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  1. I rip my CDs with dBPowerAMP into MP3s at 128 kb/s.
  2. WHAT?? ARE YOU SAYING YOU DON'T LIKE SOLLYS??? Man, they're the best freakin class in the game, I love being a solly. That and medic or sniper. But yeah, for a TFC port, I wouldn't care even if it were just like HL:S, with prettier water/effects available, just with all the old maps and textures. TFC doesn't need all sorts of physics objects and crap. Ragdoll would rock though . C'mon Valve, you can do it!
  3. Well maybe you could put some Rebels in a hold-out somewhere, like a secret. Entity limit allowing, that is. Speaking of secrets, I have to boot the demo up again sometime to see if I can find the Jawa...he is in Talay, right?
  4. Happy Birthday dude. You planning on getting the aMOTION (I don't know what's up with the caps) DVD/CD Tuesday?
  5. I pity da fool dat says **** da school! Not really, I just thought that sounded cool. Anyway, I'm a senior in high school taking AP Computer Science (most likely going to take the AB exam) and Latin III. I've basically only taken languages and tech classes as electives in high school...Spanish II-IV, German I, Latin I-II (well, only one semester of each). And then Keyboarding and Intro to Tech IA if you count those as tech classes .
  6. I'm currently purchasing a legal copy of the HL2 soundtrack and so far it's pretty kickin'. Seems pretty similar to HL's music, and if you have watched all of the gameplay/BINK videos, then you would recognize a bit of the soundtrack music.
  7. YES!! At first the whirlwind looked a little CG-ish, but hell no, it was real and PWNED THE LITTLE SOCCER PLAYERS!!
  8. Not yet. It takes place five years after the events of Half-Life, and it appears that the world is quite a different place now, so we won't be seeing any military troops like those from Half-Life.
  9. Do you mean a port of Team Fortress Classic? Or an actual, separate TF mod for HL2? Granted, the latter doesn't sound very likely, given the fact that TFC exists. On the matter of a Source port of TFC, no one really knows; it is a matter of whether you believe Valve will port all the offical HL content like they said they would (you know, OpFor, Blue Shift, officially adopted mods). I really hope they do port TFC, as it was/is one of the top 5 or so most popular HL mods, judging from the Steam player data. Also, I have played TFC for 3 years or so now, and would really love to see it get a big kick in the (behind), as the community seems to really have fallen apart in the past several months, probably because of the switch to Steam. Oh, and Team Fortress 2 (remember that one? ) is, according to Valve, under development on Source, and more information is supposed to surface after the release of HL2. I don't know what to think about this one. Hell Groovy, I don't think anyone here will think you jaded for that; this is the JK Series forums after all . and DF/JK/MotS are definitely the best Star Wars games ever made, hands down. If only they would update them with current graphics technology...man, they could remake all three (or even just one) and sell it for 50$ and I would buy it! And I don't need to wait for reviews for HL2 before I get it: PC Gamer already gave it a 98%, and several other magazines have rated it quite highly too.
  10. From my favorite website Actiontrip: http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=19615 "The standard Xbox Next will not include a hard drive, which will allow Microsoft to cut costs on this basic unit. Xbox Next HD, as you might imagine, does include a hard drive and will offer increased functionality based on this. Xbox Next PC is, according to the presentation, an entry-level PC that runs Windows and all standard PC software. It also includes CD Burner, Wireless keyboard, mouse and controller and will work best connected to a high-definition TV or PC monitor. Media Center functionality - like movies, music and photos - is also included. The device will also play most available PC games." Makes me really sad .
  11. HAVE AT YOU!! Well okay then, to me it is belief, and if that's your determination for whether something is "believed" or not (that it hasn't been disproven), then why do religious people say that they "believe?" Religion as a whole hasn't been disproven, much like it can't be proven; the same with science. The grand majority of people just don't care enough to refine their usage of the word "believe" because to them, what they "believe" is true. I'm sure you could apply this stance on "believing" to other subjects; however, none come to mind immediately. Maybe I shouldn't have gone to bed at 4 last night...
