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  1. Heh, sorry havent posted here yet. New guy on the forums. I hardly think grip is useless. There are tons of things you can do with it that Imo, are pretty frigen cool. BackFlip while looking up and gripping sends them flying straight up. Good finisher, Grip+kick 3 kicks they are out. The fling, guy running at you, grip them up over your head and soon as they pass your head let go of grip. Useful for new player killing. They dont even know where they are
  2. I don't know whats going on. I hear from a couple people raven is closing mp game play because clan's are scaring new players off? Dunno, it sounds stupid as hell. I just see less and less servers. Yesterday 22. Today none. What the hell is going on?
  3. I come home from school. Hop into my computer chair. Click on my favorite jedi knight 2 server. Wait a few seconds. "This server uses protocol 16" or somthing like that. What is this? "Joins a new server" Protocol 16. Same crap. Somone please answer me! Im going through jedi withdrawl.
  4. Not so paid for? I paid my $50 for it, believe me. And i have deleted from the registry, thats the only place that it shows up. After that i CAN'T get it to install. All it wants to do is Uninstall.
  5. I have cleaned the registry of it. Now what, all i get when i try to install, is a message asking me if it is ok to uninstall. K so mr smart ass, find an "easy fix" to this.
  6. In jedi knight, you must hold down the shift key whilst you press the ~. Your welcome.
  7. Im sure there is someone that can help me here...
  8. That doesnt work either. Ive tried multiple times. Nothing. And I am UBER pissed.
  9. I cannot get the game to run. I installed it, then when i tried to play it, i get some error that tells me to reinstall. But i cannot reinstall, because there is nothing installed to uninstall. I have no idea where to go next, PLEASE HELP ME with this one, i am BURNING to play jkii :mad:
  10. Hes not angry;) . Ive just had games ruined because of things like that. Which is why i jumped to the conclusion. It WAS funny though once i followed completely through the site.
  11. And yes i did follow the link. Whats your point?
  12. Gee thanks for giving us that. You may have just ruined the game from my point of view. Evaluation purposes? That's BS, you know people are going to use it in the game, you've seen how they exploit bs and 1.02 dfa. And for some nutty reason, you think, "Oh geeze, they won't exploit this," i guess we can only hope that they won't.
  13. I think i have found a new bug. In the duel map...ceremonial something or other, if you jump, hold down the jump button after you jumped. and run up a slanted surface you will rocket at the ceiling. Feedback Please!
  14. id like to join also, even though i am fairly new.
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