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  1. Big O and Dukes A talk radio show out of DC on WJFK. These crazy bastards do 5 hours of radio a day (3.5 hours of show after the commercials are taken out for the podcast). Video games, politics, horse-assery, it's all there! LISTEN.
  2. Yes. As some of you know, the free demo is/was going out with some magazines in the UK. I am seriously considering shelling out the $10 for the full Creature Creator on Wednesday. I will probably do whatever I can to get my hands on the full game as soon as possible when September rolls around. If you haven't been following the game much, it is currently slated for a September 7 release. However, starting June 17, there will be a free demo of the creature creator available (about 1/5 of the content of appendages and textures), and a full version of the creature creator available for $10. Check out both here Datheus: OG Spore Fanatic since 2005
  3. It is. Is the confusion coming from subject verb agreement? The subject isn't a person--it's a brand with multiple movies. Think of it as "have never seen any movies." Also note that "have seen" is just a different conjugation of "to see" (as compared to "saw"). The writing is just as corny as the other movies. I think a lot of people have fuzzy, nostalgic memories of the movies. My girlfriend made me watch the original three last month because she is that way. Parts of them were physically painful to watch.
  4. I don't understand. What did you do to make it work? I really want to try this. Nevermind. I am having trouble telling a link from regular text, for some reason. Also, it runs sooo sloooow on my laptop. Bah!
  5. It crashes from a runtime error every time I try to open it.
  6. Maybe it was because I was in high school at the time, but I'm fairly certain AP classes and tests are harder than the actual college courses. Most of my college experience thus far has been a joke.
  7. Research indicates that this kind of centipede does not have a bite that can break the skin. Largely harmless and will eat bugs and spiders. I normally kill them since I find them in the bathroom and can easily clean the mess up, but this one was actually snuggling with mein girlfriend on the couch. She trapped it in a glass and left it sitting on the table. Rather than chase it around the living room, I just tossed it outside.
  8. The board wasn't letting me post, but yes. /b/ just informed me that it's a house centipede. I don't like them much. They move too fast for my tastes.
  9. This is something Edward Norton's agent convinced him to do. This is about publicity and less about making a good movie.
  10. I finished unlocking all the characters last night. Sonic may be even more combo crazy than Meta Knight. I've not actually played much in the VS mode, so I don't know how the new items add up, but it does feel a little overwhelming with all of these extra items. Assist trophies, some three piece set that puts you on Kirby's star?, smash balls... I'll tell you what. The SSE final boss made the Master Hand at the end of classic look like a joke.
  11. Datheus


    While I guess this is cool and all.. it's kind of emergent gameplay. I meant where are you from (to get a reference on what sort of accent you might have) and how do you pronounce -boro.. I was having an argument with my girlfriend.
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