  12. Hey, I'm one of those students! Yes, our state sucks, at least on the standpoint of education and in comparison to the rest of the nation. What are we, last in average SAT score (1024 I think it is)? Pretty pathetic if you ask me. And I actually have one of these physics books with a sticker: it's on the inside cover, and when I first saw it state that evolution is only a theory and is not meant to be espoused as truth in the text, I immediately pencilled in "Hell no! It's true!". You know, just to inform whomever is the honored recipient of my textbook in the future . I really don't see why there has to be such a grand hubbub about the whole matter...see, this is one of the reasons I do not like organized religion: there is always a conflict with some aspect of the state or science, ALWAYS! Since I've had to suffer through sunday school practically my entire life (I'm an atheist now, GG Catholicism) I've heard the BS junk about the creation story being a metaphor, that the "seven days" should not necessarily be read explicitly as "seven days," but as however long - millenia, hundreds of years, whatever - as was necessary to create everything. To me, though, this just furthers my belief that nothing should be based on anything stated in the Bible, ESPECIALLY the Old Testament. We all know that the Old Testament is...well, "old" and thereby contains some "old-fashioned" ideas (see Leviticus), and isn't Genesis the first chapter in the Bible? Alright, to try to clear up what I think, as I'm not really sure of the significance of what I just said: it is most unfortunate for organized religions, or at least Christianity/Catholicism, that there is such a division of thinking among the believers. Some think homosexuals should be damned, some do not. Some support the death penalty, some do not. Some believe in evolution, some (sadly) do not. There is always a split or an exception involved in every major issue. How can a religion be of any good if, clearly, so many different interpretations of the book that defines its fundamentals exist?
  13. ::barely manages to pull leg out of thick muck:: Man, what kind of place is this?? Gah, brain-sucking mynocks! Seems like you could lose your mind here...
  14. And the Xbox 2 will be able to play Xbox games, right? Hmm....when will the price for Xboxes drop to $20 or so? Crap, wait, that will never happen...oh well, looks like I'm back to saving up for better computer parts .
  15. Hmm...right now I can't decide which would look better: a JK3 - tentative title - in the Doom 3 engine (great lighting, not so great textures/models) or the Source engine (great textures/physics, not so special lighting). I really wouldn't care, as long as the game was at least as good as Jedi Knight and included a concussion rifle THAT WORKS LIKE IT DID IN DARK FORCES AND JEDI KNIGHT. The JA conc really felt like a let down. Stupid focus on saber combat . Actually, Stormhammer's avatar reminded me...UE3! Granted, a game with that engine won't even be out until late 2005 at the earliest...
  16. But I bet you knew who/what I was talking about, you dirty person you! Now excuse me while I go put on my "oh" face... Oh yeah, since I haven't really paid much attention (well, as little attention as possible with all the hype, although I do read general gaming news sites), has a Halo 3 been announced/implied and/or does the ending of Halo 2 set the stage for another?
  17. To Kain: I will agree with you on that. Kind of makes you wonder why anyone would want to be a writer nowadays. Although I think something can be said for how a story is presented, too. In the original Doom, like I said earlier, the opening plot of the game wasn't really followed through. I definitely realize that Doom was such an early game that story wasn't really a big matter back then, but it does help you see the evolution in games' story-telling. Doom 3 does a much, much better job on telling/portraying the story, it's just a shame it relied so much on pretty (to some) graphics and cheap scares. And all I know about the Resident Evil series is that it's supposed to be scary and involves zombies...I think. But yes, I just kind of went off on new gameplay dynamics. I am kind of anxious to see what plot twists Half-Life 2 holds though and how gripping it is (assuming it is gripping at all). To Groovy: Oh, I have nothing against you, Kain's remarks just seemed a little too vituperative to me at the time, that's all. Sorry about all that crap. But sure, everyone, come post in here! Mingle, discuss, and never forget - HL2 > H2! Lol!@121@!!~21@~oneleven!
