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  1. Top hat and monocle? Why, this just happens to be my current profile picture
  2. I am the absolute worst elimination round luck. All 4 teams I have actively rooted for in the elimination round have lost. F- to me
  3. And now is when everyone gets a good laugh at LeXX, as her teams goalkeep handed the US the game-tying goal.
  4. SG:U is so much better than SG:A I cannot even describe. It had a bit of an uneven start, but at _least_ watch the entire first season. I freaking love this series.
  5. According to my calculations that makes you at least 1700 years old.
  6. I am an embedded software developer for Qualcomm, working as a part of the multiprocessor team. I write code that helps run the chips that run a very large number of wireless devices most of you use in your everyday lives.
  7. And since it would appear that the group bringing forth the lawsuit is of the opine that having 'In God We Trust' as the national motto is problematic, wouldn't this be more or less the appropriate process for them to take to attempt to get that kind of thing changed?
  8. I assuredly don't disagree with that. My point is merely that it's pretty hypocritical for the religious right to get all pissy that the atheists are suing to keep it out, when they'd be doing the exact same thing were positions reversed.
  9. Indeed, and I'd like anyone here to say with a straight face that they believe that the religious right wouldn't collectively flip their **** if there was any possibility of the phrase "There is no God" being etched into a government building.
  10. I LOVE tennis, but more playing it than watching it. I enjoy watching, but never remember when the tournaments are on.
  11. I imagine the point is not to replace the computer at the primary facebook/twitter interface, more to add the capacity for someone who is already using their xbox (especially now that it is getting more and more and more functionality) to check their social networks without having to boot up their laptop (or go into the other room and use it, or whatever).
  12. Done and done Also, Dollhouse is fantastic, just like EVERYTHING ELSE JOSS WHEDON CREATES!
  13. Hey man, major congratulations
  14. As near as I can tell, I am pointing out that the current taxation system is not unfair, for reasons I presented. But if you want to believe I'm bitching about something I suppose that's your prerogative.
  15. I'm sorry, I was complaining about what now? I don't recall offering any complaints, merely responding to the complaints of others.
  16. I don't really feel the need to 'propose' anything. My personal feelings are that those who are in the higher earning brackets can afford to have a higher percentage of their income go toward government services. As I mentioned, those upper echelon earners are STILL in the upper echelon after taxes, and the poor are still trying to feed their children. I recall a conversation in college with a fellow student whose thoughts on taxes were summed up nicely with her statement "If my dad didn't have to pay such high taxes I would've gotten a Viper instead of an Eclipse for my 16th birthday." I had trouble sympathizing.
  17. I appreciate your assistance, cuz I don reed so gud. of course, if we look back at your FIRST statement about income, you said which is why I asked for clarification, as you used both top 20% of income earners, and top 20% of all income earned. As I pointed out, these two numbers are not the same, which sort of muddies the waters.
  18. There is a difference between the top 20% of income earners, and the people who account for 20% of all income earned, so which one are we talking about when we say they account for 40% of income tax? If you have 100 people, 20 of which earn a million dollars a year and 80 of which earn ten thousand dollars a year then the top 20% of income earners are bringing in over 99% of all income, and therefore SHOULD be paying most of the income tax.
  19. I love the oft-trumpeted "Look at the percentage of taxes paid by the rich! No fair no fair!" First of all, rich people make substantially MORE than poor people. If the top 50% of income earners only accounted for 50% of the income tax then the poor would be paying a significant percentage more of their paycheck to income tax than the wealthy. (which seems far more unjust). Further, despite this (apparently) devastatingly heavy taxation the rich are experiencing, they're still richer than the poor people. They have not been taxed into poverty, and can still afford their million dollar yachts to lounge about upon and lament the dire economic straits Obama has put them in. Also, people with low incomes will generally need to keep a larger percentage of their income for those frivolities like food and electricity.
  20. I assumed that was pretty standard, they offered a world religions class at my high school and I came from podunk nowhere.
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