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  1. Originally posted by swediot=)

    like I said before but don't take it personally i just really hate those green litle things... what ever you like to call them. Rodians isn't very descriptive of what they are but then again neither is a wookie or mon calamari




    Mon Calamari are squid heads so they are descriptive!!:mad:

  2. Originally posted by Zathu Koon


    They died, but thank god this one still has a spark in it.



    What are u talking about Zathu Koon there still alive; you must live in this thread or something :p

  3. Evertime someone posted one off topic post you are always there to say "Lets stay on topic guys" like your a fag. And Kman post stuff about the Metroid games and you never say "Lets stay on topic guys".


    And I love the model Kman and Metroid Fusion!!!! :p

  4. Originally posted by Matt-Liell Arroblade


    its a gameboy advance game that is coming out qith metroid prime!



    Its been out since thursday and i 've been playin it. I thought it would be a clone of super metroid; like the Super Mario Advances Games, but its a whole new game i believe

  5. Originally posted by Hellfire Jedi

    Alright mooooa!!

    Good Job i will enjoy beta testing these im sure Kur will too m8 keep up the good no not good EXCELLENT work



    Great female Jedi :D


    And Hellfire is right I will enjoy any model by moooa. II cant wait til he makes Coleman Trebor after Zam Wessell. :D

  6. Originally posted by Psyk0Sith

    Like Kit Fisto said "I think he would move like an insect", so how about some kind of insect noise? not sure how to do this but it would make him sound a bit more alien.



    He looks more like a turtle to me.

  7. Originally posted by moooa


    Yes i would make more models after the mon calamari

    But I have already began an other

    for the moment i finish to modelling all the parts of cilghal (I will post pics soon) and I have already began Zam wesel .

    So after this one if nobody have make him I will do it :)




    Thanks i hope you do make Coleman and cant wait til u make Zam Wessel i love bounty hunters. Thanks

  8. I know i didnt evolve from a stupid monkey and wheres the proof a stupid monkey skull cant change my mind about God creating everthing


    and what does nerve cells have to do with this?



    BTW was your school having Debate on this cause mine did tuesday.

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