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  1. Why not just integrate ourselves with the Echobase community? They seem like a nice group of people. The way we have it now, we may get nothing more than the 10-15 oldbies we have going around here. And as has been agreed upon, we need fresh blood.


    Otherwise, I vote for Boba Rhett. He was always a cool guy. :p

  2. I'm around, guys. :)


    But I agree with Sherack when he says that this place is pretty much dying. I'm sad to say this.


    And Fergie has a point too: every time I visit here (about once a day just to see if there's something new) I get attacked by a ridiculous number of popups. Some times my Virus Scanner pops up and says "Some virus found...please scan" and only after I visit this site and a particular popup greets me.


    Oh well. Keep in touch if you use MSN: my MSN messenger ID is krkode (at) yahoo (dot) com (yes, that is an msn messenger ID!). Alright, later guys ;)

  3. $4 in one-dollar coins (those one-dollar coins are teh rock!)

    Student ID card

    Local city Library Card

    A Calling card that I never remembered to return to my parents

    Thumb-size photograph of my parents

    A little chit of paper with important info like Social Security Number and other pertinent insurance information



    I had $8 more than that, but I don't know where it went...oh I know...

  4. Well this is what I call a clean sweep. :eek:



    ...unable to...


    I'm very sorry...



    U Penn:

    ...most displeasurable part of my job...


    ENOUGH! :(


    I guess I set myself up for this. My list was a little high profile.


    Anyway, I've yet to hear from Cornell and Johns Hopkins (maybe good news?) but I'll still probably be attending UC Berkeley next year, then. Go Bears! :confused:


    Ahh, bugger. :D

  5. I know we have atleast three graduating seniors (Tie Guy, Clefo and myself) and was just wondering if we had anymore?


    Either way, I was also wondering where you guys are going to (or for all those who are already in, where you guys are doing) college. As April 1st approaches, I know lots of high school seniors are somewhat tense about this. I know I am.


    What about you guys? :)

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