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  1. hey all, im looking for a Terminator model that Hatrus did around 2004-2005. Its called the HK Tank Droid and can be seen below. File name is likely to be hk.pk3 . I know one of the last releases came with a map from Mongo named CRS Labs. I have been looking all weekend on my back ups but havent found anything. So if you have this model vehicle, please send me a pm. Thanks!
  2. yea id contact Buffy..... I sure hate this place has died down alot...this isnt the place it once was few years back :'( i miss the old days :'(
  3. go to http://www.galaxiesmod.com for more info.
  4. http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Darth_Talon;83671
  5. Idk, they only took 3 videos down so far. But im gonna leave the rest up and see what happens.
  6. Hey all I wanted to share this email I got today: I also got a few more other emails, but they left most of the others up. I guess I will wait and see what happens there. But I mainly think its the music I used from the scores and stuff. But anyways I just wanted to share this with you all and wanted to see what you thought about it.
  7. Theres a way better leia in Movie Battles 2 Build 18 which is made by Hapslash
  8. Yea we could get it, but it had trouble changing maps and such.
  9. Yea we got on and was playing but when the frag limit was reached it would try to go to the next map which was reactor. But then it said like reconnect, host changed map. So we would reconnect, but your points stayed at -13 and plus I saw my name having 30 from the previous round. So we could get in but the game was short and was always same map. Hope that info helps some.
  10. Yea ross show all the pics of you killing me... just a few of kurgan pfft! I hate you and your sniper for messing up the greatest kill of kurgan at cloud city. You had to go ruin it didnt you! A dead kurgan is a good kurgan
  11. And whats so wrong with that LOL I think Jones is doing a good job playing blade. I didnt think he was that good at first buy he has grown on me. I like it!
  12. Yay breakfast burrettos anytime!!!!! Im so happy!
  13. That doesn't mean they will bring it to PC. JA is the best SW game out there right now folks for FFA play and stuff. Yea the JA Base and some JA plus community sucks due to the honor rules. It has destroyed the game of just playing and stuff. But MB2 is really awesome, alot of fighting and stuff. Its worth a try even if its 300+ MB. They dont have none of that honor crap.
  14. Yea I watch it weekly...love the show. Im so getting the DVD's when they come out. Can't wait til season 2.
  15. Yea I got the video, Just gotta edit it to a smaller size. I will try to get that up tonight. And Ross said just come and play...nothing that there was 4 people on. But still like I said...I was talking to a really good female friend Maybe next weekend we can get 5 people on it.
  16. Damn why didnt you all tell me there was more then just Kurgan and Ross in the game! Wish you all told me, but I was kinda busy with a friend. Oh well maybe next weekend.
  17. Many Times....that got boring so ive left...if any one wants to play msg me on msn or xfire: zappajom
  18. Alright...doing some work around the house anyways so no problem.
  19. Im going on to the server...I guess I will stay on it for awhile to see if anyone else is gonna show up. Edit: Guess its not up.
  20. Yea we need more people! Nice shots btw! And Ross you need to stop torturing Kurgan like that
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