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  1. Well, the obvious solution would just be to get a popup blocker or a browser that allows you to shut off popups (opera). I've always found that items in your toolbar sometimes cause popups. Gator is an extreme example. Some other programs in your toolbar or running in the background might be causing the occasional popup - probably a jukebox, or something like that. Hope you get this bettered Is well wishing and encouragement greatly appreciated also?
  2. Yeah, looks like a partially armored Vader to me too. And if my knowledge is right, StarWars.com doesn't consider all the supplement books and stories part of their "universe," so any grand moffs outside of the movies - wouldn't they be considered 'unofficial' and consequently, not be put or referred to on the star wars site?
  3. The answers to the questions whose answers you seek vary in different places. Different societies view things differently. What makes it so good to follow the latest "crave?" People like to fit in. Atleast that's the way I see it. When you 'fit in' people 'accept' you. Why do people change themselves into people that others want them to be? So that 'others' will like them better. True that there are different extents to which people conform in society. You're not gonna wear ugly clothes just because nobody else is wearing them and you want to be 'unique.' You're probably gonna wear a T-shirt and jeans, just because you like them, despite the other tens of millions of people wearing the same thing. What does popularity get you in the end? For some people, money. For some, fame. For some, personal satisfaction. For yet others, it brings 'status.' For me, unwanted attention Different people look at it in different ways. Some like it, some don't. Why are people so weak, as to actually follow what someone says? What a person craves can make them do the craziest things. If you crave attention and popularity within a group, you will do what they expect a popular person to do, irrespective of its normality. Personally I can't believe people would do such things as get pierced...not ears or even noses...but tongues, belly buttons... And finally, does our society promote these "crazes" too much, and how do they make it so effective? Depends on the society. Here where I live, people embrace their uniqueness, yet they value their company. Some people only want to hang out with certain people. Other places, it's probably different. Overall, I've always viewed this phenomenon as something of the past. More like an 80s thing. Nowadays you see those T-shirts that say "You laugh at me because I'm different. I laugh at you because you're all the same." Dunno how long those have been around, but I personally view personnel uniqueness as a growing thing. Back in 17th century Salem it wasn't looked upon well at all...today, the situation's better. It's developing, and some day more people will learn that they are more than part of society. They are themselves.
  4. Back in India we had a festival called Divali, aka The Festival of Lights. Whenever this came around we'd have fireworks and all that cool stuff. Not just looking at fireworks in the sky, but lighting them ourselves. Everybody did it Perhaps the craziest thing I've ever done was light fire to a stack of old newspapers. It was scarier than you think...whoosh
  5. In that case, I'll be back Seriously, though, Jedi220 has a point.
  6. Most of those Bs are quite extreme. I don't think this forum harbors that kind of a population
  7. Perhaps I haven't seen a fair share...since I came to the USA 2 years and 2 months ago, I have not had one power outage Oh, but back in India, it was regular. During the summer, in some places, the power's out between 10 AM and 4 PM every day, regularly...to save
  8. It WAS sad. I'll tell you what IS sad - this argument
  9. I'm sure he knows it. I don't think there's a need for hostilities, or another reply from you or Delphi...
  10. Well, this shouldn't really be a question for "the guyz," more for the admins... Either way, it was most likely a forum hack released for VBulletin, the forum software that lucasforums uses. Hacks are basically code modifications made by users to include such features as this. One would probably need a lot of mySQL and PHP knowledge to make something like this, but if you had your own VBulletin forum (like the admins at lucasforums do) then it probably wouldn't be too difficult to modify it to include this or any other 'hack'.
  11. How nice of you, Shan, to include me, that is
  12. The forum had senatorial elections nearly two years ago and Delphi was one of the people running. I think what happened was, that he registered multiple accounts and made all those vote for him, hence, illegally making himself a senator. It was only a temporary ban, though. Like 2 weeks or something.
  13. Drama at its best, my friend. These are all so cool
  14. I know that language! I know what they're saying...really, not the subtitles But pretty funny, though...
  15. Hi Clefo! Nice weather today. *** Random commenting aside, I've always found it rather useful to copy-paste an error that the computer gives me, into google. That way, you're likely to come across some microsoft help website, or something similar. I hope doing that will help you.
  16. Best score until I was bored: 47,161 Dunno if that's good, though
  17. Well, we're not really talking about the severity of the crime or misdoing, but more about the reasons given for their causes, whatever they might be. I was watching a show the other day that showed the story of a teen who killed himself. The program went into quite some detail with their interviews of friends, basically coming to the conclusion that he was devastated when his girlfriend left him, leading to his suicide. Apparently, he tried to talk to his dad about his breakup, but the parent just put it aside attributing his son's slightly depressed attitude to regular teen behavior. After the suicide, he blames the music that his son listened to... A clear example of the phenomenon Tie Guy just explained, I think. "It can't have been my fault. That did it!"
  18. Give him a break, Sherack. He's worked hard at improving. In my memories, I didn't type well, either. Things change Someone could do an IP check or something if they really want...
  19. 25 minutes Our classes are an hour long and lunches 40 minutes
  20. It was only a two week ban, after which he voluntarily refused to come here...
  21. Yeah, I agree with Artoo on that. Was it made from a photograph of yours because it bears an uncanny resemblance to yourself... Y'know, with the goatee and all...
  22. Well, I'm with Clefo, as a westerner... But I do happen to have 25 more days before school starts. Like many others here, I'm going into my last year of high school - got a bunch of rather difficult classes, and another bunch of college applications to fill, interviews to give and essays to write. Also Water Polo season starts on the 13th. So I'm in for a semester of hec Boy will I be happy when it's all over... And then out of the frying pan and into the deep blue sea, as they say
  23. I apologize for having left myself open for interpretation, and I apologize if I do it some more. When I said "does fine," I referred to our treatment of him. Except for a few people () most people try to be nice to him, and we don't seek to actively warn and/or ban him. Atleast I've noticed our mods turn a tolerant eye towards his apparent lack of skill, if not many of the members. And I apologize again for my heinous past; I was young and foolish and new to this country. Now, don't make any wisecracks about how I'm still young and foolish. I ain't.
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