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  1. Thanks a lot for the reply, I really appreciate it. I'll check out the mod.
  2. Hey all, I haven't played this game in years. Recently I saw that awesome new Tatooine map by Sith J Cull and that he's also working on a Coruscant map (Which I'm dying to see) and it got me thinking of reinstalling this again. Generally I prefer SP gaming and this style applies as well for my MP games, meaning I like to play with bots offline. I've never really liked the saber system of frantic 'hack and slash' that MP has, I prefer the "somewhat" more strategic nature of the SP block/parry and strike system (Though I find Jedi Outcast's SP saber system was the most intuitive in registering strikes and blocks and delivering the closest thing to movie like saber duels). So basically I'm searching for a JA saber mod for MP that closely resembles this type of system. If it can work on both SP/MP then great, but I can live with the SP system as is, the MP is where I feel sabering needs desperate work. If I can also use it with custom stances then perfect, if not then no big deal; that's just a luxury and for aesthetics really. I used to use Forcemod 3 and have checked out Moviebattles which adds blocking and things similar to the features I'm seeking; problem is these mods also alter too many other things aside the saber system such as interfaces, maps, models/skins, etc. The other mods I found for MP are naturally inclined towards client servers and online gameplay which is not something I'm interested in. I'm adding my own selection of maps and models, and given the restrictions on how many can be added, would really like to find a mod that just affects the saber system and allows me to use my own custom models and maps. Does anyone here know if anything like this exists? I have searched for a while but couldn't find something that is like this and have not been to these boards for so many years that honestly I haven't a clue of many things that were released. Thanks
  3. I've recently run into a similar problem though much worse. Ever since I've update my video card drivers (Nvidia GeForce 7772 for WinXP) the game screen freezes while it flashes altogether. If I roll back to the driver I had previously 7189 or something the problem doesn't happen or not as much. Since drivers keep getting updated with new stuff that overwrites older things games like this might use and since this game is no longer updated or supported with these changes I fear the game will become altogether unplayable at some point. For me it already is, unless I continue to roll back and reinstall the drivers every time I want to play JKA or a brand new game. It's weird though other older games I have don't give me this kind of trouble that I've noticed yet.
  4. That looks amazing Eldritch! Great to see this project is still going strong, really look forward to this one. If you can make Naboo look this good I wonder what you could do with Coruscant.
  5. I guess that means he did quit the Naboo map then? Bummer, aside a new Coruscant map a large detailed map of Naboo was what I was most looking forward to. Thanks for the info Lassev.
  6. Eldritch did you decide not to continue making this Naboo map? Just wondering since it has been quiet for so long. Man I really would have loved to see this one finished.
  7. I believe LordJerec is responding to Zappa's last comment that says though Matt quit whoever wants to bring the Tavion ingame can but there isn't a place to download her.
  8. Any chance anyone will do npcs for the larger Skynet vehicles? I'd love to be able to fight against HK npcs. And Hatrus since you're making a Sarah Connor player model will you make a Reese model, either the future Tech-Com version or the 1984 variant? Everything looks great.
  9. Awesome a Terminator mod. The HK looks outstanding, very authentic to the movie. Will the Aerial HK be the variant of T1 and T2 or T3's new version? Will the vehicles be just vehicles or will they be npcs to fight against? Will there be a Kyle Reese future or 1984 player model? Good luck with this project hatrus I really look forward to it.
  10. Ah didn't you read Zappa's post Hellfire...Matt quit JA modeling completely thus there will be no Luke or Tavion unless someone else does it. Zappa wasn't being a bumhole at all, he posted what Matt himself said. I'm actually very disappointed (Especially about Tavion) but even more so that Matt didn't take a sec to come here and tell us he quit himself after all the hard work he did. Oh well happens a lot...
  11. Furball's avatar is Jaina Solo Sam, I believe from one of the NJO covers maybe? There was one guy a very long time ago that had made an Anakin and Jacen Solo skins. The Anakin was based of an NJO cover with a wine colored tunic and Jacen had a suit similar to Luke's in ESB. Anyway the author was going to release an update pack which included a really great Jaina skin I'd never seen before. But he disappeared and never released anything.
  12. Though I think she's great the way she is, maybe she should have her waist and thighs covered so she looks a little less like a wrestler.
  13. Well I really don't like the way that purple stuff looks on her face, I always thought it was like war paint not a tatoo but I still don't like it. I fully agree with Zappa here...if you have to make one with the ugly tatoo please keep one just as is also.
  14. That looks outstanding Matt! I've always disliked Tavion's look even back from the JK2 days, this is a great improvement. I hope you can get the cape to work, I think it gives her a bit more presence as a Lady Sith. Is it also correct to assume this variant would replace the SP Tavion alongside the MP? Good job.
  15. Hey Monsoontide just in case you hadn't found there is also a problem with the Asajj bot, when I tried fighting it my game crashed. The problem is that the .bot indicates the .jkb file is asajj.jkb but that file is named assaj.jkb so they don't match.
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