  18. Uhhh...yeah, Happy Birthday...I'm sure I've seen you around here somewhere .
  19. Eh, I don't really agree; at least, I don't think everything has been done by now. I'm only listing the following games because they are relatively recent. Take Battlefield for example, even though I've never played it. Had anything with such a high playercount and such large maps been released before? Max Payne 2 was the first game I played that really had physics, and it was such a cool feeling...going around wasting bullets shooting every single little object. What I think that makes Half-Life 2 look so awesome/promising is the much, much higher interaction with physics the player has. Sure, in Deus Ex 2 you could pick up things and throw them (body basketball!) but as far as I know, the physics didn't really make a difference to the gameplay in the long run. Couple such a detailed physics engine as Half-Life 2's with pretty damn gorgeous visuals and further the Half-Life plot with new characters and a few infamous returning ones, and you get a game that looks to be quite engaging, entertaining, and replayable. And don't forget the huge mod community, further expanding the possibilities for such a good-looking game. In other words, I think there is still room for innovation. I admit, I don't actually know what it will be like in the end, and I'm sure all the hype from watching the videos 20 million times and reading everything I can about it (and playing the leak ) is only beneficial to a point, but I suppose it is the same as you with Halo/Halo 2. You enjoyed the first one so much (for whatever reasons) that how can the second one possibly suck at all? Naturally, there will be a few letdowns, as you've already expressed with Halo 2, but I prefer to not think about those right now .
  20. What, so you mean a spacial rift opens and sucks the guitars in? Damn, I must have missed that part! Just kidding .
  21. Then please, stick to your own thread(s); you stated many posts back that you would leave this one alone. You seem to forget that you said you would leave, then you had to bash Half-Life again, for no explicit reason. I uninstalled the original Halo because it didn't catch my interest as an interesting game (at least the multiplayer didn't); with UT2004 out at the time, I was set. I know it's different with a group of friends or settled in a nice comfortable couch, though. Also, I might actually get/borrow/warez (most likely the last) Halo 2 if a good port to PC is made. Not that that will happen anytime soon; that's why there's HL2, FEAR, STALKER, Pariah, and some other great games I'm forgetting! Oh yeah, and Half-Life 2 will be released on Xbox later, just in case you ever feel like giving it a try.
  22. Don't know if anybody else has it, but the Halo 2 soundtrack is pretty cool. Seems to be a whole lot of use of that "oooohhhh" guy from the Halo main theme throughout all the songs though. I can understand why, but it's sometimes kind of weird.
  23. This is the last I'll say about the matter: Kain, you know it's not retribution. This is what I posted in the Halo 2 thread: Absolutely nothing of what I posted there should have been enough to provoke a (normal) person to do what you have done. I didn't even MENTION Half-Life 2 there, and only said TWO things that could POSSIBLY be construed in such a way as to lead you to your inappropriate comments in this thread. Just get over it, fanboy; maybe you should stop playing Halo 2, get some sleep, and wake up with a clearer mind in order to realize the idiocy you have displayed here. And go ahead, make a sig bashing Half-Life, I guarantee you nobody will care. You are also the only one so far who has even mentioned my sig. Oh yeah, and nice try at backing out while trying to justify your worthless comments . *Ahem* Now that this thread is back on-topic...what great new mods have you guys heard/read about for HL2? I'm looking forward to the ports of DoD (I'm still not sure if it's going to be a full port or not) and HL, once people get a good high-res texture/model package together for it.
  24. Look everyone, Kain is a man of his word! And what game are you basing the unoriginality of the Half-Life storyline on, anyway? Have you actually played the original Dooms? You must be thinking more of Doom 3. Sure, the original Doom storyline was that the UAC was performing all sorts of experiments, blahblahblah, but basically, Doom was just "fight this random huge demon threat in random scenarios." It wasn't set on Mars or Earth at all, at least not judging from the maps. And just because the storylines are based on the same basic occurence doesn't mean the two are really comparable. Why don't you go rip on Doom 3 on some Doom website simply because it has the SAME EXACT STORYLINE as the original? This thread isn't to bash Half-Life, it's to talk about the exciting sequel to it about to be released. And don't talk about the stupidity of humanity when you go ape-berzerk over a console FPS. There are countless better examples of the studpity of humanity than one game (which you obviously have a bias against) getting a GotY award(s). Just accept the fact that it was (and is) widely claimed as one of the best FPS games ever, even just for all of its mods, and leave this thread alone. Anyway, in response to ckcsaber, they aren't completely remaking Half-Life in the Source engine, they just did a basic port of it, adding the new water, effects, and maybe some physics, not too sure. It's a shame they didn't go through and completely update all the models and textures, but at least it will include the High Definition Pack models...I really hope there is some way to get HL2 models into HL:S though, as that would be really kick ass. I really feel sorry for you, Dave Grohl! Oh well, at least you have some new APC to listen to...your machine can handle that, can't it?
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