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  1. Remember, this time behave yourself and post nicely...oh who am I kidding, it's Kain! Good to see ya back.
  2. It is quite sad how in all the light of this tragedy, some people still see it as a way to profit from and further their own agendas. Instead of providing aid, Repent America is using this timely opportunity to draw attention to the so-called "sins" of NO just as Americans' short attention spans are drawn to this area. I quote Repent America director Michael Marcavage: Yet, for reasons unknown, his website provides no instructions or means on how a reader may do their part to help (linking to http://www.redcross.org would have been a start). What should be done right now is to draw attention and support to the real problem at hand, such as all the hunger, lawlessness, and fear currently being faced by the people of New Orleans and the surrounding areas. What should be spread is a message of hope, not condemnation. Personal judgements should be saved for after the crisis is over, however, everybody, including Marcavage, knows that by then such opinions won't be as relevant, which is why organizations such as Repent America are seizing the moment. P.S.: If you would like to help please follow my link in my sig. Thanks.
  3. A piece of hard metal coming in contact with such a sensitive and intimate area does not appear to be, in any possible way, "pleasurable." Unless, of course, you have a freaky fetish for pain sort of thing. To each his own.
  4. It is sad, but true, to say that desperate times like these are what seperate the truly good people from the rest.
  5. obi is getting HITCHED!?! Congratulations man, and if your SO is who I think it is (D.C. pics?), then you are a very lucky man. P.S.: Best wishes for your father.
  6. The Shawshenk Redemption Gone In 60 Seconds Ronin There's obviously much more movies that I like, but these 3 are ones I never tire of watching over and over again.
  7. This should seem obvious, but If you live in or around New Orleans, (1)GET THE HELL OUT or (2)SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. Nature is not worth fooling your life around with.
  8. Going to be a freshmen at University of California, San Diego (UCSD) majoring in Electrical Engineering. I don't start until September 19th, however. =) Congrats on graduating from high school and entering the wonderful world of college!
  9. The Bible, LEGO-ized Just a word of caution, some of the passages are taken a little too literally, and may not be suitable for children (even if it is LEGO). Still, you have the appreciate the humorous ways they are portrayed in. Who knew the Bible could be so dirty?
  10. School may not be important as it used to be, but knowledge is still as important as ever. Unless you have the personal motivation, strength, and determination to educate yourself and pave your own path, you better stay in school if you want at least a chance at a future. Not everyone is Bill Gates.
  11. China is more capitalist nowadays than many people realize, only in the political stage does China still hold on to traditional communist ideals. With regards to the economy, capitalism is thriving and spreading day by day.
  12. Bah, I know what real "cold" is, I lived in Ottawa for 6 years. -50 C, anyone?
  13. So, that place is between San Jose and LA, eh? Nice enough location, though it'll get much colder in the winter than it does here in SoCal. Welcome back into the fold.
  14. OK OK...you've all satisfied your inner Jackos. Can we please move on now and leave the poor girl alone?
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