterfly), which is highly predictable and easy to exploit by someone with patience and timing. If I don't move out of the way when a Red Stance swings, it always breaks through my block and causes at least some damage - period. The reason it's now possible for a random attack to work is because LA knows that a big part of the target audience for Jedi ACADEMY are kids between the ages of 8 and 15 who read the Jedi Academy young adult books, and they want them to be able to win sometimes too. But even with that, it's still the one with the most skill and better timing who comes out on top. The higher noise floor should simply be considered as a challenge to overcome. Your a JO master... should be a piece of cake for you.
  16. IG64... Thank you... now back to our regularly scheduled programming.
  17. In this case, to "pull" the lightning toward your saber. The point is to use much needed Force Allocation points in areas most people wouldn't normally to get the power, such as Pull and Sight. For example, in your case you would have to take away 8 points from somewhere else and put them Sight level 3 to be able to block lightning. I always set Pull max, and use it all the time to pull others within range of the saberstaff swing. It's also great for pulling fleeing opponents toward you, yanking explosives out of the hands of those demolitions guys, pulling the flag carrier behind you in a chase... and everybody expects to be pushed off a ledge, so they rarely are prepared to be pulled off one from behind. Pull is one of the most underused powers online from my experience. And as a saberstaff user, I rarely set Saber Offense higher than 1... it's not necessary unless you encounter lots of saberlocks.
  18. Actually yeah... kicks are great. You leap forward or to the side and they think you're gonna butterfly, and then kick them right in the head. All the kicks cut right through shields, plus they have a powerful demoralizing effect. Who wants to be kicked on their butt right before they do their killa move? Get's them flustered just enough to maybe give you the edge depending on their personality type. Jumping over someone's special or kata and kicking them from behind is nice. I've also pinned many to the ground afterwards with the staff, which is generally an immediate kill. And of course, there's nothing like kicking someone off of a ledge when they least expect it. And that's kinda the thing the way it stands... kick is the least expected move at any given moment, and that's it's power. If everybody did it all the time, it wouldn't have the same effect. But then of course, there's the even more rarely seen Hilt Bash...
  19. It was cool to meet you as well, CG... you ping was sooo big! You should've seen what happened after you left. That kid almost had a seizure later on he got so upset. It was his first night out. I tried explaining to him that he was on one of the most notorious servers in the galaxy and to just roll with it, and he started to relax a little. But then a really baaad Noghri who's favorite thing was to Mind Trick and take out unsuspecting people showed up, and the kid would just stand there with his saber off like a ripe target. Everytime the kid screamed foul this guy would open up with a line of, shall we say colorful metaphors that were the most lascivious I have ever encountered online, which literally made the kid's eyes pop out of his head. Wheeew... evenutally a few of us decided to give him a break and help him out, but it was pretty darn hilarious watching him pop a nerve. ----- Bloodriot... that's priceless.
  20. Several reasons... 1. The ingame server bug is keeping new players from seeing all the servers. 2. Anytime a sequel to a game is released, an infusion in the original game's interest happens in that community. 3. JO hardcores don't like the changes made in JA, and are sticking with what they know. 4. The economy sucks in America, so less people are rushing out to buy it right now, and fewer are investing in servers. 5. Many people who can't justify spending $50 right now are picking up JK2 instead since it's price has dramatically dropped. 6. JK2 was released in late spring right around the time of Episode II and the community's foundations grew over the summer break, which are still very strong today. JA was released after the summer was over with no supporting film release, just as school started... wait until around the holidays and early this summer. Things will change. JA is not dying... it's just begun. More kids will get into this game closer to the Christmas break, and it will be a standout on the shelves for parents looking to buy a game as a gift for their kids. As anticipation to the next film rises, more people will join in as well. College students just spent all their cash on books and stuff for starting school again, and simply didn't have an extra $50 to blow. Plus the Jedi Academy books are extremely popluar with the young teen set, and I'm sure LA will target them with an ad campaign over the holiday season. Once winter settles in, many will join to get a break from the duldrums. In the meantime, practice your skills and become a better player. By the time Episode III comes out, you'll be a Master Jedi on the servers. And when that time arrives, remember how you've been treated during this time by the noob snobs from JK2. Choose to not treat new people that way when your time comes... and it will. "There's always a bigger fish." ~ Qui Gon Jinn
  21. Yes it was cool. And like it was any more stupid than Obi-Wan simply "dematerializing" on Darth Vader's kill strike in Episode IV. If you want to make a lighting block mod, turn it into a force combo... The user must have: Saber Defend Level 3 Force Sight Level 3 Force Pull Level 3 Force Absorb Level 3 And then to auto-activate it the saber must be pointing in the direction of the caster before the lightning strikes them, and mana regeneration stops just like with a normal force power. If you place the crosshair directly on the caster at this point, the lightning can be turned back upon him using Alt Attack, though it drains your mana pool while you do it. This makes it a cool combo power, though it takes away force allocation points from other areas, stops mana regeneration, and the user must have mana to counter-attack. Somewhat balanced, requiring advanced technique to use properly.
  22. I disagree. The saberstaff has fewer swing variations than the other two, and the two main special moves don't allow for free movement during them and are extremely susceptible to attack. The melee/kick moves balance this out. If all the types were given this ability, it would seriously nerf the staff stance and lessen it's attraction. I don't think the kick should be changed, nor should the JK2 kick be added. Sure, I'd love to high speed twirly bird my staff around like a dual saberist, or be able to move in any direction while doing the kata like a single saberist - but I can't. What I can do is kick that smirk off your face though... ----- ps. Master William... play these guys or you're never going to hear the end of it around here. Win or lose, make a good show of it. If you lose, nobody will think less of you seeing the demo; but you're guaranteed that everyone will think less of you if you back out of the challenge. Comm539 and g//plaZma... answering his question with "no offence, but you're obviously a poor player" and then continually insulting him though he didn't insult back simply isn't cool. So no offense, but I hope he wipes the floor with you.
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